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Survival rounds are one of the seven types of rounds in Fall Guys. They involve avoiding a certain area or obstacles.

Survival selection[]

  • Survival rounds may usually be selected as the third or fourth round of an Episode.
  • This logic is not necessarily followed in special playlists.
    • For example, Roll Out is typically the first round in Slime Survivors, while Jump Club takes up the first three rounds of Jump Around.

Miscellaneous mechanics[]

  • In extremely rare cases, it is possible to win a show from a Survival round. There are a few requirements for that to happen:
    • The survival round must not end when a percentage is eliminated.
    • The winner will have to survive the entire duration (or in Hoverboard Heroes, to cross the finish line).
      • This also means that there is no winner if everyone is eliminated.
  • For survival rounds with a predetermined elimination quota, the game does not break ties, so in rare cases it is possible for more players to be eliminated than the specified quota, if they are deemed to have hit the slime at the same time.

List of survival rounds[]

Round Objective How to play Participants Qualification Added in
UI Medal Icon BigShots.pngBig ShotsDon't fall off!Avoid getting knocked into the slime and watch out for those cannons!14 - 3060%Season 4 (Legacy)
(22 March 2021)
UI Medal Icon BlockParty.pngBlock PartyDon't fall off!Avoid the moving walls and don't fall off the platform!15 - 30Survivors of timerBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon HoverboardHeroes.pngHoverboard HeroesDon't fall off!Avoid falling off the hoverboard and reach the finish!20 - 30Survivors of slimeSeason 4 (Legacy)
(22 March 2021)
UI Medal Icon JumpClub.pngJump ClubDon't fall off!JUMP over the spinning beam and avoid falling into the slime!14 - 3060%Beta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon RollOut.pngRoll OutDon't fall off!Move between rotating rings to avoid falling into the slime!30 - 5060%Beta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon SnowballSurvival.pngSnowball SurvivalDon't get knocked out!Try not to break the ice and don't fall out the bowl!15 - 30Survivors of timerSeason 3 (Legacy) mid-season update
(2 February 2021)
UI Medal Icon StompinGround.pngStompin' GroundDon't get knocked outAvoid the charging Rhinos and stay inside the arena!20 - 40Survivors of timerSeason 5 (Legacy)
(20 July 2021)
Icon The Swiveller.pngThe SwivellerRun from the fan!Run away from the fan, avoid obstacles and don't fall off!12 - 2660%Season 1
(21 June 2022)

Special variants of these finals were introduced as a separate Survival round for special playlists respectively. These variants are only playable in said playlists, and will never be selected outside of it.

Round Qualification Available in Introduced on
Icon Blast Ball.pngBlast Ball?Blast Ball Trials19 July 2022
UI Medal Icon HexAGone.pngHex-A-Gone75% (round 1), 60% (round 2) / Eliminates 1Hex-a-gone Trials, Hex-a-4041 Trials / Finals Marathon5 January 2021
Icon Hex-A-Ring.pngHex-A-Ring75% (round 1), 69% (round 2)Ring Hexathlon14 July 2022
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump ShowdownEliminates 1Finals Marathon13 December 2021
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll OffEliminates 1Finals Marathon13 December 2021
UI Medal Icon ThinIce.pngThin Ice75% (round 1), 60% (round 2) / Eliminates 1Thin Ice Trials / Finals Marathon19 March 2021

Though not specifically categorized, Jinxed, Perfect Match, Slime Climb, Sum Fruit and The Slimescraper fit into this category.

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