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Royal Fumble is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Final round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course Description[]

A Final Round much like Tail Tag or Team Tail Tag, having a round where the Fall Guys try and steal or/and defend the tail trying to win.

Standard version[]

Royal Fumble mechanically is a tail tag game, but map-wise, it is different from its brothers. It consists of a raised spin disk in the center, various sloped pieces around the sides, non-elevated spin disks far out, pendulums on top of the pieces, and small elevated parts with a tube in the center around the corners.

Tail Tag games work by one or more players having a tail. The main objective (which may be slightly modified) is to keep a tail. Players can grab a tail by grabbing a player with a tail on their backside. If done properly, the player previously with a tail will lose their tail and the player that grabbed them will gain a tail.

As Royal Fumble is a final, there is only one tail, ergo, only one winner. This is also currently the only Final round that does not time out at 5 minutes, but instead ends after 1:30 has elapsed. This means, that after all Timeout counters, this could potentially be the shortest Final out of the bunch, ruling out the possibility that everyone jumps off the map at the beginning.

Course changes[]

This game, so far, has not received official alternate versions, but only little course changes.

Starting from an update done on 11 August 2020:

  • The game appears more rarely and only when 6 or less players are still in the game (sometimes reached via a late-stage like Fruit Chute, Tip Toe or Fall Ball).

Starting from an update done on 20 August 2020:

  • The time was shortened from 2:00 to 1:30.

Starting from Season 2:

  • The course received minor colour changes to some areas, though the vast majority remains the same.

Starting from Season 5:

  • Due to a ledge grab exploit being fixed, the maximum number of players in this mode was increased from 6 to 10.
    • A day later (on 21 July 2021), this change was quickly reversed due to community feedback, and is now back to a 6-player maximum.

Squads Show[]

Main article: Squads Show
  • It is possible for Royal Fumble to have more than 6 players in this mode - two squads of four players each fighting over a single tail, for instance.
    • This final is currently not a possible choice for a final, due to being removed in a hotfix on 24 March 2021 to resolve an issue where the squad without the tail wins.


Main article: ERROR 01APR
  • In this April Fool's playlist:
    • Royal Fumble would have a ridiculous 24 players in this mode, which is way higher than the current limit.
    • The time limit is also increased to 1:40 in this mode.

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

This section requires expanding. Royal Fumble is quite challenging due to the limited size of the map, you are never truly safe anywhere. These are just some general tips to deal with some situations, but it is relatively hard to practice this course due to how rare it is.

  • The most important tip of all: turn on name displays. You have to be hyper-aware of where your opponents are at all times, whether hunting the tail down, or defending the tail from them. Showing names can also be a really powerful tactic if someone is cheekily exploiting the inability of some players doing so to hide.
  • This round is all about learning the layout of the course and using the elevation changes to your advantage. Use the spinners and the conveyor belt to your advantage by utilising the momentum gain from them to hopefully cut off the player with the tail/escape from your pursuers. Also try to manoeuvre around the map to try to confuse your opponents.
    • To further expand on this, note that there are multiple slopes of varying sizes, ranging from the larger sloped ramps to the tiny purple slopes on the bottom. While moving forward, jump, land on the slope and use it to give you a slight momentum boost forwards - then jump before the slope straightens back to flat ground to maintain the momentum boost. This works well for both the hunters and the hunted, whether to quickly catch up with the player holding the tail, or gain some distance from the pursuers respectively.
  • For the player with the tail, attempt to juke the other players with sudden movement direction changes. Attempt to predict their moves and then try something else to compensate. Never get too complacent while holding the tail, as due to desync other players may seemingly grab the tail from a mile away.
  • Conversely, for the players without, try to figure out which way the tailed player will run. If a fellow pursuer is chasing the tailed player from a certain direction, try utilising that to cut the tailed player off from a different direction.
  • The lower the number of players, the easier it becomes to defend/the harder it becomes to steal the tail.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Winner!
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Royal Fumble
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard
2 Active Standard
3 Active Standard
4 Active Standard
5 Active Standard
6 Active Standard


  • This is one of the least common rounds to appear in the game. This is because of the player limit being very low.
  • Royal Fumble was very uncommon to get during Season 2. The developers did this because of the invisible wall exploit.
  • In season 2, the in-game objective changed from "GRAB A TAIL!" to "GRAB THE TAIL".
  • Royal Fumble ended up being the only map that lead game designer Joe Walsh designed for the game so far (though he made the initial prototypes for Big Fans and Thin Ice).
  • Starting on 26 April 2021, Royal Fumble started to appear with higher player counts (as high as 12). This was confirmed to be a bug, and was fixed around 28 April 2021.
  • Royal Fumble is much like the HUNT variant, Tail Tag, which you can see below.
  • This is widely considered by the Fall Guys community to be the worst final in Fall Guys, mainly because the game allows for your tail to be grabbed from a long distance away. This also applies to Tail Tag and Team Tail Tag.
  • Royal Fumble is the only final where it is impossible to achieve a time out tie, due to only one tail existing at any time.
  • Royal Fumble is the only Season 1 level to not have any variants.
  • The name of this round is likely a reference to Royal Rumble.

See also[]

Tail Tag - A hunt version of Royal Fumble.

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