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Squads Show is a gamemode that was introduced in Season 4. This mode places players into teams of four.[1]

It was initially a temporary gamemode, and became a permanent gamemode on 1 April 2021.[2]. Since the Season 5.Fun update it can occasionally be replaced by another 4-player squad show (e.g. Squad Celebration) for a couple days.


# Season From To
1 4 22 March 2021 20 July 2021
2 5 20 July 2021 21 September 2021
3 5 28 September 2021 21 October 2021
4 5 1 November 2021 30 November 2021
5 6 30 November 2021 9 December 2021
6 6 13 December 2021 24 December 2021
7 6 28 December 2021

The initial end date for the playlist was on 5 April 2021 - but a hotfix on 1 April 2021 removed the countdown timer.

Squads Show was briefly removed on 20 July 2021 to make way for Squads Duos; however, player feedback caused it to be reinstated just a few hours later.


According to senior designer Joe Walsh, about 38 rounds are initially present in Squads Show.

Only two Hunt rounds (Bubble Trouble and Ski Fall) features in this playlist. Despite not specified as a Hunt round, Ski Fall has also been added.


Race rounds work based on a points system. Finishing a race earns points for your team. Placing higher in a race will earn your team more points. The teams with the most points qualifies for the next round.

Unlike other playlists, most races time out in less time than the standard 3 minutes. These timeout durations range from 2:00 to 2:30, and are map-dependent. Generally, race rounds will play out until all players qualify, though in rare cases they will end prematurely.

A hotfix pushed on 8 April 2021 added Slime Climb to this playlist.[3] It works like most race rounds; however, falling into the slime prevents you from scoring points for your team.[4] When The Slimescraper was added to the game, it was also added to this playlist, and functions similarly.


Survival rounds work based on a points system. For every second a team member survives, they earn their team one point. The bottom two teams are eliminated. In these modes, a timer is always present, even if the round doesn't have one in the main show (e.g. Roll Out).

Perfect Match fits into this category of rounds. Because of the typically low number of eliminations on the normal variant, the Perfect Deathmatch variant is always the one selected in Squads Show.

Sum Fruit also fits into this category of rounds.

While Block Party was initially in the round pool, it was removed in a hotfix on 24 March 2021, due to the low elimination rate causing random eliminations, but came back after the Season 5.Fun.


The only Hunt rounds, Bubble Trouble and Hoopsie Legends, works as follows - each squad has to score a certain total of points to qualify for the next round. This total is calculated by the score normally required in a solo mode, multiplied by the number of players in a full squad (e.g. Bubble Trouble would require 15 * 4 = 60 points in this mode).

One player can potentially score more than the total amount they would require when playing the round solo, leaving other players in the squad to be able to score less. (For example, in Hoopsie Legends, a player can score more than the 6 points they require in a solo mode.)

Despite not specified as a Hunt round, Ski Fall uses the same mechanics.


Team rounds are present in Squads Show. Only one squad can be on a team, so Team games only appear later in the show. As a result, Fall Ball, Jinxed, Basketfall, and Power Trip (i.e. team games with two teams) can act as final rounds in Squads Show.

Unlike Main Show, it is possible for there to be multiple team games after each other. For example, Team Tail Tag into Snowy Scrap into Jinxed.

In extremely contrived scenarios, if a Team round is selected as the Final, both teams can share the win by keeping the scores tied for map-specific timeout durations. (As these timeout durations tend to be ridiculously long, the guaranteed win may not necessarily be worth the increased time expenditure.)


Final rounds work as normal. If a player on your team wins the final round, all players on your team win UI currency shards 1080p.png 20.[5] It is currently unknown if a win in Squads Show counts towards the Weekly Crown League, though it seems unlikely.[6]

Finals requiring the player not to get slimed (Hex-A-Gone, Thin Ice, etc.) do not automatically end when only one squad is left, meaning all but one player from the winning squad would have to intentionally get eliminated to end the round (other than timing it out).

While Royal Fumble was initially in the round pool, it was removed in a hotfix on 24 March 2021, due to some instances where the squad without the tail won.

While Jump Showdown was initially in the round pool, it was removed in a hotfix on 25 March 2021, due to timeouts randomly awarding a squad the win (rather than all squads getting the win).

Before Season 6.1, timeouts in elimination-type finals did NOT award all squads with at least one member alive the win; the winning team is randomly selected. It is unclear if this is influenced by having a lower ping to the server, and/or having more members of the team alive when the round times out. As of Season 6.1, this is no longer the case (at least for Jump Showdown), and timeouts should now award all surviving players the win.

Victory Celebration[]

  • For members of the winning squad, each player will see their own victory celebration play while the other players in the squad clap and cheer for them. This is accurate as of Season 6.1.
    • For members of the losing squad, they will still see a specific player's celebration, as determined below in the Notes section of this page.
  • If the final was a Team game, the costume colours of the winning squad will be team-coloured.

