Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Snow Day Stumble (formerly named Winter Knockout) is a special playlist mode in Fall Guys.

It is a time-limited mode, with the first instance running from 15 December 2020. It has been the first playlist of Season 3 (Legacy).


# Season From To
1 Season 3 (Legacy) 15 December 2020 20 December 2020
2 Season 3 (Legacy) 23 December 2020 29 December 2020
3 Season 6 (Legacy) 3 June 2022 6 June 2022
4 Season 1 26 July 2022 28 July 2022


Only the new rounds of Season 3 (Legacy) appear in the rotation. As there are 2 new Finals, it is the only possible ones.

Round Type
UI Medal Icon FreezyPeak.pngFreezy Peakrace
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump Showdownfinal
UI Medal Icon PegwinPursuit.pngPegwin Pursuitteam
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll Offfinal
UI Medal Icon SkiFall.pngSki Fallrace
UI Medal Icon SnowballSurvival.pngSnowball Survivalsurvival
UI Medal Icon SnowyScrap.pngSnowy Scrapteam
UI Medal Icon TundraRun.pngTundra Runrace


From the third appearance on :


  • As of Season 1, this show got renamed from "Winter Knockout" to "Snow Day Stumble".
  • The description was also changed from "Feelin' festive? This is the playlist for you. All Season 3 (Legacy), all the time."
    • The description does not include "(Legacy)"; it is simply denoted as such to distinguish the legacy season.