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Team Tail Tag is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Team round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Arena Layout: Team Tail Tag takes place in a symmetrical arena consisting of a central square with each side connected to 4 identical smaller areas (one for each team). The central square's perimeter is composed of four conveyor belts that run counterclock-wise around an octagonal frustum in the middle. The frustum's sides alternate between "clean" and slime-covered. The top part is flat and contains a set of 5 vertical beams. Each of the smaller areas consists of two downhill elevations that lead to archways, allowing access to the central square, a raised platform in the middle and a set of two down and then up elevations on each side. These lead to a central walkway around and above the central square. Finally, 4 hammers are found in each of the raised platforms as well as in the four corners of the arena.

This map is made up of a large midsection with a raised area near the edges. The midsection contains conveyor belts around an incline which leads to a small area. There are multiple gateways between the edges and the center, with sloping ramps leading up to the edges. On the edges themselves, there are multiple empty bridges that can be used to drop down into the center, as well as spinning hammers of large and small sizes. The large hammers are closer to the center area and are floating, spinning vertically.


If two teams are tied for the lowest score as the timer runs out, 15 extra seconds will be added. If after 15 seconds there is still a tie, 15 more seconds are added and this repeats until one team has the outright lowest score.

Alternate versions[]

From the 10 November 2020 Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update, this variant may appear instead of the standard one

  • A Thicc Bonkus will be above each of the four walkway paths, possibly knocking players into the Conveyor Belt below. The hammer at the each team's sides will disappear.

Course changes[]

From the 15 September 2020 Season 1 (Legacy) mid season update, this little change has been made:

  • The timer was shortened from 2 minutes to 1.30.

Squads Show[]

Main article: Squads Show

Because only one squad can be on a team in Squads Show, Team Tail Tag may only be selected as a possible round if there are four squads left.


There is no real strategy to Team Tail Tag other than to hope that your teammates are good. Learn the map geometry well so you can figure out ways to evade members from other teams trying to grab your tail. There are places in the map where it is possible to hide, and then attempt to steal a tail from an unsuspecting player approaching your direction; this can be countered by showing usernames so you can see these otherwise unsighted people.

You can also grab teammates' tails to steal them. If you are a prolific tail grabber and you have a tail, try grabbing a tailless teammate to attempt to entice him to grab you and take the tail for themselves, leaving you free to attempt to grab another one. This is not a foolproof method as the teammate may misunderstand your intentions (as there is, of course, no voice communication in this game).

Of note, the number of tails each team starts out with is the minimum number required to avoid elimination.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Team has the most tails
  • Silver - Team has the second most tails
  • Bronze - Team has the third most tails
  • No medal - Eliminated

If the qualifying teams that scored the highest are tied for the highest score, the tie is probably broken by whichever team reached the score first (unconfirmed)


History of Team Tail Tag
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
6.3 Active Removed from Main Show as of 10 May 2022. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7.3 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show, Squads Duos and Squads Trios.


  • As of launch, this is the only Team round to feature the green team.
  • On 20 August 2020, the timer was shortened to the current duration from 2:00.
  • The medal for this mode is (incorrectly?) the same as the medal for Tail Tag.

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