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Party Promenade is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race round and was first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Course Description[]

Party Promenade is a starter race round consisting of several obstacles introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).

The level begins with players entering one of two Vacuum Tubes which launch them into a funnel filled with Slime. Inside the funnel are several Expanding Balloons on top of pillars and three Vacuum Tubes that lead to a slime slope with Bumpers.

Crossing the 360 See Saws

The second section starts with players crossing a gap with three 360 See Saws arranged in a triangle. Two donut bumpers are placed beyond this gap to either side of the last 360 see saw. After crossing the gap, players need to avoid some water balloons shot from the sides before reaching the next section.

The third section begins with a water balloon cannon directly in front of the players and several bumpers. After passing the first cannon, players drop down to a lower level and turn around. Here, they will be met with another cannon and set of bumpers. After this cannon are two vacuum tubes which launch players to the next section.

Players have two options in the fourth section. The two side paths are covered in slime and contain a pair of Pivot Walls. Alternatively, they can take a Big Swingus through the center. Below the Big Swingus are some Conveyor Belts which help take players back up if they mess up. Directly following the Big Swingus is a large bumper that players land on if they cross the gap.

The fifth section again has two options. Two side paths contain conveyor belts that lead up to a Big Swingus; successfully using the Big Swingus leads to a vacuum tube that helps in the next section. Otherwise, players can go through the center; here they'll need to travel on top of the vacuum tubes and some 360 see saws on the sides.

In the sixth section, players will need to travel down a slime slope to reach one of three vacuum tubes that will launch them to the finish. The slime slope contains a single triangle bumper and five pivot walls to slow players down. If the player took the shortcut in the fifth section, they'll be shot towards a Big Swingus that lets them skip the slime slope.

Course Strategy[]

First, pick a tube, any tube. It doesn't matter, but it's best to pick the one closer to you. After you get flung out of the tube, you can choose from either the yellow tube or the green tube. The yellow tube is harder to land, but puts you directly behind the see saws; the green tube spits you out onto the slime slope which could potentially give a speed boost. The choice here does not matter too much, unless you're speedrunning.

Carefully dodge the water balloons as best as you can; use the bumpers to hide from the balloons firing from the cannon in front of you. Drop down to the next section, dodge the bumpers and water balloons and head through a tube. There is a sweet spot where you can drop and immediately whizz past all the bumpers, but this can be tricky to nail; most of the time you'll likely smack into a bumper face-first instead (or crash into another player's back).

If you are going past the pivot walls in the next section, note that they won't always spin in the same direction; they will spin clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Keep that in mind when anticipating which direction they'll pivot next. It is far more recommended to climb up the ledge leading to the Big Swingus, grab and hold onto the Big Swingus (preferably closer to the side), release the grab button at the end of the swing without jumping, and then bounce off the large bumper.

Following that, if you took the Big Swingus, the timing of this next section should be no problem; walk up the conveyor belt at the side that you're closer to, take the Big Swingus there and drop down the tube. If not, either walk along the top of the yellow tubes and (or from the conveyor belt if you miss the swingus) jump to the see saws. It's safer to jump from the last see saw to the yellow ramp, then drop back onto the path leading to the final section, but if the last see saw is in a good position, you could jump-dive from the very far edge to reach it instead.

For the final section, if you took the yellow tube in the previous section, you should be in a good position to grab the swingus there most of the time (for some odd reason, sometimes you just won't be in a position to grab it). If not, you'll have to navigate down the slime slope with the pivot platforms, which aren't that hard to dodge. Either way, whether you take the swingus or go down the slope, simply jump into one of the three tubes at the end to be flung to the finish line.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Party Promenade
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not Present Not Present
1 Not Present Not Present
2 Not Present Not Present
3 Not Present Not Present
4 Not Present Not Present
5 Not Present Not Present
6 Active Standard

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