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Tundra Run is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race round and was introduced in Season 3 (Legacy).

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Tundra Run is a race round obstacle course that may be selected as the first round of an Episode. It consists of multiple sections with various Season 3 (Legacy) obstacles to avoid.

The first section of the course consists of two uphill slopes with strategically placed steps and a cannon firing snowballs down each slope. The more the snowballs roll, the larger they get.

The second section has a row of punching gloves that pop out forcefully at repeated intervals, placed on an icy stretch. There is a lower path for players unlucky enough to get hit by the gloves and flung over the curved sides.

The third section begins with a fan pointing diagonally upwards and forwards. The path diverges here: another set of punching gloves serves as platforms to jump across, that can fling unsuspecting players if they land on them at the wrong timing. There are safer routes that can be taken to the left and right; these are also icy, and feature donut bumpers, with a few of them moving slowly.

The fourth section features a path with multiple flippers in the way. While they are easy to dodge on their own, a fan moving side-by-side at the end of this uphill stretch can push players backwards onto these spring ramps.

The final section consists of five more of these flippers; these have to be taken to land on one of two icy platforms that have a flipper on the end, and the latter group of flippers, when used correctly, will launch the player over the finish line - provided they do not collide into the Ringus Dingus just in front of the finish line.

Alternate Version[]

Starting from the 2 February 2021 Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, the following variants may appear:

  • The cannons in the first section may shoot blueberries and strawberries instead of snowballs.
  • The second section's punching gloves are replaced by two Thicc Bonkuses.
    • If this variation is selected, a Pegwin always appears under the ice bridge.[1]
  • The third section may have additional punching gloves.
  • The Slingus Flinguses in the last section can be replaced with a giant moving fan that blows wind upwards.
  • Thicc Bonkus can replace Ringus Dingus in the last section.


As of 7 April 2022, Tundra Run is one of the few rounds that can be selected should the lobby be filled with bots (which were introduced in the UI Update).

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

  • First section: The snowballs are relatively easy to dodge; the problem in traversing this comes from the number of players suddenly crammed into the thin passageways. You should not have much problems with this section in general. Making sharp turns and moving along the further edges may help players stay ahead of the group.
  • Second section: Funnily enough, the lower path is the safer route. Jump down, dive before hitting the floor, and proceed. Dodging the gloves on the lower path is easy. Should the player prefer the upper path, running towards a glove as it's fully extended should enable them to move from it in a zigzag pattern, avoiding most if not all other punching gloves, provided that they don't bump into other players.
  • Third section: Jumping and diving at the fan will more than likely cause your bean to be blown off to the paths. If you dive right at the fans edge you can skip the gap. The side paths are slower, but safer. Jumping from punching glove to punching glove has a slight chance of making your bean fall, so be wary; this strategy is slightly safer to execute since Season 3 (Legacy)'s mid season update, however. It is possible to jump and dive to reach the middle row of gloves, then jump and dive from there to the other side. Watch the gloves as you approach them so you can better tell which ones more recently activated to avoid being punched.
    • Following the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, you are now less likely to ragdoll when jumping from glove to glove, so feel free.
  • Fourth section: Observe the direction in which the fan is moving, move to the opposite side, then proceed all the way to the edge and walk up. You'll avoid all the flippers and the fan will only set you back a minuscule amount.
  • Final section: Walking directly onto a flipper tends to not propel your bean far enough; it is recommended to do a running jump onto them instead. To save time, try to aim your first flipper jump in a way such that you can bounce off the next flipper; else, take it slowly. There is a lot of leeway to make some mistakes and still qualify from this round. If there are too many players competing for the flippers it's best to go for a different one or just jump dive to skip the first set of flippers and land on the icy platforms below directly

Alternate versions[]

  • Dodge the fruit as you normally would the snowballs. They do seem to hit you with a lot more force.
  • The two bonkuses replacing the sideways gloves are safer to traverse in general compared to the gloves.
  • With the large number of vertical punching gloves, you might as well just jump normally from glove to glove, though you'd have to do it in a manner where you jump onto gloves that have recently receded.
  • Jump over the fan, use the wind to propel yourself up, then dive onto the finish line. Time your crossing carefully as you could easily be hit by the dingus or the bonkus while crossing.
  • Whether you have flinguses or the fan, if you time it correctly, the bonkus should not be an issue.
  • There's only one right thing to do. Chuck the pegwin off the map!

Tundra Run X[]

Main article: X-treme Solo Show

Trust no one. At the vertical punching gloves section, play safe and go onto the side ice paths. The final section (flippers, fan, bonkus, or dingus) is the largest obstacle, with people looking to grab you as you jump the gap. For the flippers variant, take your turn while paying attention to the qualification quota, as you want to minimise the chance of landing on the second flipper if another player has already triggered it.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Tundra Run
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
7 Active Standard and alternate versions


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