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Squads Trios is a special playlist mode in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

It is a time-limited show, with the first instance running from 2 August 2021.


# Season From To
1 5 2 August 2021 16 August 2021
2 5 30 August 2021 3 September 2021
3 5 13 September 2021 20 September 2021
4 5 4 October 2021 7 October 2021
5 5 11 October 2021 18 October 2021
6 5 1 November 2021 15 November 2021
7 6 4 January 2022 14 January 2021
8 6 31 January 2022 5 February 2022
9 6 8 February 2022 18 February 2022


Main article: Squads Show#Rounds

Being a spin-off of Squads Show, the rounds in this mode are likely the same. For a breakdown of how scoring mechanics work, refer to the above article.

This mode does have Team rounds, with each team having only 3 players each.

Round Type
UI Medal Icon Basketfall.pngBasketfallfinal
UI Medal Icon BigFans.pngBig Fansrace
UI Medal Icon BigShots.pngBig Shotssurvival
UI Medal Icon BlockParty.pngBlock Partysurvival
UI Medal Icon BubbleTrouble.pngBubble Troublehunt
UI Medal Icon DizzyHeights.pngDizzy Heightsrace
UI Medal Icon DoorDash.pngDoor Dashrace
UI Medal Icon EggScramble.pngEgg Scrambleteam
UI Medal Icon EggSiege.pngEgg Siegeteam
UI Medal Icon FallBall.pngFall Ballfinal
UI Medal Icon FallMountain.pngFall Mountainfinal
UI Medal Icon FreezyPeak.pngFreezy Peakrace
UI Medal Icon FruitChute.pngFruit Chuterace
Icon Full Tilt.pngFull Tiltrace
UI Medal Icon GateCrash.pngGate Crashrace
UI Medal Icon HexAGone.pngHex-A-Gonefinal
UI Medal Icon HitParade.pngHit Paraderace
UI Medal Icon Hoarders.pngHoardersteam
UI Medal Icon HoopsieDaisy.pngHoopsie Daisyteam
UI Medal Icon HoopsieLegends.pngHoopsie Legendshunt
UI Medal Icon Jinxed.pngJinxedfinal
UI Medal Icon JumpClub.pngJump Clubsurvival
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump Showdownfinal
UI Medal Icon KnightFever.pngKnight Feverrace
UI Medal Icon LilyLeapers.pngLily Leapersrace
UI Medal Icon LostTemple.pngLost Templefinal
Icon Party Promenade.pngParty Promenaderace
UI Medal Icon PegwinPursuit.pngPegwin Pursuitteam
UI Medal Icon PerfectMatch.pngPerfect Matchlogic
Icon Pipe Dream.pngPipe Dreamrace
UI Medal Icon PowerTrip.pngPower Tripfinal
UI Medal Icon RocknRoll.pngRock 'n' Rollteam
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll Offfinal
UI Medal Icon RollOn.pngRoll Onrace
UI Medal Icon RollOut.pngRoll Outsurvival
UI Medal Icon SeeSaw.pngSee Sawrace
UI Medal Icon SkiFall.pngSki Fallrace
UI Medal Icon SkylineStumble.pngSkyline Stumblerace
UI Medal Icon SlimeClimb.pngSlime Climbrace
UI Medal Icon SnowballSurvival.pngSnowball Survivalsurvival
UI Medal Icon SnowyScrap.pngSnowy Scrapteam
UI Medal Icon StompinGround.pngStompin' Groundsurvival
UI Medal Icon SumFruit.pngSum Fruitlogic
UI Medal Icon TeamTailTag.pngTeam Tail Tagteam
UI Medal Icon TheSlimescraper.pngThe Slimescraperrace
UI Medal Icon TheWhirlygig.pngThe Whirlygigrace
UI Medal Icon ThinIce.pngThin Icefinal
UI Medal Icon TipToe.pngTip Toerace
UI Medal Icon TreetopTumble.pngTreetop Tumblerace
UI Medal Icon TundraRun.pngTundra Runrace
UI Medal Icon WallGuys.pngWall Guysrace


  • Players cannot join Trios with parties larger than 3. This makes it the only show (alongside Squads Duos) that cannot be joined with a party of 4.
  • On 27 October 2021, the participants count was reduced from 39-60 down to 30-39. There is no official word on why this change was made, but it was very likely that the player-base was to low at end of Season 5.
    • This got reverted on 30 November 2021 (Season 6 launch)
  • This show, like all other Squad modes since Season 6, is susceptible to a bug where all remaining teams will win if someone disconnects/leaves the game during a survival-based final. For more details, see here.

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