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Volleyfall is one of the rounds in Fall Guys. This round is a Hunt round and was introduced in Season 1.[1]

Course Description[]

Much like Button Bashers, Volleyfall splits the players into multiple isolated arenas where they will face off against a single opponent. These all feature individual volleyball-style courts. A single ball will randomly spawn on one side, with an indicator appearing on the floor to denote how close it is to the floor. As with traditional volleyball, hitting the ball so that it touches the floor of the player's opponent will earn the player a point; the ball then randomly spawns in again.

Notably, the arena size is changed (via the use of invisible walls) depending on which mode Volleyfall is played in, with the default size being the version with invisible walls, and the larger size being the version without. The table below shows a quick comparison of the various changes.

Show Players on each side Balls in play Arena size
Solo playlists 1 1 Default
Duos Show 2 1 Default
Squads Show 4 2 Large

Also like Button Bashers, if any of the players are tied after 1:40, the round will go into overtime (for only players that are tied) until the next player scores a point to break a tie. If for some reason no players score in overtime, which is essentially only possible if both players tied are extremely skilled, then after 5:25 minutes (1:40 plus 3:45 overtime), neither of the tied players qualify. In the case that your opponent disconnects, you will instantly qualify, even if the timer hasn't expired yet.


  • Never lose sight of the floor indicator of where the ball will land. Sometimes the ball itself will go off-screen, but the indicator is always visible.
  • Be mindful of the wall. There is an invisible wall near the edge of both sides. It’s visible when the ball is hitting it.
  • Try to hit the ball towards the wall on your opponent’s side. This will throw them off since it can bounce off the wall and change the ball’s course.
  • Don’t panic if you hit it backward. The ball floats down slowly; there is still a chance of saving it.
  • Don’t be afraid to hit the ball a few times on your side before you send it over.
  • Never celebrate early. There are multiple ways to keep a ball up so your opponents can always save themselves.
  • The general pitfalls of Squad modes Volleyfall are players on the same team trying to fight over the ball. It is easier to co-ordinate in pre-made squads by designating the better player(s) to hit the balls, and the other player(s) to cover the other areas of the arena to save a ball hit.

Known Bugs[]

No Opponent*
As of unknown date: Some players/squads may end up with no opponent. When this happens, they will be eliminated at the end of the round.

*This name is a conjectural name and has not been somewhat uniformly agreed upon.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Volleyfall
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not Present Not Present
1 Not Present Not Present
2 Not Present Not Present
3 Not Present Not Present
4 Not Present Not Present
5 Not Present Not Present
6 Not Present Not Present
7 Active Standard


  • This is the third round to based off a real life sport, the others being Fall Ball and Basketfall; however, it’s the only one out of the three rounds to be a non-Team round.

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