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Rotating Beams are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

Rotating beams are coloured beams which, with a central pern, rotate in a certain direction. Their hit can launch the player far away.


A section in Airtime contains a single 360 see saw carrying a spinning beam.

A rotating beam on Airtime.

Big Fans[]

Sometimes, rotating beams that annoy players can appear and are placed on some of the fans in the game Big Fans.

These rotating beams are placed in fans in the game Big Fans

Bubble Trouble[]

As of Season 5.fun, a large rotating beam may be found over the central spinning plate on Bubble trouble. Additionally, the rotating wall on the rotating wall zone may be replaced with a quadruple rotating beam.

This rotating beam makes it harder to use the spinning plate on Bubble Trouble.

Dizzy Heights[]

An alternate version of Dizzy Heights has platforms with beams instead of spinning platforms. They must be avoided by jumping at the right timing. In another alternate version, a big rotating beam and some spinning plates substitute the final section with the semicircles. In another version, there are some platforms with rotating beams that substitute the semicircles.

One of the Dizzy Heights variants that features a Rotating Beam.

Full Tilt[]

In the first section of Full Tilt, two 360 See Saws contain rotating beams in instead of the usual cone.[1]

A rotating beam on Full Tilt.

Hit Parade[]

Hit Parade has an alternate version with these obstacles replacing the turnstiles.

Turnstiles replaced by Rotating beams in Hit Parade.

Jump Club[]

Jump Club's main mechanic is to stay alive while two big beams rotate faster as time goes by, by jumping when the beam passes.

Jump Club is about surviving on a platform with rotating beams.

Jump Showdown[]

Jump Showdown's main mechanic is to stay alive while two big beams rotate faster as time goes by, by jumping when the beam passes. It is typically more challenging than Jump Club as the parts of the platform players are standing on break off and fall as the games progresses.

As with most finals, Jump Showdown features gold-colored decorative elements, like in these beams.

Lily Leapers[]

As of Season 5.fun, Several rotating beams may be mounted on the walls on the water section of Lily Leapers.

Rotating Beams on Lily Leapers.

Lost Temple[]

One of the rooms in Lost Temple has a Rotating Beam at its center. Like all rotating beams, they can knock players down and make them lose time.

The Rotating Beam room in Lost Temple.

Perfect Match[]

An alternate version of Perfect Match, added on the Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update, presents a big rotating beam in the centre of the playable surface, to add difficulty to the game.

The alternate Perfect Match version.

Pipe Dream[]

A single rotating beam appears on the left platform of the fourth section of Pipe Dream, rotating alongside several donut bumpers.

Donut-surrounded rotating beam on Pipe Dream.

Power Trip[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, the central upper area in Power Trip may feature a Rotating Beam at its center.

The Rotating Beam Power Trip variant.

Skyline Stumble[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, The section of Skyline Stumble that normally has Light Swingers will instead feature a Rotating Beam.

Skyline Stumble variant featuring a Rotating Beam.

Tail Tag[]

In an alternate version of the game Tail Tag, a rotating beam is placed in the centre instead of the rotating hammer.

This Tail Tag variant features a Rotating Beam at its center.

The Swiveler[]

The Swiveler features a pair of rotating beams at one of its sections. Players must jump over these to remain on track.

A pair of rotating beams on The Swiveler.

The Whirlygig[]

The Whirlygig has, as main obstacles, rotating beams. They are present in lots of sections of this round, sometimes on round platforms. The player has to find the right timing to jump when they pass.

A rotating beam from The Whirlygig.

Treetop Tumble[]

As of Season 5.fun, the expanding frogs mounted on the spinning plates right at the beginning of the upper path of Treetop Tumble may be replaced with rotating beams.

Rotating beams on Treetop Tumble.