Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Players in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout must overcome a variety of obstacles in order to qualify Rounds. Many of the obstacles were inspired by obstacles from the classic Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle.

Types of Obstacles[]

So far there are over twenty types of obstacles. There are also several objects that usually require interactivity to qualify a round.

Note: Most of following the names for the obstacles are conjectural.

Obstacle Alternative names Added in
360 See Saw.png360 See SawSeason 6 (Legacy)
Beam2 (S1).pngBeamSeason 1 (Legacy)
Big Swingus.pngBig SwingusTrapezeSeason 6 (Legacy)
Blizzard Fan.pngBlizzard FanSeason 3 (Legacy)
Placeholder.pngBounce PadSeason 1
Bumper (donut).pngBumper (donut)Bollard
Season 1 (Legacy)
Bumpers.pngBumpersSeason 1 (Legacy)
Conveyor Belt.pngConveyor BeltSeason 1 (Legacy)
Door.pngDoorSeason 1 (Legacy)
Drawbridge1.pngDrawbridgeSeason 2 (Legacy)
Expanding Frog.pngExpanding FrogExpanding balloon
Season 5 (Legacy)
Fan1.pngFanSeason 1 (Legacy)
Fence.pngFencesSeason 2 (Legacy)
Flippity Bippity1.pngFlippity BippityPinball flippersSeason 4 (Legacy)
Disapp block.pngForce-FieldsSeason 4 (Legacy)
Gate.pngGateSeason 1 (Legacy)
Light Rod.pngLight RodSeason 4 (Legacy)
Swinger.pngLight SwingersSeason 4 (Legacy)
Lily Pad (S5).pngLily PadSeason 5 (Legacy)
Log.jpgLog SwingSeason 5 (Legacy)
Moving Block2.pngMoving BlockSeason 1 (Legacy)
Pendulum.pngPendulumSeason 1 (Legacy)
Tiltingplatform.pngPivot PlatformSeason 6 (Legacy)
Punching Glove.pngPunching GlovePuncher
Boxing Glove
Season 3 (Legacy)
Rhino1.pngRhinoSeason 5 (Legacy)
Ringus Dingus.pngRingus DingusSeason 3 (Legacy)
Rolling Projectile and Thrown Projectile.pngRolling Projectile and Thrown ProjectileSeason 1 (Legacy)
Rotating Beam2.pngRotating BeamSeason 1 (Legacy)
Rotating hammer.pngRotating HammerSeason 1 (Legacy)
Rotating Wall.pngRotating WallSeason 1 (Legacy)
See Saw ob.pngSee Saw (obstacle)Season 1 (Legacy)
Slime Slide.pngSlime SlideSeason 5 (Legacy)
Slingus Flingus.pngSlingus FlingusFlippersSeason 3 (Legacy)
Speed Bump.pngSpeed BumpSeason 1 (Legacy)
Rotating1.pngSpike LogSeason 2 (Legacy)
Spinning Blade.pngSpinning BladeSeason 1 (Legacy)
Spinning Plate.pngSpinning PlateTurntable
Spin Cycle
Season 1 (Legacy)
Swinging Axe2.pngSwinging AxeSeason 2 (Legacy)
Obstacle Thicc Bonkus.pngThicc BonkusSeason 2 (Legacy)
Turnstile.pngTurnstileSeason 1 (Legacy)
Vacuumtube.pngVacuum TubePipeSeason 6 (Legacy)
Yeetus (S1).pngYeetusSeason 1 (Legacy)

Interactive objects[]

Interactive objects
Interactive object Alternative names Added in
Ball.pngBallSeason 1 (Legacy)
Powertripbattery.jpgBatterySeason 4 (Legacy)
Obstacle Bubble.pngBubbleSeason 5 (Legacy)
Chonky .pngButtonsSeason 4 (Legacy)
Candy.pngCandySeason 6 (Legacy)
Crown.pngCrownSeason 1 (Legacy)
Eggs.pngEgg (item)Season 1 (Legacy)
Helper Block (S2).pngHelper BlockSeason 2 (Legacy)
Pengwin.pngPegwinSeason 3 (Legacy)
Ring.pngRingSeason 1 (Legacy)
Ringskeeper.pngRings WheelSeason 3 (Legacy)
Tail.jpgTailSeason 1 (Legacy)


Flooring/Zone Alternative names Added in
Gravityzone.pngGravity ZoneSeason 4 (Legacy)
Ice.jpgIceSeason 3 (Legacy)
Leadinglightscoringzone.jpgScoring ZoneSeason 6 (Legacy)
Slime1.pngSlimeSeason 1 (Legacy)
Tile.pngTileSeason 1 (Legacy)
Water.jpgWaterSeason 5 (Legacy)