Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Vacuum Tubes are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Obstacle description[]

Vacuum Tubes are large tubes that suck in players and launch them out the other end. Vacuum Tubes are one-way; you cannot enter a vacuum tube from its exit. The exit of a vacuum tube pushes players away, similar to a Blizzard Fan.


Vacuum Tubes can be found way down in Airtime, they lead the players back to the spawn point in case they fall down.

Several Vacuum Tubes at the bottom of Airtime.

Party Promenade[]

Vacuum Tubes make several appearances in Party Promenade, appearing in the first, third, fifth, and sixth sections of the level.

One of the first Vacuum Tubes on Party Promenade.

Pipe Dream[]

Vacuum Tubes are the primary obstacle of the level Pipe Dream. In this level, most vacuum tubes are randomly generated so that players face different obstacles each time.

A network of Vacuum Tubes on Pipe Dream.

Known Bugs[]

Stuck in tube*

Although rare, it is possible that a player may get stuck inside a vacuum tube with half their body clipping through the inner walls. This issue does not seem to resolve on its own, meaning the Fall Guy will be stuck until they quit the match, get eliminated due to not qualifying or by a round timeout.
A milder variation of this bug occurs if a body part (usually the hand) gets momentarily stuck in a tube, stretching it out as the body part periodically gets unstuck and stuck in a new position. This version resolves on its own, though it may affect the trajectory of the Fall Guy after it is flung out of the tube.

*This name is a conjectural name and has not been somewhat uniformly agreed upon.