List of Rounds[]

Round Type
UI Medal Icon Basketfall.pngBasketfallfinal
UI Medal Icon BigFans.pngBig Fansrace
UI Medal Icon BigShots.pngBig Shotssurvival
UI Medal Icon BlockParty.pngBlock Partysurvival
UI Medal Icon BubbleTrouble.pngBubble Troublehunt
UI Medal Icon DizzyHeights.pngDizzy Heightsrace
UI Medal Icon DoorDash.pngDoor Dashrace
UI Medal Icon EggScramble.pngEgg Scrambleteam
UI Medal Icon EggSiege.pngEgg Siegeteam
UI Medal Icon FallBall.pngFall Ballfinal
UI Medal Icon FallMountain.pngFall Mountainfinal
UI Medal Icon FreezyPeak.pngFreezy Peakrace
UI Medal Icon FruitChute.pngFruit Chuterace
Icon Full Tilt.pngFull Tiltrace
UI Medal Icon GateCrash.pngGate Crashrace
UI Medal Icon HexAGone.pngHex-A-Gonefinal
UI Medal Icon HitParade.pngHit Paraderace
UI Medal Icon Hoarders.pngHoardersteam
UI Medal Icon HoopsieDaisy.pngHoopsie Daisyteam
UI Medal Icon HoopsieLegends.pngHoopsie Legendshunt
UI Medal Icon Jinxed.pngJinxedfinal
UI Medal Icon JumpClub.pngJump Clubsurvival
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump Showdownfinal
UI Medal Icon KnightFever.pngKnight Feverrace
UI Medal Icon LilyLeapers.pngLily Leapersrace
UI Medal Icon LostTemple.pngLost Templefinal
Icon Party Promenade.pngParty Promenaderace
UI Medal Icon PegwinPursuit.pngPegwin Pursuitteam
UI Medal Icon PerfectMatch.pngPerfect Matchlogic
Icon Pipe Dream.pngPipe Dreamrace
UI Medal Icon PowerTrip.pngPower Tripfinal
UI Medal Icon RocknRoll.pngRock 'n' Rollteam
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll Offfinal
UI Medal Icon RollOn.pngRoll Onrace
UI Medal Icon RollOut.pngRoll Outsurvival
UI Medal Icon SeeSaw.pngSee Sawrace
UI Medal Icon SkiFall.pngSki Fallrace
UI Medal Icon SkylineStumble.pngSkyline Stumblerace
UI Medal Icon SlimeClimb.pngSlime Climbrace
UI Medal Icon SnowballSurvival.pngSnowball Survivalsurvival
UI Medal Icon SnowyScrap.pngSnowy Scrapteam
UI Medal Icon StompinGround.pngStompin' Groundsurvival
UI Medal Icon SumFruit.pngSum Fruitlogic
UI Medal Icon TeamTailTag.pngTeam Tail Tagteam
UI Medal Icon TheSlimescraper.pngThe Slimescraperrace
UI Medal Icon TheWhirlygig.pngThe Whirlygigrace
UI Medal Icon TipToe.pngTip Toerace
UI Medal Icon TreetopTumble.pngTreetop Tumblerace
UI Medal Icon TundraRun.pngTundra Runrace
UI Medal Icon WallGuys.pngWall Guysrace

Known Bugs[]

  • If people leave a Squads Show queue while the server is still populating, the game will never repopulate. When that happens, players can only leave and requeue at this point.
  • In rounds where 7 squads qualify, only 6 actually do, due to a bug. If all squadmates have crossed the finish line and your position is 7th, you're effectively out.
    • A fix for both of those was pushed on 6 April 2021. While the first bug appears to have been fixed, there are still reported instances of the second occurring.
  • All rounds added in Season 6 are subject to a hidden qualification quota (similar to Main Show) instead of waiting for all players to finish or for the timer to end. This makes them end prematurely after only a certain number of players cross the line.
  • Since Season 6, a series of bugs related to players leaving/disconnecting during the game have appeared. This applies to all squads modes (except Golden Goal Challenge). The general gist is that the game no longer seems to treat a player leaving/disconnecting as an elimination. This manifests in at least two ways:
    • During a Survival round, if a player disconnects or leaves, their team's score will still continue to increase from the points that they contribute.
    • During a survival-style Final, if a player disconnects or leaves, all remaining squads will tie in the final once every remaining player is eliminated, and will all receive the winning reward from the show.


  • On 27 October 2021, the participants count was reduced from 40-60 down to 32-40. There was no official word on why this change was made, but it was very likely that the player-base was to low at end of Season 5.
    • This got reverted on 30 November 2021 (Season 6 launch)
  • If you don't qualify on a race round but at least one person on your squad does, you get the higher medal your squad gets.
  • Before Season 6.1 (for the winning squad) and currently (for all losing squads), the celebration that was selected to be played was dependent on ping, with a player with lower ping having a higher chance of having their celebration played. Also, the celebration selected differed based on final round type and outcome:
    • Survival-type finals (Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Roll Off, Thin Ice): first to get eliminated
      • Of note, this is because the first to get eliminated will have a shorter time spent alive, which when converted into the winning squad times means they will have a faster qualification time than their teammates.
    • Fall Mountain, Lost Temple: first to the crown
    • Royal Fumble, Team game finals: the player with the least ping to the server

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