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Skyline Stumble is one of the rounds and one of the 24 races in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, introduced in Season 4 (Legacy). It is a race with futuristic style obstacles.

Course Description[]

Standard version[]

Skyline Stumble starts with a jumping section across platforms in low gravity zones while planets are shot at you from below. Luckily, there is a check point in-between the low gravity zones.

Next up are two split paths with a Flippity Bippity in the middle flipping back and forth, blocking one path at a time. Across those paths are Buttons that shoot out stars towards the rivaling path -- it is optional to use the buttons and both paths are identical to each other. Near the end of the section, a Light Bar is located on both paths and consistently moves up and down.

The third section includes 5 force-fields that alternate between on and off. These have a bit of overlap to allow players to walk or jump to a nearby path before turning off.

In the fourth section, players must use Buttons to switch the Force-Field walls surrounding their hexagon arenas in order to make a path that leads to the next section. There is a pink rotating block in the center that slowly moves around the opening that leads down to the fifth section. Players must navigate the maze to get to the gap in the rotating block as it rotates, in order to progress to the next stage.

In the fifth section, there lies a downward ramp with slime leading to 5 light swingers that requires the players to jump over them.

Finally, the course ends with a split-off of 3 different paths. The 2 outer paths consist of pink Conveyor Belts leading up to 3 floating platforms in a Low Gravity Zone. The center path requires you to bounce up 3 pairs of Flippity Bippities then run on the platform to reach the finish line.

Alternate versions[]

As of 13 May 2021, the following variants may occur:

  • The first gravity zone can be a high-gravity zone instead. Upwards-facing punching gloves aid players in climbing the steps in the high gravity area.
    • This variant has been removed from (or never appeared at all in) Main Show, but can potentially appear in other playlists (like Mix it Up! and Gravity Wield).
  • Cannons can shoot out fruit instead.
  • Moving blizzard fans can replace the cannons in the second section.
  • Season 4 (Legacy)-themed doughnut bumpers can appear on each platform of the second section.
  • Alternate shooting range which includes:
  • Only one forcefield bridge activates at a time, going from left to right and then back (1-2-3-4-5 and then 5-4-3-2-1)
  • A Big Yeetus may appear right below the force-field bridges section
  • A pegwin can sometimes be found running around in the maze.
  • Non-themed doughnut bumpers can appear on the slime slope following the force-field maze.
  • The circular platform can have a spinning plate instead of a solid ground.
  • The the light swingers can be a large, double-sided, rotating beam instead.
  • Two Big Yeetuses may appear right before the final wall with the flippity bippities.
  • The flippity bippities in the final wall may be desynchronized instead of activating simultaneously. (This variation is removed)

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

Jumping off as late as possible on the first ledge will help you to land on the next ledge directly before the checkpoint. Following that, take the next set of ledges safely by jumping up to them without diving.

You could jump over the flippity bippity or wait for it to flip, so you do not get flung off the course. Walk along the inside part of the path above the wires - you can jump on the buttons to try sabotaging the other path, but be mindful of players on the other path doing the same. At the end of that path, jump over or go under the light bar, depending on its position when you approach.

Pay attention to the timings on the force field paths. As soon as you see the missing paths switch on, jump to them. You can either jump at the last moment of your current path switching off, or anticipate and jump as soon as the path switches on.

The buttons tend to switch the force field walls between two possible states, which can be determined by the wires extending from the button. Note the direction of the spinning moving block and hit the buttons accordingly. Once you find the gap, jump down onto the slime slide, use the momentum and carefully jump past the light swingers. This part is tricky and requires some practice to consistently nail without being slowed down by the swingers hitting you. Note that is is possible to jump over the spinning block by hitting a button and jumping as it comes back up, though this is tricky to pull off.

The outer low-gravity zone paths are slower, but more consistent - take those if you do not care much about being in the earlier positions. These are straightforward, just walk up the conveyor belts and carefully jump to the higher platforms. The middle flippity bippities section is fastest, but tricky to nail. A well-timed jump on the lowest flippity bippity can send you straight to the top - if not, carefully fling yourself one flippity bippity at a time. Don't forget that you have a slight degree of control to steer yourself in mid-air, in order to hopefully land on a flippity bippity.

Alternate Versions[]

  • For the high gravity + punching gloves combo, there is no way around it: You will fall down to the bottom of the section and must use the boxing gloves to clear it. A well timed punch will provide enough force to clear all the steps at once.
  • Players need to be more careful around the fruit cannons over the planets, due to their more erratic nature.

A blizzard fan in place of a cannon.

  • For the blizzard fans replacing the cannons, they can actually provide some lift to players in combination with the low gravity zone, allowing them to reach platforms that are typically too high up to reach in one go. It is also important to adjust your trajectory and dive when necessary to avoid being blown off course.
  • The doughnut bumpers can make the platforms harder to cross, especially if many other players are around at the same time. Best not to linger on a platform for too long. Do not get discouraged and try again if you happen to fall off.
  • For the "alternate shooting range" variant (Blizzard Fan, Force-Field walls and Thicc Bonkus, the best strategy is to ride the blizzard fan and jump back on the platform section that is past the forcefields just as the thicc bonkus starts to move away. That should be enough time to land on it and clear the section.
  • For the single forcefield variant, just follow the bridges as they spawn, immediately jumping onto them as they appear as usual.
  • The yeetus under the forcefield bridges can allow players to cross the entire section if timed correctly.
  • The slime slope isn't much harder with the addition of the donut bumpers. Simply walk towards the area where they are currently occupying so that you can clear it as they move away from it.
  • The spinning plate variant can add some difficulty to the section, forcing players to jump slightly earlier than usual as it alters their trajectory, but may also provide some momentum that may help players clear the section.
  • The double rotating beam is generally easier to clear than the light swingers, even with the spinning plate also present. Simply jump over it.
  • The Big Yeetuses just before the final obstacle may send players to the top flippity bippity or even over the entire wall if properly timed.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Skyline Stumble
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions



  • Skyline stumble has been the first level to simultaneously include themed and non-themed variants of the same obstacle. (Doughnut Bumpers)
  • The first variation is removed because of a bug that causes to the high Gravity Zone and the low Gravity Zone appear at the same time. And also when the player comes out of the gravity zone the effect doesn't end and stays until you qualify or the Round ends.
  • The Flippity Bippity section variation was removed because it made some of the Flippity Bippities useless.

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