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Disambig.svg This article is about the round. For the show, see Sweet Thieves Show.

Sweet Thieves is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is an Invisibeans round and was introduced in Season 6 (Legacy). It is only playable as part of the Sweet Thieves Show.

Course Description[]

Sweet Thieves is an asymmetric team game in which both teams have different goals. On the blue team, players must steal pieces of candy and evade players on the yellow team. The yellow team must defend the candies from the blue team by grabbing them. The blue team can free captured teammates by pressing a button in the middle of the arena; this button goes on cooldown for 30 seconds after being pressed.

The thieves have the ability to turn invisible by moving slowly, allowing them to more easily evade capture by the guardians. Unique to this mode is a walk button, which allows for slow movement.

There are only 8 candies total; however, putting a candy into a scoring hole will make it respawn back at the guardians' base.

If the blue team achieve putting ALL of the candy in the scoring holes, they win. The guardians win if the timer hits zero and there are still candy not placed into the holes, or if they capture all of the thieves.

Team distribution[]

The asymmetric team distribution changes based on the participants count.

Participants Distribution
Min Max Guardians Thieves
1 5 50% 50%
6 6 34% 66%
7 8 45% 55%
9 10 34% 66%
11 12 40% 60%
13 60 34% 66%

Course Strategy[]


  • Try tossing candies in the general direction of the scoring holes; this will be slightly faster than just carrying and walking a single piece of candy over to the hole.
  • Watch out when trying to walk; it is easy to get stuck on the cracks.
  • Walking everywhere can waste a lot of time. If there's no guardians around, it's fine to run.
  • If you're having problems sneaking past any guardians camping at the button, try utilizing the Slingus Flinguses; landing on them at the correct spot can fling you to near the button. Watch out for ragdolling on landing however.
  • DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON UNNECESSARILY. The button has a fairly long cooldown of 30 seconds, so don't open the prison doors for one mate, better to wait for a moment to release as many teammates as possible with a single press.
  • It's possible to tactically become visible to distract guardians. This can allow your teammates to get away from them.
  • It is imperative to try a press on the button if you're the only thief left, rather than attempting to get all the candies yourself.
  • If you've been spotted by guardians while carrying candy and feel like you won't escape try tossing the candy towards your area so one of your teammates may pick it up and finish carrying it for you.
  • The Slingus Flinguses are great for putting distance between yourself and a pursuing guardian. This is especially handy if you're fleeing while carrying candy. Throw the candy away and hop on the flinger- the Guardian will lose you and will now be split between guarding the lone candy or heading back to the main nest.
  • Thieves can actually grab the guardians. This leaves the grabbing thief very susceptible to the revenge grab and capture, but can be tactically used in a sacrificial attempt to prevent a guardian from capturing a thief running back to the scoring hole with a candy.
  • If you see a candy on the button, DO NOT TAKE IT, a candy's weight is enough to press the button once it's unpushed, it is actually a great play to place or throw candies on the button, but don't forget to take other candies to the holes.


  • In the section with the blocks, try dragging them over to cut off possible escape routes for the thieves.
  • At the start a possible strategy is to push the center button while there are barely any thieves caught and set the button on cooldown.
    • Otherwise, DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON. It is possible for the guardians to push it; the only time this might be acceptable is in a pre-made stack agreeing to push the button in order to grab more thieves for the various event challenges.
  • Though the guardians can't grab the candy, they can still use their bodies to nudge the candy - AFTER a candy has been picked up by a thief. While this is rather niche, it can be used in specific situations (like trying to push candies at the last moment so they do not fall into the holes).
  • A cheap but effective strategy is to camp the candies or the button; when there is only a single thief left, try camping at the button and waiting for the last player to attempt to free their teammates.
  • Walking away from one of the candy spawn points but still keeping it within your camera can fool thieves into thinking you're no longer watching it and cause them to get careless.
  • Look out for "holes" in your defense: if your teammates are covering one of the areas and the button, go to the other area, for example.
  • With dive-grabbing returning to the game as of Season 1, it is possible to dive-grab fleeing thieves.
    • Though not confirmed, this could be due to the thief grabbing mechanic being similar to the tail grabbing mechanic (as evidenced by the Fall Feed displaying the tail-grabbing event when a thief is captured).

Known Issues[]

  • As of ?/?/??: Players in a party can be potentially matched up against each other.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Thieves/Guardians Win!
  • No medal - Thieves/Guardians Defeated


  • At the start of Season 6 (Legacy), a temporary splash image for Sweet Thieves could be found in the loading screen in between rounds. The temporary image has "INVISIBEANS TEMP IMAGE" written in red text over a greyed-out version of the image for Lost Temple. This was removed following an update on 9 December 2021.[1]
  • This is the first team like game where the teams have each a different goal.
  • Its is the first and currently only round of type Invisibeans.
  • At the start of the Season 6.5 (Legacy), the splash image of the round can be seen despite not being released yet.
  • Sweet Thieves holds the unique distinction of being the only round that has never appeared in Main Show.
    • This may or may not change in the future; however, lead game designer Joe Walsh mentioned this round will not appear in Main Show or Squads "for now".[2]
    • Both Hoarders and Egg Siege also aren't a part of Main Show, however, they were initially available on their respective introductions.
  • This is the first (and at the moment, the only) game mode that introduced a new command to the game (the walk command, which limits the Fall Guy's maximum movement speed)
    • Curiously, guardians are also able to use the walk command, despite it being entirely useless for them.
  • Concept art suggests that several objects were considered in place of the candies, including tickets, bouncy balls, and rubber ducks.[3]



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