Logic rounds are one of the seven types of rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. They involve using logic to solve problems.

There are currently two Logic rounds in the game.

Logic selection

Logic rounds are typically selected as round 2 of an Episode; in rarer cases, they may be selected as round 3.

Miscellaneous mechanics

  • Logic rounds function similarly to Survival rounds as far as eliminations are concerned; however, they are strictly classified as Logic rounds, so qualifying from them will not count towards Challenges requiring qualifications from Survival rounds.
  • In extremely rare cases, it is possible to win a show from a Logic round. This follows the requirements specified in this section.

List of logic rounds

Round Objective How to play Participants Qualification Added in
UI Medal Icon PerfectMatch.png
Perfect MatchMatch the icons!Memorise the icons on the tiles - when an icon is displayed on the screen, move to a matching tile to avoid falling into the slime!30 - 45Survivors of timerBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon SumFruit.png
Sum FruitCount the fruit!Count the fruit. Avoid the rising slime. When the screens show the quantity of a type of fruit, stand on the tile matching that fruit to survive!30 - 45Survivors of timerSeason 5.Fun
(31 August 2021)

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