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Yeetuses are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy) mid-season update.

Obstacle description[]

Yeetuses are special rotating hammers and can be divided, according to the dimensions, in:

  • Big Yeetus, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy) mid season update
  • Lil' Yeety, first introduced in Season 2 (Legacy) mid season update

Big Yeetus[]

Big Yeetus appearing as a regular hammer.

Big Yeetus is a rotating hammer in the air, except unlike regular ones, it only appears in alternative versions of rounds and spins much faster than usual. It appears larger and with a unique decoration of additional yellow stripes, and a big star on each face, however, it can also be decorated as a regular pink Swinging Hammer--After a while, an update should come out to fix that. It is an optional obstacle which can be used to get thrown to long distances. The obstacle is uncommon, but when it appears it is usually present near the end of a Round. It can be easily avoided, but if jumped into at the right time can work to the player's advantage. Hitting the hammer at the right time may cause the player to be thrown at a long distance, passing other players and potentially even clearing a round. However, not jumping into the hammer at the right time may cause the player to fall behind, so it's up to the player to choose if the Big Yeetus is a great choice or not.

Big Yeetus may appear in alternate versions of these games (or in the themed playlist, when available):

Dizzy Heights[]

In Dizzy Heights, a Big Yeetus may appear before the last section with the conveyor belts and fruit thrown. Being hit by it at the right moment may launch the player directly near to the goal or even in the goal, or in unluckiest cases in a certain point of the last section, resulting in any case in an advantage, even if, being the last section before the final uphill filled with conveyor belts and rolling fruit, the balance when the player falls to the ground may cause a little problem. The Big Yeetus is close to a little gap between the end of a section and the beginning of the last section, so missing it could cause the player to fall down and lose precious time. It is only up to the player to take the risk or not.

One of the Dizzy Heights variants includes a Big yeetus.

Door Dash[]

In Door Dash, the Yeetus may be present in the last section, after falling down from the last row of doors. In this game, usually a lot of players fall down at the same time and run to the goal, but only a limited number of them qualify. The Big Yeetus is positioned in the centre of the path, ready to throw the players to the goal, but if a player is not good enough to get hit, it may result in a fatal waste of time.

When it shows up on Door Dash, this Yeetus can give players a much needed boost.

Fall Mountain[]

In Fall Mountain, a Big Yeetus may appear at the end of the conveyor belt section, the same section with the final crown at the top. Being hit by the hammer at the right time, may, in the luckiest case, throw the player directly to the crown, consisting of a Victory before the others. On the other hand, it can be really risky as one wrong move can eliminate you if you're not careful.

A well-timed hit from this Yeetus can take the players directly to the platforms next to the crown on Fall Mountain.

Freezy Peak[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, a Big Yeetus is positioned right before the two Blizzard Fans required to access the upwards spiral path. It can help players bypass the gap more easily.

Big Yeetus on Freezy Peak.

Fruit Chute[]

Two Big Yeetuses are present at the end of the belt of an alternate version of the game Fruit Chute, so if the player falls, they may be saved and thrown back to the belt.

One of the Big Yeetuses at the end of the belt in the game Fruit Chute

Gate Crash[]

As of Season 5.fun, a pair of Big Yeetuses may be found above the final slime slope on Gate Crash.

A well time hit from Big Yeetus can send the player straight to the finish line on Gate Crash.

Knight Fever[]

An alternate version of Knight Fever presents a pair of Big Yeetuses before the Thicc Bonkuses section. A Big Yeetus can also appear in-between the bridges of the first section. Knight Fever has the second most amount of Big Yeetuses in any given round.

One of the possible locations for Big Yeetus on Knight Fever.

Roll On[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, Roll On may feature a Big Yeetus underneath the second to last section, allowing players to skip a portion of the level if properly used. Since this Yeetus is harder to spot than other Yeetus locations, this Big Yeetus is rarely known about; adding the difficulty that is needed to time such a far down hammer, this Yeetus is the least used Yeetus in the game.

Big Yeetus on Roll On.

