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Patterns are one of the customization options available to control the appearance of your Fall Guy. The pattern, combined with the chosen colour determines the appearance of your Fall Guy's skin.

Below is a list of all available patterns in the game, starting with Season 1 (Legacy).

Season 1 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 1 (Legacy)

Being the first season ever created, 5 patterns are unlocked from the beginning as starter items. 7 of them are free rewards after reaching a certain level. The other patterns can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Alphabet.pngAlphabetcommon?
Pattern Banana Water.pngBanana Wateruncommon?
Pattern Big Bad.pngBig Baduncommon?
Pattern Cells.pngCellsuncommonReaching level 4 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Chainmail.pngChainmailuncommon?
Pattern Cheeky.pngCheekycommon?
Pattern Chevrons.pngChevronsuncommon?
Pattern Chicken.pngChickenrare?
Pattern Clouds.pngCloudsrare?
Pattern Constellations.pngConstellationsuncommon?
Pattern Cracked.pngCrackeduncommon?
Pattern Diamonds.pngDiamondsuncommon?
Pattern Dots.pngDotsuncommon?
Pattern Egg.pngEgguncommon?
Pattern Face Circle.pngFace Circleuncommon?
Pattern Fish.pngFishuncommon?
Pattern Flowers.pngFlowersuncommon?
Pattern Full Body.pngFull BodycommonDefault
Pattern Glorious.pngGloriousuncommon?
Pattern Gradient.pngGradientcommon?
Pattern Gradient Dots.pngGradient Dotsuncommon?
Pattern Harlequin.pngHarlequinrare?
Pattern Hearts.pngHeartsuncommon?
Pattern Hoodie.pngHoodierare?
Pattern Hotrod Flames.pngHotrod Flamesuncommon?
Pattern Hunter.pngHuntercommonReaching level 31 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Ice Cream.pngIce CreamrareDefault
Pattern Jurassica.pngJurassicauncommon?
Pattern Lightning.pngLightningcommonDefault
Pattern Losanger.pngLosangeruncommon?
Pattern Lovely.pngLovelyuncommon?
Pattern Mountains.pngMountainscommon?
Pattern Musical.pngMusicaluncommon?
Pattern Paint Dipped.pngPaint DippeduncommonReaching level 26 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Pants.pngPantscommon?
Pattern Pirate.pngPirateuncommonReaching level 39 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Polkadots.pngPolkadotsuncommon?
Pattern Puzzle.pngPuzzlerare?
Pattern Racing Car.pngRacing Caruncommon?
Pattern Random Checker.pngRandom Checkeruncommon?
Pattern Skelly.pngSkellyrare?
Pattern Slush.pngSlushcommon?
Pattern Spider Webs.pngSpider Websrare?
Pattern Spooky Doodles.pngSpooky Doodlesuncommon?
Pattern Sprinkles.pngSprinklesuncommon?
Pattern Square Camo.pngSquare Camouncommon?
Pattern Squiggly Camo.pngSquiggly CamouncommonReaching level 8 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Stars.pngStarsuncommon?
Pattern Stitches.pngStitchesuncommon?
Pattern Stripes.pngStripesrare?
Pattern Sunburn.pngSunburnuncommon?
Pattern Swirly Sleeves.pngSwirly Sleevesuncommon?
Pattern Tartan.pngTartanuncommon?
Pattern Toothpaste.pngToothpasteuncommon?
Pattern Topology.pngTopologyuncommonReaching level 12 during Season 1 (Legacy)
Pattern Topsy.pngTopsyuncommon?
Pattern T-Rex.pngT-Rexuncommon?
Pattern T-Shirt.pngT-Shirtuncommon?
Pattern Undies.pngUndiesrareDefault
Pattern Watermelon.pngWatermelonuncommonDefault
Pattern Wave Gradient.pngWave Gradientrare?
Pattern Waves.pngWavesuncommon?
Pattern Zebra Stripes.pngZebra StripesuncommonReaching level 37 during Season 1 (Legacy)

Season 2 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 2 (Legacy)

Season 2 (Legacy) has 7 patterns which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other patterns can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Court Jester.pngCourt JesterrareReaching level 30 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Cross Check.pngCross CheckuncommonReaching level 25 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Fleur-de-Lis.pngFleur-de-LisuncommonReaching level 39 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Floral.pngFloraluncommonReaching level 9 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Floral Fade.pngFloral Fadeuncommon?
Pattern Knight.pngKnightrareReaching level 35 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Medieval Madness.pngMedieval MadnessuncommonReaching level 19 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Pantaloons.pngPantaloonscommonReaching level 4 during Season 2 (Legacy)
Pattern Starry Webs.pngStarry Websuncommon?
Pattern Stitch-Up.pngStitch-Uprare?

