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Roll On is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race and was introduced in Season 4.

Course Description[]

Standard Version[]

This race gauntlet has players run across four sections of moving blocks, similar to the ones on Roll Off and Roll Out. Each section is different and has its own twist.

In the first section, there are three rings with static doughnut bumpers, walls, and holes to throw off the player. There is a slight drop from the last ring to the checkpoint platform.

In the second section, things get a little harder as there are now four moving block rings; these also have the same obstacles on top as the previous section.

In the third section, there are now six moving block rings placed like a stair case causing a little drop between each ring.

In the fourth section, there are two, vertical, moving block rings turning towards the player. These rings don't have walls or doughnut bumpers like the previous ones do and, they rotate as one thick ring. Bridging to the finish line, there is a moving block that moves side to side.[1]

Unlike most races, this round does not time out at 3:00, but at 2:00 instead.

Before Season 4.5, unlike most races, the 15-second countdown timer signifying the timeout does not display. This timer now displays as of Season 4.5.

Alternate Versions[]

As of 13 May 2021, the following variants may occur:

  • Certain roll segments will feature rotating hammers.
  • Certain roll segments will feature punching gloves.
  • The final moving block just before the finish line will be replaced by an upwards-facing Blizzard Fan.
  • A Big Yeetus may be present below the second to last section.

Course Changes[]

  • Before Season 5, Roll On initially launched with a 5:00 timer. This was deemed by the community to have been too long, and was eventually cut to 2:00 as of Season 5.

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

This course looks deceptively challenging, but with a good spawn this can be pretty easy to speed through. This may require a bit of practice to nail it, but there is a rather intuitive path that can be followed just by holding straight, with minor course corrections left or right, and with no need for jumping. This will easily clear the first 3 sections.

If not, just simply gauge your ring crossings well and watch out for player desync. To play safe, cross as late as possible - if you're on a ring that's spinning counter- clockwise, wait until you're almost at the left most part before crossing to the ring in front of you. That ring will be spinning clockwise - wait until you're almost at the rightmost part before crossing to that ring, and so on.

It does not really matter at the final section if you jump, jump + dive, or walk onto the first vertical ring. Carefully navigate those rings and then jump onto the moving block at the end. This should be rather forgiving and not hard to miss.

Alternate versions[]

  • The rotating hammers can be avoided by running along in the same direction they are spinning in or by circling around them, which requires running dangerously close to the seams. The greatest challenge in avoiding them is usually the sheer amount of competing players.
  • The punching gloves are much more easily avoided, as one simply requires to walk around them, regardless of their current position.
  • The blizzard fan that might replace the final moving block does not alter the course all that much: make sure you stay above the fan so that the wind current can carry you as you move towards the finish line. Dive if you need to in order to reach it or the finish line itself.
  • Being so far down "into" the level and regularly covered by ring segments, the yeetus on Roll On tends to not be worth the risk.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


  • This is the only new round from Season 4 featuring the classic theme, instead of the futuristic theme of the season.
    • According to designer Ben Nizan, this was an intentional (though highly-debated) design choice, with Roll Out, Roll Off, and now Roll On 'sharing the same visuals as part of a trilogy'.
  • Roll On was revealed to be the race map holding the record for 'most respawns in a race before qualifying', with a record 108 respawns before qualifying at 3.5 minutes.[2]
    • This notably means that this record was set during Season 4, and will likely not be broken (at least on this round) due to the timeout timer being cut to 2 minutes.


History of Roll On
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions


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