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The Space Traveller Costume is a costume in Fall Guys. It has appeared in the Featured Items rotating pool on 21 May 2021, and may now appear in the Regular Items rotating pool if not yet acquired.


  • This costume was added as the winning entry for a gaming competition held by Mediatonic on November 2020, in cooperation with CBBC's Blue Peter children's TV programme[1][2]. The entry was submitted by Naomi[3][4].
  • The design of the costume has Blue Peter badges on the gloves.
  • The costume was also available again for 24 hours in the Featured Items rotating pool on 15 June 2022 during the second instance of Guestravaganza for UI currency crowns 1080p.png 2 for each part.
    • It is one of the three costumes that were more expensive compared to its original price.
    • Unlike most other costumes during Guestravaganza this is one of the seven non-Crossover costumes that got refeatured.