Season 3 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 3 (Legacy)

Season 3 (Legacy) has 7 patterns which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other patterns can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Candy Cane.pngCandy CaneuncommonReaching level 30 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Gingerbread.pngGingerbreaduncommonReaching level 35 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Holly and Ivy.pngHolly and IvyuncommonReaching level 10 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Knitted.pngKnitteduncommonReaching level 25 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Knitted Fade.pngKnitted Faderare?
Pattern Presents.pngPresentsuncommonReaching level 39 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Snow Queen.pngSnow Queenuncommon?
Pattern Snow Storm.pngSnow Stormuncommon?
Pattern Stockings.pngStockingsuncommonReaching level 4 during Season 3 (Legacy)
Pattern Winter Trees.pngWinter TreesuncommonReaching level 18 during Season 3 (Legacy)

Season 4 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 4 (Legacy)

Season 4 (Legacy) has 4 patterns which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other patterns can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Ad Guy.pngAd Guyuncommon?
Pattern Carbon Fibre.pngCarbon Fibrerare?
Pattern Circuit Training.pngCircuit Traininguncommon?
Pattern Connection.pngConnectionuncommonReaching level 4 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Pattern High Gravity.pngHigh GravityuncommonReaching level 28 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Pattern Intergalactic.pngIntergalacticuncommon?
Pattern Low Gravity.pngLow Gravityuncommon?
Pattern Mocap.pngMocaprareReaching level 35 during Season 4 (Legacy)
Pattern Octopus Suckers.pngOctopus Suckerscommon?
Pattern Paw Prints.pngPaw Printsuncommon?
Pattern Scanlines.pngScanlinesepic?
Pattern Stargazer.pngStargazeruncommon?
Pattern Tech Armour.pngTech ArmourrareReaching level 12 during Season 4 (Legacy)

Season 5 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 5 (Legacy)

Season 5 (Legacy) has 5 patterns which are free rewards by reaching a certain level. The other patterns can be bought from the shop, if they are in the daily rotation, spending UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Adventure!.pngAdventure!uncommonReaching level 4 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Pattern Ancient Glyphs.pngAncient GlyphsrareReaching level 28 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Pattern Ancient Glyphs Fade.pngAncient Glyphs Fadeuncommon?
Pattern Don't Look Back.pngDon't Look Backrare?
Pattern Grass Skirt.pngGrass Skirtuncommon?
Pattern Hairy.pngHairyrareReaching level 35 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Pattern Happy Birthday!.pngHappy Birthday!uncommon?
Pattern Hypnosis.pngHypnosisrare?
Pattern Stone Tattoo.pngStone Tattoorare?
Pattern Stonework.pngStoneworkrareReaching level 12 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Pattern Sun Deity.pngSun DeityrareReaching level 48 during Season 5 (Legacy)
Pattern Treasure Map.pngTreasure Mapuncommon?
Pattern Vine Guy.pngVine Guyuncommon?
Pattern YOHO!.pngYOHO!common?

Season 6 (Legacy)[]

Main article: Season 6 (Legacy)
Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern 80s Party.png80s PartyuncommonReaching level 25 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Pattern Audio Visualiser.pngAudio Visualiseruncommon?
Pattern Auxiliary Spaghetti.pngAuxiliary Spaghettiuncommon?
Pattern Boots & Cats.pngBoots & Catsuncommon?
Pattern Bubble Bath.pngBubble Bathuncommon?
Pattern Cheese Plant.pngCheese Plantspecial?
Pattern Crown Tally.pngCrown TallyuncommonReaching level 38 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Pattern Dazzling Sequins.pngDazzling Sequinsuncommon?
Pattern Festive Jumper.pngFestive Jumperrare?
Pattern KLA COO Audio.pngKLA COO Audiorare?
Pattern Leopard Print.pngLeopard PrintuncommonReaching level 32 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Pattern Party Flags.pngParty FlagsuncommonReaching level 12 during Season 6 (Legacy)
Pattern Pineapple Party.pngPineapple Partyuncommon?
Pattern Snek.pngSnekrare?
Pattern UFO.pngUFOuncommon?

Season 1[]

Main article: Season 1
Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern 90s Party.png90s PartycommonUI currency kudos 1080p.png 1100
Pattern Avocado.pngAvocadouncommonReaching level 81 during Season 1
Pattern Burgers.pngBurgerscommon?
Pattern Criss-Cross.pngCriss-CrossuncommonReaching level 90 during Season 1
Pattern Daisies.pngDaisiesuncommonReaching level 85 during Season 1
Pattern Down the Middle.pngDown the MiddlecommonReaching level 4 during Season 1
Pattern Fish Bone.pngFish Boneuncommon?
Pattern Melon Slices.pngMelon SlicesuncommonReaching level 37 during Season 1
Pattern Pegwin Gang.pngPegwin GanguncommonReaching level 44 during Season 1
Pattern Shake & Swirl.pngShake & SwirlrareReaching level 74 during Season 1
Pattern Shape Up.pngShape UpuncommonReaching level 20 during Season 1
Pattern Speed Boost.pngSpeed BoostrareReaching level 53 during Season 1
Pattern Sprinkle Top.pngSprinkle TopuncommonReaching level 65 during Season 1
Pattern Tummy Time.pngTummy TimeepicReaching level 50 during Season 1
Pattern Wide Eyed.pngWide EyeduncommonReaching level 94 during Season 1

