Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Moving blocks are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 1 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

Moving blocks are as the name suggests, rectangular blocks which move from one point to another. They do move in their axe and they are different from game to game: they can come out from a wall and come back inside, raise from the slime and move against the player or simply move from one direction to another and come back, like a sliding door does.

Block Party[]

The game Block Party is about standing on a platform and avoiding moving blocks that come in the direction of the player by moving. These blocks appear in different shapes and colours.

In Block Party, some blocks must be jumped over, while others have to be avoided.

Freezy Peak[]

In the final stretch of the game Freezy Peak, three conveyor belt rings can be found cycling around a blizzard fan. Between each conveyor belt ring, pink, curved, moving blocks can be found. 4 blocks on the first yellow conveyor, 8 on the blue one, and 3 on the highest conveyor belt.

Moving Blocks on Freezy Peak.

Hit Parade[]

Hit Parade has a sort of big moving block at the end of the moving doors section. It consists of two giant moving blocks which open and close, to let the player pass or not in the gaps that they form when they move.

Two giant moving blocks in Hit Parade

Hoverboard Heroes[]

Most of Hoverboard Heroes takes place atop a moving block (the titular hoverboard).

The moving platform where most of Hoverboard Heroes takes place in.

Lost Temple[]

Moving blocks are among the obstacles that can show up in the Lost Temple rooms with water under it.

A moving block room on Lost Temple.

Roll On[]

Roll On has an extra moving block bridging the final moving block rings to the finish line.

Roll On features a Moving Block right before the finish line.

Skyline Stumble[]

A moving block circles around the center of the maze field. This moving block "blocks" you, causing you to have to wait longer or take a different route. Many first-time players commonly miss the exit of the section due to this block.

This moving block on Skyline Stumble prevents players from passing through the gap.

Slime Climb[]

Three sections of Slime Climb are formed by moving blocks. They come out the wall and come back into it, so the player has to pass when the block is inside to avoid being pushed down, since, when out, they occupy all the walkable path. These blocks colours were changed in Season 1.5 (Legacy) along with many other obstacles in the level; from yellow and green to red and yellow in the first section, pink and yellow to pink and orange in the second, and red and blue to green and blue in the third. If slingus flinguses are in the way however, the blocks won't move.

Slime Climb moving blocks.

Moving block rings[]

The games Roll Out, Roll Off and Roll On are about surviving/staying on giant rings formed by giant moving blocks without "rolling" or falling down. These blocks are united together and they all move in a certain direction, as if they were part of a big cylinder, but technically they are all independent blocks.

Roll Out, like the other "Roll" games, is made by moving blocks