See Saw[]

A Big Yeetus may appear in the final section of See Saw, usually in a dead point of the map. Usually the player, at that point, would have to decide which seesaw take, the left or the right one, to continue his way to the goal. By the way, a Big Yeetus is in the central part, which can be used to get thrown in the further see saws. This Big Yeetus is extremely risky by the way, because it is easy to fall down or not to center the platform, since the platform may be inclined

Big Yeetus on See Saw.

Ski Fall[]

In an alternate version, two Big Yeetuses may appear before the first rings wheel in Ski Fall. This may offer a better opportunity to go through the middle golden ring.

Two Big Yeetuses appear before the first rings wheel of an alternate version of Ski Fall

Skyline Stumble[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, Skyline Stumble may feature a single big yeetus just below the forcefield bridges section as well as two Big Yeetuses just before the final wall with the Flippity Bippities.

Two Big Yeetuses appear before the final obstacle in this Skyline Stumble variant.

Slime Climb[]

During Season 2 (Legacy), A Big Yeetus has been added in a dead point of the last section of an alternate version of Slime Climb, just before the last two slopes at the top of the course. Considering the risk of the course, since the player gets eliminated if he/she falls down in the slime, it can be avoided and it is the safer way. By the way, the Yeetus may launch the player directly to the goal if the player hits it really well.

Using this Big Yeetus in Slime Climb is risky: a good hit can throw the player to the goal; a bad hit can throw them in to the slime, meaning elimination

Tail Tag[]

4 Big Yeetuses may appear in alternate versions of the game Tail Tag. Each Yeetus has an independent chance of appearing. Tail Tag has the most amount of Big Yeetuses so far.

A Big Yeetus in Tail Tag

The same hammer from the upper picture in Tail Tag.

The Slimescraper[]

As of Season 5.fun, Big Yeetus can be found on corner 3 on The Slimescraper.

Taking Big Yeetus on The Slimescraper can be quite risky..

The Whirlygig[]

In The Whirlygig a different type of Big Yeetus may appear: this Big Yeetus doesn't rotate in the direction of the course but from left to right. It can just annoy players in the section before the wall jumps, and can be easily avoided by passing aside.

This Big Yeetus is only used to deter players in The Whirlygig

Tip Toe[]

During Season 2 (Legacy), an alternate version of Tip Toe presents a Big Yeetus under the level. If the player fails, the Yeetus may save them and throwing them back in to the game. In another case, the player may try to jump on it and be thrown directly to the goal. By the way, this Yeetus really adds difficulty to the game.

Unlike most Big Yeetus, the one on Tip Toe is initially hidden under the stage and must be uncovered.

Treetop Tumble[]

As of Season 5.fun, three Big Yeetuses may appear on Treetop Tumble.[1] A pair of them may appear on either side of the first water section, and another may appear after the first section of lily pads.

One of the possible locations for Big Yeetus on Treetop Tumble.

Lil' Yeety[]

Starting from the Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update, a smaller Yeetus has been introduced, called Lil' Yeety. They aren't even as big as the character, but they are decorated like the big ones and rotate instead. They have a chance to appear in these games:

Spoiler Notice[]

A contest was held for whoever was first to post a video of them saluting to all 5 Lil' yeeties. If you want to find them yourself I advise you not to continue reading.

Dizzy Heights[]

A Lil' Yeety can be found under the left ramp in-between sections 1 and 2. Be careful as you can fall off the edge very easily from here.

Egg Siege[]

A Lil' Yeety can be found under the center, red drawbridge. This Lil' Yeety is harder to spot during the Thicc Bonkus variation. Careful camera placement is required to snap a picture during this variation. This is the most commonly found Lil' Yeety.

Hit Parade[]

A Lil' Yeety can be found next to the left, yellow pillar in the bottom part of the first section.

Team Tail Tag[]

A Lil' Yeety can be found in the top corner of the underside of the yellow bridge. Careful in not staying too long as someone can snatch your tail suddenly.

The Whirlygig[]

A Lil' Yeety can be found behind the fan after the second section. The conveyer belt is raised allowing this little cranny.