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The Slimescraper is one of the Rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Race round and was introduced in Season 4.5.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Like its sister course Slime Climb, players must run away from rising slime, ascending through a multi-section race course with a futuristic theme and reach the goal. Falling in the slime will result in elimination.

The sections are described in the table below. An upward-sloping path leads to the first section.

Section Description
Ramp 1 A section of 5 flippity bippities that periodically flip between two fixed positions.
Ramp 2 A section of force-field bridges. There is one bridge, then two separate paths of 2 bridges in a row, then another series of two separate paths of 2 bridges in a row.
Corner 2 A low-gravity zone with a single light swinger.
Ramp 3 A series of alternating conveyor belts with force-field walls and bumpers.
Ramp 4 A conveyor belt path moving in the opposite direction to the intended path, with punching gloves popping out from the wall at repeated intervals.
Corner 4 A low-gravity zone with two force-field platforms.
Ramp 5 Three spinning plates with horizontal light rods in-between.
Corner 5 A low-gravity zone encompassing a beam, with three small rotating fans.
Ramp 6 A slime-covered path with a series of light swingers - 1, then 2, then 2.
Corner 6 A path with moving donut bumpers and horizontal light rods. This path is surrounded on both sides by slingus flinguses.
Ramp 7 A path of conveyor belts with 3 gaps in-between. A light swinger is swinging across the third gap. Falling into a gap will send the player onto a conveyor belt back to ramp 6.
Ending The final section - a slime-covered path sloping upwards, with flippity bippities, bumpers, and static donut bumpers.

In-between some sections, there are also downward slopes covered in slimes and adorned with donut bumpers, making it costly to fall off a section. These are situated in-between ramps 2 and 3, ramps 4 and 5, ramps 5 and 6, and ramps 6 and 7.

This round times out at 3:10. At roughly 3:00, the slime will have risen to its maximum height, leaving only a small stretch of path directly in front of the finish. By that point, only players that are precisely on this small stretch, or on the bumpers at the sides, can continue surviving past this 3:00 mark.

Alternate versions[]

As of the Season 5.1 update, the following variants may appear:[1]

  • The forcefields in Ramp 2 may be replaced by upwards-facing Punching Gloves.
  • The light swinger in Corner 2 may be replaced by a pair of Blizzard Fans that periodically turn on and off.
  • A Big Yeetus may be positioned at Corner 3 (connecting Ramps 3 and 4).
  • The obstacles in Corner 4 may be replaced by a light rod and a Helper Block.
  • The obstacles on Ramp 6 may be replaced by Bumpers, moving back and forth at a rapid speed in the direction of the path the player takes.
  • The light swinger across the third gap may be removed; instead, a Blizzard Fan is placed on the right of the conveyor belt directly before this gap, blowing perpendicularly to the player. The fan periodically switches on and off, changing state roughly every 4 seconds.

It is unknown when these variants were added, but this is exclusive to Hard Mode:

  • A High Gravity zone will appear on the third section, covering all the spinning discs.

Course strategy[]

Much like Slime Climb, a lot of the difficulty comes from the sheer volume of players trying to traverse the same obstacles at the same time, leading to players often bumping into each other and unintentionally knocking each other over. Staying even slightly back or finding a way to rush ahead may make the course safer overall.

Ramp 1[]

For the first section, it is important to pay attention to the position of the flippity bippities and walk around them in a way that won't get you knocked back.

A good portion of this section can be skipped by jumping and diving onto the first flippity bippity on the right. From there, you can jump onto Ramp 2.

Ramp 2[]

FG screenshot S4 MSU 03.png

The first gap can be cleared without the need for a force-field bridge by getting a running start followed by a jump and a properly timed dive. For the next two gaps, the safest way to cross is by jumping from bridge to bridge as they activate. Watch out for the light swinger as you enter the next section.

A riskier strategy is to try walking on the sides of the force-field bridges. While you don't need to wait for the force-field to activate with this strategy, it is also really easy to slip off and fall back to the first ramp.

Corner 2[]

Like stated in the previous section, avoid the light swinger and jump up to the next area.

An incredibly advanced shortcut here would be to instead use the light swinger to knock you up to Corner 4, significantly bypassing multiple sections.

Ramp 3[]

Paying attention to the direction of the conveyor belts, go around the forcefield walls (or through them, if they are deactivated), but watch out for all the bumpers along the way, as they can knock you down. It is possible to jump up to the sloped conveyor belt in the next section without having to deal with the last forcefield.

Ramp 4[]

Don't underestimate the reach of the punching gloves as they go further than it may initially seem. All conveyor belts in this section run the wrong way, so keep running on them, adjusting your speed to get as close as you can to the punching glove without actually getting in front of it; then as soon as it punches and starts retreating, run at full speed and then jump and dive to clear the gap. Repeat this strategy for all the following gloves in the section.

Corner 4[]

In the low-gravity zone, jump up as soon as a force-field platform activates in order to land on it and immediately jump up from it to reach the next section.

