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X-treme Solo Show (formerly named X-treme Fall Guys) is a special playlist mode in Fall Guys.

It is a time-limited show, with the first instance running from 20 May 2021.


# Season From To
1 Season 4 (Legacy) 20 May 2021 23 May 2021
2 Season 4 (Legacy) 10 June 2021 14 June 2021
3 Season 5 (Legacy) 16 August 2021 20 August 2021
4 Season 5 (Legacy) 17 October 2021 21 October 2021
5 Season 6 (Legacy) 26 January 2022 31 January 2022
6 Season 6 (Legacy) 2 April 2022 4 April 2022
7 Season 1 22 July 2022 25 July 2022


X-treme Fall Guys is a show which removes respawns from Race rounds.

Round Type Added
UI Medal Icon BigFans.pngBig Fans Xrace20 May 2021
Icon Blast Ball.pngBlast Ballfinal21 July 2022
Icon Full Tilt.pngFull Tilt Xrace30 December 2021
UI Medal Icon GateCrash.pngGate Crash Xrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon HexAGone.pngHex-A-Gonefinal20 May 2021
Icon Hex-A-Ring.pngHex-A-Ringfinal21 July 2022
UI Medal Icon HoverboardHeroes.pngHoverboard Heroessurvival20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump Showdownfinal20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon KnightFever.pngKnight Fever Xrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon LilyLeapers.pngLily Leapers Xrace5 October 2021
Icon Party Promenade.pngParty Promenade Xrace2 April 2022
Icon Pipe Dream.pngPipe Dream Xrace30 December 2021
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll Offfinal20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon RollOn.pngRoll On Xrace5 October 2021
UI Medal Icon SeeSaw.pngSee Saw Xrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon SkylineStumble.pngSkyline Stumble Xrace5 October 2021
UI Medal Icon SlimeClimb.pngSlime Climbrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon TheSlimescraper.pngThe Slimescraperrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon TheWhirlygig.pngThe Whirlygig Xrace20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon ThinIce.pngThin Icefinal20 May 2021
UI Medal Icon TreetopTumble.pngTreetop Tumble Xrace5 October 2021
UI Medal Icon TundraRun.pngTundra Run Xrace20 May 2021

Show Changes[]

During the first appearance :

  • Initially, this playlist launched with only Slime Final and Slimescraper as final rounds. Due to player feedback, the playlist was changed to include other finals a few hours later; as well as including Slime Climb and The Slimescraper into the normal rotation.

From the second appearance on :

  • During its first appearance, the playlist included an X-version of Dizzy Heights, but this was removed and has remained absent ever since.
  • The time limit for each round was originally the standard time limit of 3:00 for the round in normal playlists. This has been since lowered to 2:30 for most rounds, with Slime Climb and The Slimescraper being the only exceptions (retaining their standard 2:20 and 3:10 timers respectively).

From the sixth appearance on :

  • Jump Blowdown (Jump Showdown with the rotating fan) will now always be selected.
  • The time limit for all the rounds has again been lowered to 1:40.
  • The countdown timer now only appears when there are 5 seconds left.

From the seventh appearance on :


  • These rounds do not retain their typical player quotas (specified on each round's individual page). It is possible to get any of the rounds from rounds 1 to 4 (and in some cases, in rounds after round 4 as the rounds may not eliminate enough players).
  • The X-treme maps may occasionally eliminate the last remaining player, even if the qualification quota has not been filled and the timer has not ended. For more details on this, refer to this section.
  • Initially, there was no limit on the number of players that can qualify; all players can reach the next round so long as they do not fall off of the course. From the second instance of this playlist, the qualification quota has been cut to 80% for most rounds.
    • Slime Climb, Hoverboard Heroes, and The Slimescraper still retain their usual elimination quotas.
    • Thus far, the new rounds that were added on 5 October 2021 allow potentially everyone to qualify, retain their usual round timers, and do not show eliminations in the Fall Feed.


  • As of Season 1, this show got renamed from "X-treme Fall Guys" to "X-treme Solo Show".

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