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Pegwins are items in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 3.

Obstacle description[]

A Pegwin is, as the name suggests, a tiny moving penguin toy, and grabbing it and keeping it is the main mission of Pegwin Pursuit and Pegwin Pool Party. In the games they are featured in, pegwins award points to the player/team that holds them. A Fall Guy that is carrying a pegwin will move slower than normal, as it is the case with all items that can be carried. This makes them easier for other Fall Guys to catch up to them and try and steal their pegwin.

The Tik Tok official page showed the names of the three different Pegwins running in the arena[1][2]:

  • Bert
  • Bort
  • Bart
  • Though not an official name, the golden pegwin has been named Golbert by many members on Reddit and Youtube.

Pegwin Pursuit[]

Pegwin Pursuit is about keeping for the most seconds possible a Pegwin, grabbing it, and running away from the others without losing it. The game is divided into three teams, and everyone of the team who keeps in his hands one of the three Pegwins scores the seconds for his team. When the Pegwins are not being held by a player, they run around in the arena.

Starting from the 2 February 2021 Season 3 mid-season update, a golden pegwin may appear on the map. Holding it scores twice as many points as a normal one.

The arena where Pegwin Pursuit takes place

This player is holding a Pegwin

This Pegwin is being caught

A red team player holding a Gold Pegwin.

Pegwin Pool Party[]

Several rockhopper pegwins appear in Pegwin Pool Party. This round is a solo round where players earn points by holding pegwins; players need 25 points to qualify.

The rockhopper pegwin has been dubbed "Sherbert" by the developers, a name suggested by Reddit user MitchOfGilead.[3]

A player holds the Season 5 version of the Pegwin, featured in Pegwin Pool Party.

Other Levels[]

Occasionally, a pegwin may appear on other levels. On these levels, the pegwin serves no function other than being an easter egg; however, carrying the pegwin to the finish line on race levels has become a popular self-imposed challenge.

Round Type Location Added
Fall Ball Normal Center of field Season 3.5
Perfect Match Normal Center of tiles Season 3.5
Tundra Run Normal Below ice bridge Season 3.5
Big Shots Normal Center of see saw Season 4.5
Slime Climb Normal Starting area Season 4.5
Skyline Stumble Normal Force-field maze Season 4.5
The Slimescraper Normal Starting area Season 5.1
Lily Leapers Rockhopper Starting area Season 5.1
Stompin' Ground Rockhopper Center of arena Season 5.1
Treetop Tumble Rockhopper Center of Rhino pit Season 5.1

During Season 3, a contest was held for players to qualify while holding the pegwin on Fall Ball, Perfect Match, and Tundra Run. The winners received a Magic Dragon Costume.[4]

Aloy's Blaze Canister Mayhem[]

Aloy's Blaze Canister Mayhem contained exclusive variants of a few levels with several pegwins. These pegwins had a special design just for this show, dubbed "RoBert".[5]

Round Location
Door Dash First and third section
Hex-A-Gone Lower layers of tiles
Short Circuit First section
Slime Climb Starting area
The Whirlygig Starting area

Aloy's Challenge featured two challenges revolving around pegwins for this show. One required you to hold a pegwin for 60 total seconds, and another required you to qualify from a race while carrying a pegwin.

A player holding the Aloy event pegwin,


  • From 25 June 2021 to 12 July 2021, the @FallGuysGame Twitter account was run by Bert.[6][7]