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The Young Sprout Costume is a crossover costume in Fall Guys from Among Us.

The costume resembles a purple crewmate from that game, with a sprout on the head. There is a special twist to that costume, however - sometimes, the visor will be cracked and the lower part of the costume will have teeth, signifying an impostor. Both the crewmate and impostor variants will last for an entire episode.

It is confirmed to appear in the Item Shop from 2 July 2021 to 5 July 2021.[1]


  • The impostor variant can only appear when both parts of the costume are worn.
    • It is, however, possible to combine one part of this costume with a different part of the Eggscellent Costume and still getting the impostor variant of both.[2]
  • On 21 June 2022 this costume was renamed from "Among Us - Sprout" to "Young Sprout".