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Rolling projectiles are obstacles in Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

With rolling projectiles, it is meant everything that is thrown at the player with the intention of making them lose their balance and interrupt their way to the goal. These projectiles can be balls, fruits or logs and are thrown with a different speed depending on the game.

Note: Balls and eggs are also items, but they have a different function, because they are needed to complete a game and are not obstacles.

Rolling or thrown balls[]

Introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Dizzy Heights[]

A section in Dizzy Heights is about avoiding big coloured rolling balls, textured like the ones that compose the pendulums, which come out from three cannons in three different paths: the player has to make his way through the section without being hit by them, or he will lose his balance and time. In the final section, rolling yellow balls are thrown at the player in the last section. A cannon in the background shots them and, as they hit the downhill, they start rolling down obstacolating the players. They can be avoided because they aren't too big.

Some rolling balls in Dizzy Heights

Fall Mountain[]

Along with other obstacles, really fast rolling balls are shot in the final stage Fall Mountain, to add chaos in achieving the final crown.

Fall Mountain rolling balls

Fruit Chute[]

One alternate version of Fruit Chute has balls thrown instead of fruit. Some balls have the same design of the ones that compose the pendulums.

Balls and eggs thrown in Fruit Chute

Lost Temple[]

One of the possible Lost Temple room has a huge ball with a Lily Pad. It will bounce forever. Unlike all other balls, this ball isn't thrown by something, it will spawn by itself.

Players must avoid getting hit by the giant ball in order to proceed through this Lost Temple room.

Slime Climb[]

Coloured balls are shot in a section of Slime Climb, with quite a fast speed. The player has to make his/her way of avoiding them. As of Season 4.5 Dave, the final obstacle on Slime Climb may also be a cannon that shoots balls down the lane. It is activated whenever Fall Guys push the Button by the finish line.

This player narrowly avoids a ball on Slime Climb.

Treetop Tumble[]

The second water section in Treetop Tumble features cannons that shoot balls at incoming players.

Balls shot by cannon on Treetop Tumble.

Rolling or thrown fruit[]

Introduced in Season 1 (Legacy). Season 5.fun introduced additional fruit.

Big Shots[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, the cannons on Big Shots may fire various fruit instead of the usual projectiles. Available fruit: oranges, watermelons, blueberries, Red*(see trivia note at the bottom of page), and strawberries.

This version of Big Shots uses fruit instead of the usual projectiles.

Dizzy Heights[]

An alternate version of Dizzy Heights has fruit instead of balls rolled at the players at the final selection. Available fruit: blueberries, strawberries, and watermelons.

This version of Dizzy Heights features fruit that may even block the path to the end.

Fruit Chute[]

The game Fruit Chute is all about avoiding fruit thrown at the player. These projectiles are shot from cannon in the backgrounds with a real fast and must be avoided. They bounce in the ground and have an unexpected trajectory, unlike balls and logs which roll. Available fruit: oranges, bananas, watermelons, blueberries, Red*, and strawberries. In some alternate variations of Fruit Chute, only one kind of fruit will appear. This is applicable for: watermelons, strawberries & blueberries(combination), and bananas. Note that rolling logs and berries are thrown in all variations.

Thrown fruit of the game Fruit Chute

Jump Club[]

An alternate version of the game Jump Club has fruit thrown, to add more difficulty to the challenge of jumping the beam without falling down. Available fruit: blueberries and strawberries.

A strawberry shot from the cannons gets caught up on the spinning beam on Jump Club.

Perfect Match[]

As a variation in Perfect Match, fruit can be shot at the players. To allow this, a screen was removed in the Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update. Available fruit: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, watermelons.

Fruit is thrown to the players in this alternate version of Perfect Match

Roll Out[]

Roll Out has a variation where fruit is thrown at the players. Available fruit: blueberries, strawberries, bananas(rarely), watermelons(rarely).

Fruit thrown in the alternate version of the game Roll Out

Skyline Stumble[]

As a variation in the Season 4.5 Dave update, the planets normally shot by the cannons in the first section of Skyline Stumble may be replaced by fruit instead. Available fruit: oranges, strawberries, and bananas(rarely).

