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Pegwin Pursuit is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a team round and has been introduced in Season 3.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Pegwin Pursuit is a team round. The players are divided into three teams: yellow, blue and red. The round takes place in a big arena with 4 blue turnstiles, with three pegwins making their debut appearance in this map. These little pegwins run around the arena; the goal is to grab and hold onto them as long as possible, while dodging the opponent teams. Every second passed with a pegwin in the hands will be marked as a point for the team for each pegwin (meaning a team could rapidly score if three members are all holding pegwins). At the end of the 2:00 timer, the two teams with the most points qualify for the next round.

Alternate versions[]

From the 2 February 2021 Season 3 mid-season update, these variants can appear:

  • Small blizzard fans in the center and edge used to fly to the top level.
  • Golden Pegwin worth 2 points per second
  • Long rotating hammers can replace the turnstiles. Just like turnstiles, the pegwins can run under the hammers.
  • Punching gloves can appear on the walls knocking the players down.


If two teams are tied for the lowest score as the timer runs out, 15 extra seconds will be added. If after 15 seconds there is still a tie, 15 more seconds are added and this repeats until one team has the outright lowest score.

Course strategy[]

Pegwin Pursuit can be played either offensively or defensively.

Playing offensively involves chasing down pegwins. If another player has a pegwin, you can grab them to make them drop it. Keep in mind that the pegwins can pass under parts of the environment that the players can't.

If another player on your team is carrying a pegwin, you can play defensively. Follow your teammate around, and grab other players who try to chase them down. It's best to grab and then let go of them quickly, as it allows you to keep up with your teammate while slowing down your opponents.

Should you grab a pegwin, constantly jumping as you run away may make you harder to grab, but players may jump or dive into you to attempt to knock you off. As of Season 4 this is no longer recommended - if you get grabbed while jumping, you instantly lose the pegwin.

Another strategy is to move unpredictably, taking sudden turns and suddenly going up (or jumping off of) ramps.

If an enemy player carrying a pegwin is too close to a turnstile, it is possible to spin it so it hits them, making them fall over and drop the pegwin. Conversely, if you are carrying a pegwin it might be wise to avoid the turnstiles.

Always keep an eye on the score. The objective is not to get the most points, but not to be in last place. It might be better to take pegwins from the team that's losing so they cannot catch up or, if your team is in last, from the second highest team so you can more quickly close the score gap.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Team has held the pegwin for the longest duration
  • Silver - Team has held the pegwin for the second longest duration
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Pegwin Pursuit
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
6.3 Active Removed from Main Show as of 10 May 2022. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.


Concept art for Chicken Chase.

  • During development, this map was originally known as "Chicken Chase". The level had a generic theme, and would have involved chasing down chickens instead of pegwins. [1]
  • Curiously, in the Season 3 gameplay trailer when the rounds' names start dropping, the round's name appears as "Penguin Pursuit" insted of "Pegwin Pursuit"

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