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In multiplayer video games, matchmaking is the process of connecting players together for online play sessions.

Fall Guys initially used the Unity Matchmaker service and was hosted by Unity Multiplay[1].

During Season 6 (Legacy), on 4 April 2022, the matchmaking process was switched to the Fortnite Matchmaker service, which is hosted by Epic Games. One day later skill-based matchmaking was enabled and on 7 April 2022 bots got turned on in Main Show.


Since Season 4.5 (Legacy) the game uses cross-platform matchmaking. All players from all platforms can play together. Season 6 (Legacy) introduced cross-progression and since then it is required to connect Fall Guys to an Epic Games Account. Season 6.1 (Legacy) completed the cross-platform support by introducing Epic Online Services to enable cross-platform parties.

Skill-based matchmaking[]

Fall Guys uses skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in attempt to match players of roughly equal ability together. This for example should prevent a new player from encountering other players with a high Crown Rank. How the skill score is calculated and how skill differences of party members effect SBMM is currently unknown.

Players get grouped in different matchmaking buckets depending on their skill score. Each matchmaking bucket can have a different round pool and different bot configurations. For example, players with the lowest skill score will only get easy rounds and a lot of bots, while players with the highest skill score will get all available rounds and no bots.

Skill-based matchmaking is currently only active in Solo Show.


In Fall Guys it is possible to encounter bots that behave like regular players. They are used in case there are not enough players to fill a show session quick enough.

Bots first got introduced with Season 5.2 (Legacy), but were only used for new players in their first 10 rounds of playing the game.

Starting from 7 April 2022 (Season 6.3 (Legacy)), up to 6 bots are able to appear in every first round in Main Show.

Since 21 June 2022 (Season 1), the number of bots that appear in a round depends on the skill-based matchmaking bucket the player is in.

Bots have an average skill and qualify frequently. Before Season 1 they never proceed to the next rounds, effectively taking away qualification spots from less skilled players and indirectly reducing the qualification percentage. Since 9 June 2022, they will continue proceeding to next rounds depending on the matchmaking bucket configuration. It is extremely unlikely for bots to win.

There is a fixed pool of player names that bots can use. This player name pool is the same as for Fortnite.

Besides their names, bots can be identified by looking at their player banner while spectating, because they can use unreleased Banners and Nicknames. On PC they can also be identified by the PC platform icon Platform-desktop.png next to their player names. The PC platform icon does not show up for other PC players, only for bots.


  • Bots are also referred to as toms in the game files