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The Swiveller is one of the rounds in Fall Guys. This round is an Survival round and was introduced in Season 1.[1]

Course Description[]

The Swiveller consists of a ring platform with a rotating Blizzard Fan in the middle. The goal of the game is to run in circles to avoid being blown into the Slime by the fan. The floor constantly moves forward, which can assist players escaping the fan. Players need to survive until either the elimination quota has been reached or the round times out.

Three sets of obstacles may impede players who wish to qualify. The first a set of three Jump Ropes which players may need to jump over. The next is a set of two Rotating Beams, which players may also have to jump over. The final set of obstacles is a set of Rotating Hammers that players will need to avoid.


There are three variants, each at varying levels of difficulty, that affect both the Jump Rope and rotating hammer sections.

Variant difficulty Jump Ropes Rotating hammers
Easy All single bars Two floating hammers rotating parallel to the ring
Medium Two single bars, one double bar Two floating hammers rotating parallel to the ring, one hammer rotating perpendicular to it
Hard One single bar, two double bars Two floating hammers rotating parallel to the ring, one grounded hammer


It is not entirely clear how this round works in Squads Show and other related modes. However, it appears to run until a certain amount of players are eliminated (instead of running to a timer), at which point the scores are tallied and the lowest-scoring squads are eliminated. This notably gives little to no opportunity for squads that have fallen behind early to catch up.

Course strategy[]

  • You cannot afford to run backwards even for a tiny bit; keep moving forwards.
  • It can be hard to determine when best to jump over the Jump Ropes; where possible, try to run at a bar such that, due to the direction the bar is travelling in, it will hit you forwards rather than fling you back. These obstacles are what tends to ruin your progress the most on this course.
  • By contrast, the beam and hammer obstacles are easier to dodge, simply jump over the beams and observe the directions the hammers are moving in before deciding how to dodge appropriately.
  • Spawn position can either help or ruin you here. A forward spawn will give you a relatively safer round, but if you get a spawn nearer the back, you'd better run.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of The Swiveller
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not Present Not Present
1 Not Present Not Present
2 Not Present Not Present
3 Not Present Not Present
4 Not Present Not Present
5 Not Present Not Present
6 Not Present Not Present
7 Active Standard