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Logic rounds are one of the seven types of rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. They involve using logic to solve problems.

There are currently two Logic rounds in the game.

Logic selection[]

Logic rounds are typically selected as round 2 of an Episode; in rarer cases, they may be selected as round 3.

Miscellaneous mechanics[]

  • Logic rounds function similarly to Survival rounds as far as eliminations are concerned; however, they are strictly classified as Logic rounds, so qualifying from them will not count towards Challenges requiring qualifications from Survival rounds.
  • In extremely rare cases, it is possible to win a show from a Logic round. This follows the requirements specified in this section.

List of logic rounds[]

Round Objective How to play Participants Qualification Added in
UI Medal Icon PerfectMatch.pngPerfect MatchMatch the icons!Memorise the icons on the tiles - when an icon is displayed on the screen, move to a matching tile to avoid falling into the slime!30 - 45Survivors of timerBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon SumFruit.pngSum FruitCount the fruit!Count the fruit. Avoid the rising slime. When the screens show the quantity of a type of fruit, stand on the tile matching that fruit to survive!30 - 45Survivors of timerSeason 5.Fun
(31 August 2021)

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