Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Pivot Platforms are an obstacle of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Obstacle Description[]

Pivot platforms tilt back and forth, similarly to a see saw. However, their tilting is not controlled by players; instead, the platforms periodically rotate into one position and then pause in place before rotating back.

Pivot Platforms can also act as walls. In this form, their behavior is identical, only positioned vertically instead of horizontally.


There are two sections in Airtime that contain a single pivot platform surrounded by two Big Swinguses.

A Pivot Platform on Airtime.

Leading Light[]

Several horizontally placed pivot platforms can be found in Leading Light, being used to help the players get back to the top of the arena.

A Pivot Platform on Leading Light.

Party Promenade[]

Two Pivot Walls can be found on the side paths in the fourth section of Party Promenade. An additional five can be found on the slime slope in the final section.

A Pivot Wall on Party Promenade.

Pipe Dream[]

A set of smaller Pivot Platforms appears on the right platform in the fourth section of Pipe Dream. The fifth section contains another, larger Pivot Platform.

A Pivot Platform on Pipe Dream.