Fruit shot at players on Skyline Stumble.

Sum Fruit[]

Sum Fruit features a variety of tropical fruit that most be counted by the player for them to know which tile to stand on. Available fruit: bananas, coconuts, lychees, dragon fruit, papayas, and durians.

A Fruit on Sum Fruit. This one is a lychee.

Tundra Run[]

As a variation in Tundra Run, fruit can be shot instead of snowballs in the first section. Available fruit: blueberries and strawberries.

Fruit being shot at the players on Tundra Run.

Treetop Tumble[]

As of Season 5.fun, The cannons at the bottom path of Treetop Tumble may fire fruit instead of balls. These are Season 5 (Legacy)-themed, like the ones found on Sum Fruit. Available fruit: coconuts and lychees.

This cannon on Treetop Tumble is firing a coconut.

Rolling logs[]

Also know as cinnamon sticks[1] and Slim Jims[2]. Introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Fruit Chute[]

Fruit Chute also has rolling logs shot down the center to annoy the players. These have been seen to catch players and pull them down all the way to the start.

A log thrown in Fruit Chute. Cannons are also visible in the background, where the fruit is thrown from.

Slime Climb[]

The game Slime Climb may have rolling logs instead of rolling balls in the second section.

Players jump over an incoming log on Slime Climb.

Rolling snowballs[]

Introduced in Season 3 (Legacy). They will often grow in size as they roll, though some do not have this trait.

Freezy Peak[]

Freezy Peak has got an uphill spiral section with big rolling snowballs. In the first section, too, little snowballs are thrown by cannons.

One of the sections featuring Snowball cannons on Freezy Peak. The cannon can be seen in the background.

Snowball Survival[]

The game Snowball Survival is about surviving two giant snowballs without being hit by them, which may cause a fall into the slime and the elimination.

Snowballs comprise the main mechanic of Snowball Survival

Tundra Run[]

In a section of the game Tundra Run, snowballs, both big and little, are thrown to the players.

Some snowballs rolling down in this section of Tundra Run.

Thrown Eggs and Futuristic Projectiles[]

Thrown eggs were introduced in Season 2.5 (Legacy). Futuristic projectiles were introduced in Season 4 (Legacy).

Big Shots[]

Big Shots has cannons that throw stars, planets, controllers, nuts, magnets and other projectiles, while staying on the see saw.

A magnet thrown at the players in Big Shots

A controller shot, again in the same game Big Shots

Fruit Chute[]

In an alternate version of Fruit Chute, big golden eggs are thrown at the player, along with balls.

Golden eggs are thrown at the players in an alternate version of the game Fruit Chute

Hoverboard Heroes[]

Hoverboard Heroes has 5 cannons in the first section that throw a few projectiles: hex nuts, stars, jacks, magnets, planets and controllers.

Hoverboard Heroes features several cannons. This one's currently shooting a magnet.

Skyline Stumble[]

In the beginning of Skyline Stumble, planets are thrown at the players in the low gravity zones... In the third area, stars are thrown at the other path when the players walk or jump on the Buttons.

A planet shot to the players in Skyline Stumble

Sum Fruit[]

On the third round of Sum Fruit, one type of futuristic obstacle will be shot alongside the tropical fruits. Available obstacles: hex nuts, jacks, magnets and stars.

Water Balloons[]

Introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[3] Unlike other thrown projectiles, water balloons are shot at a much faster rate and explode on impact.

Party Promenade[]

Two sections in Party Promenade consist in a flat ground with some blocks and a single water balloon shooter positioned at the end of the section.

Beans must take cover behind walls and bumpers to avoid these water balloons in Party Promenade.

Pipe Dream[]

In Pipe Dream, water balloons are shot at players on the left platform of the second section and the final section.

Water balloons explode with a water effect. This one's on Pipe Dream.


  • The fruit *Red has caused community debates. Some claim that fruit is a mango, some say it's a peach, while others say it's an apple.
  • Skyline Stumble was the first level to feature strawberries without blueberries.