If you can't get the timing right, you can also land on the platform where the force-field activates from.

Ramp 5[]

Much like Short Circuit, this section contains spinning plates and light beams, but the plates are smaller and spin considerably slower, so it shouldn't be as difficult. It is best to cross a light rods as soon as it moves, either by jumping over it when it is low, or by running under it when it is high. Repeat the strategy for the next rods.

Corner 5[]

This next section has you walking on top of a narrow curved beam surrounded by a low gravity zone and featuring some small fans. Either time your movement correctly to walk through the gaps in the fan blades or use the gravity zone to jump over the fans (making sure you stay clear from the blades) and landing on the other side of it. The former strategy is faster, but riskier; the latter is the opposite.

Ramp 6[]

Either hug the left wall (without actually trying to go up the slime slope) and dive just before a light swinger flies towards you, or walk closer to the middle of the path and jump over the light swingers as they come towards you. You better make sure you don't miss the jump however, as falling off this section can be very costly.

Corner 6[]

FG screenshot S4 MSU 01.png

Watch the lines on the ground to know how far each donut bumper can go. The light rods in this section tend to stay down for a long time so it is usually better to immediately jump over them. Be very patient when dealing with the donut bumpers to cross them at the right time. You can hit the first flingus on your immediate left for a slight boost, sending you into the last flingus on the right when you land at the correct angle - but be warned that occasionally, landing on the flingus at the wrong angle can send you flying off the map.

Ramp 7[]

Run on the conveyor belts and jump off of them to the next one. You may need to dive if you accidentally jump too early. Watch out for the light swinger before trying to clear the third gap; if it's about to block your way, run backwards on the conveyor belt, then as soon as it starts moving away from you, run towards the gap and jump over it to clear it.

This section of the course is a common griefing spot with players running in the opposite direction of the belts, and then grabbing you to make you fail your jumps. A possible way to counter them is to wait at the side, in-between the stationary donut bumpers, then find a good opportunity to sneak past and jump over the gap. If possible, baiting a grabber when you are relatively safer (not so close to the gap), may be a good strategy, as players who just freed themselves from a grab are granted a "grace period" where they cannot be grabbed again for a short period of time. Use that temporary "invincibility" to jump over the gap uncontested. Turn on name tags to spot potential griefers, especially those hiding behind the donut pillars.


This section requires running up a slime-covered slope not unlike Hit Parade, but this one has static donut bumpers and flippity bippities. Since this section is walled off by railings on both sides, it is safe to use the flippity bippities for an extra boost. Alternatively, take your time and just run up the slope normally. As with Slime Climb, be wary of grabbers towards the end. Best to jump and dive over them before they can get close enough to grab you (but don't jump repeatedly as you're going up a slope, as it'll cause you to slide back down)

Alternate Versions[]

  • If the forcefields on ramp two are replaced by punching gloves, it makes it a lot harder (if not impossible) to perform the usual skip from ramp 1 to ramp 2 by hopping up on the flippity bippity. Time your jumps accordingly, landing onto the punching gloves as they retract.
  • While the pair of Blizzard fans on corner 2 aren't very powerful, they may still impede player movement. Wait around the corner for them to turn off and then quickly move past to the next section.
  • The Big Yeetus on Corner 3 may launch players directly at Corner 5 if timed properly, but keep in mind that failing to use it correctly is very likely to result in elimination due to the slime below.
  • It is possible to clear corner 4 from the get-go by simply jumping up to the helper block and then from it to the next section. Pushing it isn't necessary. Keep in mind however that some players might push the block in such a way that it blocks access to corner 4 for players who are behind them. Try to get there quickly before this happens.
  • For the version of ramp 6 modified with the fast moving donut bumpers on rails, treat each rail as a "lane". Move out of the way of incoming donuts and quickly move back to your "lane" as the donut moves past you. It is possible, although very risky to weave in between two different donuts, but a mistake in executing this strategy is likely to result in major delay or even elimination.
  • There are a number of strategies that can be used to deal with the blizzard fan on section 7: wait for it to turn off and then quickly cross the gap into the next section, put yourself between the fan and a donut bumper to avoid being blown away and wait until it turns off or finally, "hug" the right side of the map and quickly cross it to avoid being blown away.

Final Variant[]

A Final type variant was introduced in the X-treme Fall Guys playlist on 20 May 2021. In this variant, the player who finishes first will win the entire show.

Many of the same strategies apply to the final variant, but keep in mind that you'll need to move quickly. If you feel confident, try to take advantage of some shortcuts to get the edge on your opponents. Also, be aware that this final is somewhat luck-based due to varying start positions.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated

Because The Slimescraper tends to be incredibly attritional, cases where players get a pink medal in this round are rare.


History of The Slimescraper
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard version
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions



  • Concept artwork reveals that The Slimescraper was planned to have two paths that branch out at the starting line, and converge just before the finish line. It is unknown why this layout was scrapped.
  • Just like Slime Climb, this round can also end the Episode, if all but one person falls into the slime.