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Slime is an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

The slime is one of the main features of the game. It is a sticky pink coloured substance and it is divided into: collidable slime and death slime.

Floor type slime is a very slippery type of collidable flooring. The player walks on it or slips down on it in the case of a downhill, and it's like he/she is on ice and has a real bad control of his/her character.

Death slime is the background slime which surrounds basically every level.

Slippery Slime[]

Gate Crash[]

The game Gate Crash has a slime downhill, from which the player has to make the final jump.

Gate Crash features a slime covered slope for players to overcome.

Hit Parade[]

The game Hit Parade has the first downhill, underneath the beams section, which is completely made of slime. The player slips down very fastly. The last section is a slime uphill, with moving bumpers.

Hit Parade has the final section with slime ground.

Hoverboard Heroes[]

There is a slippery slope just after the futuristic cannons. This has killed many people who are waiting for the hoverboard.

The Slime Slope featured in Hoverboard heroes.

Knight Fever[]

The game Knight Fever has a slime downhill, where the player has only to slip down. By the way, swinging axes are present to annoy the player.

Some players going down the slime slope on Knight Fever.

Leading Light[]

A ring of slime surrounds the central Blizzard Fan on Leading Light.

Slime surrounding the Blizzard Fan on Leading Light.

Lily Leapers[]

Lily Leapers features raised platforms on both sides of the end of the Water section. These have one slime-covered slope each. A lily drum is available at the bottom of the slime ramp, for those who failed to leap the gap.

One of the slime slopes on Lily Leapers.

Lost Temple[]

In addition to the final room, which features a slime-covered slope just behind the crown, several randomized rooms in Lost Temple feature slime-covered surfaces.

A big slime slope will always spawn just behind the crown on Lost Temple.

Party Promenade[]

Several sections in Party Promenade contain slippery slime. Three slime slopes are present in the first, third, and sixth sections. The fourth section's side paths are also covered in slime.

Slime covered path on Party Promenade.

Skyline Stumble[]

The game Skyline Stumble has a downhill made by slime just after the Force-Fields maze section is cleared.

Players must overcome a maze to reach this slime section in Skyline Stumble.

Slime Climb[]

Slime Climb has got two sections with collidable slime: the first one has spinning hammers and the last one is the whole final section of the game.

The final section of Slime Climb is always covered in Slime, regardless of variant.

Team Tail Tag[]

Team Tail Tag has some slime-covered slopes around the center obstacle.

A slime slope on Team Tail Tag.

The Slimescraper[]

The Slimescraper has got lots of slimy sections.

The final section of The Slimescraper is one of several featuring a slime-covered slope.

Treetop Tumble[]

A slime-covered slope is found immediately after the start of the course on Treetop Tumble. It leads players down to the lower path.

The slime ramp on Treetop Tumble has several rotating hammers.

Elimination Slime[]

All Survival and Logic stages and a few others have the slime in their background. In Season 3 (Legacy)'s winter-themed levels, the background shows as a frozen slime lake with a cracked opening under the arena. In Season 4 (Legacy)'s futuristic-themed levels, the elimination slime is a dark purple instead of its usual pink. Falling in the slime means instant elimination. It can be found on Roll Out, Jump Club, Block Party, Snowball Survival, Hoverboard Heroes, Big Shots, Stompin' Ground, Perfect Match Sum Fruit, Slime Climb, The Slimescraper, Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Thin Ice, Roll Off. But Slime Climb, The Slimescraper and Roll Off have a special, rising slime with an inflatable ring in the background. Slime Climb and The Slimescraper get its name from said slime.

Death slime is present in the background of almost all games. Falling in it corresponds to elimination.


  • In Season 5.fun, slime was visually enhanced with a shimmering effect.

See Also[]

  • Ice, a Season 3 (Legacy)-themed variant.
  • Water which is like the elimination slime but only can be found at Stompin' Ground. And there is an another type of water which will slow the fall guy down when in the area.