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Tail Tag is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Hunt round and was first introduced in the beta version.

According to the game website, Tail Tag was designed by Meg Ralph.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Arena Layout: Tail Tag takes place in a large, circular, mostly symmetrical arena. The perimeter of the arena features obstacles spaced evenly from each other: On two of the opposite ends are a series of three very short platforms that can be jumped onto from the ground level. Two identical small ones and and a larger one with two small slopes leading up to it. At the other two opposite ends, different obstacles exist: One side features two very tall and steep slopes that abruptly end in a gap with a suspended platform over it and the other side features eight vertical beams.

Moving further towards the center of the arena eight more vertical beams are evenly arranged in a circle around a large structure at the center of the arena. It consists of a circular raised platform with a large Rotating Hammer anchored at its center, spinning along its surface. This platform is accessible via either ramps which alternate between two models: a narrower ramp which leads to a short bridge into the platform and a a wider slope which leads to a short bridge into the platform. The wider slopes further alternate between two different types of obstacles, with two of them having horizontally spinning rotating hammers anchored to the ground closer to ground level and the other two having vertically spinning rotating hammers which float above the top of the ramp.

All of the bridges leading up to the central platform are separated by short walls around the central platform. Since there is nothing below any of the bridges, it is possible for players to run underneath them, circling the central platform.

Tail Tag is a hunt course.

In Tail Tag, about 50% of the remaining players start with a tail while the rest don't. As with all tail games, in order to steal a tail from another player, the chasing player must get close enough to the tailed player to grab them. When the tailed player is successfully grabbed, the tail will transfer to the chasing player, who will then have to evade other chasing players and defend the tail. The goal is to have a tail once the 1:30 timer expires; those that have a tail qualify to the next round.

Alternate versions[]

Starting from 10 November 2020 Season 2 mid season update, this version can appear instead of the standard one:

Starting from the 2 February 2021 Season 3 mid-season update, the following variants may appear:

  • A Blizzard Fan replaces the Rotating Hammer in the center of the arena.[1]
    • This fan periodically switches off and on every 8 seconds (or people might use it to be permanently impossible to have their tail stolen from).
      • On 8 December 2021 this variation has been removed from the game.[2]
        • Despite being removed, this variation can still appear in Blow Up, which means this variation was actually removed only from Main Show.
  • Instead of any form of hammers, there are blizzard fans blowing around the course instead. These periodically move up and down.

Course changes[]

From the 15 September 2020 Season 1 mid season update:

  • The minimum number of players was lowered, making the chance to qualify harder.
  • Tail Tag now appears more frequently.

From the 20 August 2020 update:

  • The time was lowered from 1:45 to 1:30.

Medal thresholds[]

Medals in Tail Tag are determined based on how long the player has been holding a tail for during the round, with a longer duration granting a better medal.

  • Gold - Held a tail for at least 80 seconds and qualified
  • Silver - Held a tail for at least 60 seconds and qualified
  • Bronze - Held a tail for at least 30 seconds and qualified
  • Pink - Held a tail for less than 30 seconds and qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


  • Though promising to have all big yeetuses available, Tail Tag rounds in the Big Yeetus Tour show would only include 3 out of 4 possible yeetuses.
  • Tail grabbing has notably been the most popularly disliked mechanic in the game due to latency issues.


History of Tail Tag
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions

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