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Players in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout must overcome a variety of obstacles in order to qualify Rounds. Many of the obstacles were inspired by obstacles from the classic Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle.

Types of Obstacles[edit | edit source]

So far there are over twenty types of obstacles. There are also several objects that usually require interactivity to qualify a round.

Note: Most of following the names for the obstacles are conjectural.

Name Icon Added in
Beam Beam1.png Season 1
Blizzard Fan Windyfan.png Season 3
Bumper (donut) Bumperimage.png Season 1
Bumper YellowBumper.png Season 1
Conveyor Belt Conveyer1.png Season 1
Door Doors1.png Season 1
Drawbridge Drawbridge.png Season 2
Fan Fan.png Season 1
Gate Gates1.png Season 1
Moving Block Moving block1.png Season 1
Pendulum Pendulumbeta.png Season 1
Punching Glove
Season 3
Ringus Dingus
Ringus Dingus .png
Season 3
Rolling Projectile Rolling1.png Season 1
Rotating Wall Rot Door.png Season 1
Rotating Beam Rotating12.png Season 1
Rotating Hammer Hammers1.png Season 1
See Saw See Saw ob.png Season 1
Slime Slime1.png Season 1
Slingus Flingus
Season 3
Spike Log Rotating1.png Season 2
Speed Bump
Season 1
Spinning Blade Blade.png Season 1
Spinning Plate Spinning Plate1.png Season 1
Swinging Axe Axe1.png Season 2
Thicc Bonkus Thicc1.png Season 2
Season 1
Turnstile Turnstile.png Season 1
Yeetus Big Yeetus star.png Season 1

Interactive objects[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Added in
Season 1
Season 1
Helper Block MovableBlock1.png Season 2
Pegwin Pengwin.png Season 3
Ring Ring.png Season 1
Rings Wheel
Season 3