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Stompin' Ground is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a survival and was first introduced in Season 5 (Legacy).

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Stompin' Ground consists of a circular arena containing three Rhinos which are initially trapped in pens, being let out one at a time at the start of the match. The goal of the game is to avoid being knocked off the platform by the rhinos for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Surrounding the arena are several moving Lily Pads, which may occasionally prevent a lucky player from flying off the map.

This rounds runs for one minute and ten seconds, after which all remaining players qualify for the next round.

Alternate versions[]

As of Season 5.1 (Legacy), the following variants may appear:

  • There may be two Blizzard Fans rotating around the arena; these are directly opposite each other and rotate in the same direction as the lily pads.
  • There may be a Spinning Plate in the middle.
  • The Lily Pads may be static.
  • A Pegwin may appear.

As of Season 1, the following variants may appear:

  • There may be only one rhino.
  • In the Blizzard Fan variation there may be more fans than usual, some facing upwards like the lily pads.

Course Strategy[]

FG S5 promo screenshot 02.png

It is simple. Just keep looking at the Rhinos and dodge them. You can dive if you are standing because it will take a little bit time when starting to walk. Because of this you must always keep moving unlike Snowball Survival. The Rhinos will knock you really far even if you touch them. The Lily Pads will help you when knocked off the map. Unlike all other objectiles, Rhinos will charge to you. They will stop for a moment and some smoke effect will appear, then it will run to players direction. Positioning is very important on Stompin' Ground. There are different strategies based on where you choose to spend most of the time:

Staying on the edges[]

By staying on the outer edges of the map, as far away as possible from the rhinos, you can more effectively keep an eye on all of them at the same time, plus generally have more time to react, should they choose to charge at you. What's more, you can dive for a lily pad outside of the arena in a pinch.

There are some disadvantages to this method, however. If a rhino does manage to hit you, it is very likely that you will fall outside of the arena, even if the hit was weaker or not as direct. Furthermore, the railing that surrounds the arena does not offer much protection, as players can be forced into them, causing them to slide underneath and fall outside of the arena anyway.

Staying at the center[]

Staying at the center of the arena (mainly inside the yellow circle on the ground) has some advantages as well: being hit by a rhino in these circumstances tend to be less impactful if the hit isn't so direct, meaning you could be launched into the outer areas of the arena, but still inside the circle. The main disadvantage is that being in the center makes it considerably harder to keep track of all three rhinos at once, meaning one could charge at you from outside of your view.


Particularly aggressive players may opt to grab other fall guys to break their momentum or lure a rhino and quickly move out of the way, so it charges into a crowd of players instead. While these strategies can succeed in reducing the amount of players remaining in the match (thus indirectly boosting your own chances of winning), keep in mind that: 1- Focusing on other players may distract you from what the rhinos are doing and you may end up getting launched outside of the arena and 2- The more players get eliminated, the less targets the rhinos will have to choose from, meaning the rhinos will be more likely to target you. Because of this, Stompin' Ground is a course that tends to increase in difficulty as time passes.

Of course, switching up strategies on the fly to better suit your needs is also a possibility.

Alternate versions[]

  • You only really get blown by the fans if you jump into their path. They're likely usually detrimental, but in some cases you could try to use them to be blown away from a pesky rhino.
  • While the very center of the spinning plate remains fixed in place, it makes for a much smaller area, meaning it is likely to get crowded by many players and more likely to attract a rhino attack. Use the plate to quickly dodge the rhinos by running along with the disk, or against it to suddenly "brake".
  • Chuck it off the map!
  • A single rhino instead of the usual 3 dramatically decreases the difficulty of the round.

Final Variant[]

A Final type variant was introduced in the Survival of the Fittest playlist on 12 July 2022. In this variant, the player who is the last alive will win the entire show.

Many of the same strategies apply to the final variant, but do take into account that this will be challenging to win, usually on account of there being a smaller number of players left (ergo, fewer other targets for the rhinos to go after instead of you).

This final times out at 5 minutes like the other potentially timeout-able finals (Hex-A-Gone, Thin Ice, Jump Showdown, Hex-A-Ring, Roll Off) - but realistically this won't be reached - unless the one rhino variation is in play.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Stompin' Ground
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Not present Not present
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
7 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • An early version of Stompin' Ground.

    According to developer Ben Nizan, bulls, chickens, and robots were considered as the obstacles for this level before settling on rhinos.[1]
  • The 'How to Play' description is bugged in Squads Duos (and possibly others), saying "Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!" instead.
  • According to level designer Sam Pickard, Stompin' Ground originally had "multiple layers and winding corridors". This was changed due to the level design making it too easy to avoid the Rhinos.[2]