Crown Rank[]

Main article: Crown Rank
Pattern Rarity Required Crowns
Pattern Rosette.pngRosetteepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 5
Pattern Coral.pngCoralepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 26
Pattern Decorated.pngDecorateduncommonUI currency crowns 1080p.png 160
Pattern Pop Art.pngPop ArtepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 339
Pattern Arches.pngArchesepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 714
Pattern Coral Fade.pngCoral FadeepicUI currency crowns 1080p.png 1614
Pattern Regal.pngRegalrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 1869
Pattern Tiger Stripes.pngTiger StripesrareUI currency crowns 1080p.png 2289
Pattern Abstract.pngAbstractuncommonUI currency crowns 1080p.png 2589

Live Events[]

Main article: Live Event
Pattern Rarity Cost Live Event
Pattern Astro.pngAstrospecialUi-icon-sweet-token.png 100Sweet Thieves Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Clank.pngClankspecialUi-icon-clank-token.png 800Clank's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Pattern Crown Grab.pngCrown GrabeventUi-liveevents-ss1-launch-token.png 600Stadium Stars (Season 1)
Pattern Full of Beans.pngFull of BeansrareUi-icon-generic-token.png 600Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Punching Glove) (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Kaa.pngKaaspecialUi-icon-louie-token.png 400King Louie's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Pattern Lombax.pngLombaxspecialUi-icon-ratchet-token.png 800Ratchet's Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Pattern Moon & Stars.pngMoon & StarsuncommonUi-icon-weekofromance-token.png 400Week of Romance (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Mooncakes.pngMooncakesuncommonUi-icon-mooncake-token.png 100Fall Festival Challenge (Season 5 (Legacy))
Pattern Poser.pngPoseruncommonUi-icon-dumbbell-token.png 400New Bean Resolution (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Rosebush.pngRosebushrareUi-icon-generic-token.png 400Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotshot) (Season 6 (Legacy)) and
Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Punching Glove) (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Sackboy.pngSackboyspecialUi-icon-sackboy-token.png 200Sackboy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Seeker.pngSeekerspecialUi-icon-focus-token.png 300Aloy's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))
Pattern Tech Icons.pngTech IconsuncommonUi-icon-generic-token.png 600Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotdog) (Season 5 (Legacy))
Pattern The Pumpkin King.pngThe Pumpkin KingspecialUi-icon-jack-token.png 200Santa Jack's Challenge (Season 6 (Legacy))


Pattern Rarity Unlocked By
Pattern Mediatonic.pngMediatoniccommonGiven to employees at Mediatonic


Patterns that were added to the game files, but were not made available in-game, yet.

Pattern Rarity Unlocked By Added
Pattern 4041.png4041uncommon?Season 4.0 (Legacy)
Pattern AI Construct.pngAI ConstructspecialUi-liveevents-pelican-token.png 700Season 1.0
Pattern Aspiring Yeeter.pngAspiring YeeterspecialUi-liveevents-clanofyeetus-token.png 700Season 1.0
Pattern Boxer.pngBoxer??Season 1.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Cherry Sparkle.pngCherry Sparklecommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Citrus Splash.pngCitrus SplashspecialUi-liveevents-summersquads-token.png 500Season 1.0
Pattern Dunk Time.pngDunk Timecommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Face Doodle.pngFace Doodleuncommon?Season 3.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Falling Hazard.pngFalling Hazardcommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Fireworks.pngFireworkscommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Fruit Pirate.pngFruit Pirateuncommon?Season 5.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Hat-Trick.pngHat-Trickcommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Micced Up.pngMicced Upuncommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Peace Out.pngPeace Outcommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Pitcher Perfect.pngPitcher Perfect??Season 1.0 (Legacy)
Pattern PLACEHOLDER ss1 eagle.pngPLACEHOLDER/ss1 eaglespecial?Season 1.0
Pattern Ripped bean.pngRipped beanrare?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Snow Flake.pngSnow Flakeuncommon?Season 3.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Stockings Fade.pngStockings Fadeuncommon?Season 3.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Stonework Sun.pngStonework Sunrare?Season 5.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Sweet Fade.pngSweet Fadecommon?Season 1.0
Pattern Tattoo'd.pngTattoo'duncommon?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Tech Honeycomb.pngTech Honeycombuncommon?Season 4.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Tuxedo.pngTuxedoepic?Season 6.0 (Legacy)
Pattern Winter Trees Fade.pngWinter Trees Fadeuncommon?Season 3.0 (Legacy)