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Lily Pads, also known as "drums", are obstacles in Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 5 (Legacy). It was included in all of the new rounds in the season except Pegwin Pool Party.

Obstacle Description[]

Lily pads are pads that can be bounced on, sending the player moving in the direction that the pad is facing. Landing on the edges of a lily pad rather than around its center will grant players a certain degree of horizontal movement, pushing them away from the lily pad.

In Season 5 (Legacy) rounds, the drums were painted green and pink in the middle. And in Season 6 (Legacy) rounds, the drums were golden with a crown in the middle.

A sound effect plays when a pad is bounced on; if multiple pads are bounced on consecutively, the sound effect gradually gets higher in pitch, until a celebration sound is played alongside the sound effect at the highest pitch on the fifth consecutive bounce onwards.


Multiple Lily Pads can be found in Airtime, most of them are in the scoring zone, and some of them are right close to the spawn point.

A Drum zone on Airtime.

Bubble Trouble[]

Bubble Trouble is split into multiple sections, with one of those sections featuring only Lily Pads. Season 5.fun adds a variant in which the drawbridge zone may have all of its Drawbridges removed and replaced with a number of small and normal-sized lily pads.

These lily pads in Bubble Trouble help players reach Bubbles.

Full Tilt[]

A couple of drums can be found in the second and third sections of Full Tilt, allowing players to more easily cross the various 360 See Saws.[1]

A Drum on Full Tilt.

Lily Leapers[]

There are LOTS of lily pads in Lily Leapers, with the goal being to traverse the entire level by bouncing on these pads. The thumbnail of this slide also includes Lily Pads. As of Season 5.fun, the lily pads at the final stretch may be rearranged while some above the water area may be replaced with expanding frogs.

Lily Leapers consists of a series of Lily Pads from beginning to end. This set allows players to reach the finish line faster.

Lost Temple[]

Lost Temple features many preset rooms that may contain Lily Pads. The final section leading to the crown always features some definite Lily Pads that have to be bounced on to get the air necessary to grab the crown.

A player uses Lily Pads to get the crown on Lost Temple.

Pegwin Pool Party[]

As of Season 5.fun, the donut pushers on the island by the larger pool of Pegwin Pool Party may be replaced with a group of four small lily pads.

Lily Pads present on this Pegwin Pool Party variant.

Pipe Dream[]

The left and right platforms of the third section of Pipe Dream both feature several drums used to bounce over raised platforms containing Rotating Hammers.

A Drum on Pipe Dream.

Stompin' Ground[]

Stompin' Ground features multiple Lily Pads orbiting the arena, and can be used to potentially save the player if they get knocked off by a Rhino.

Stompin' Grounds is surrounded by Lily Pads. They may give another chance to players who are thrown out of the arena.

Treetop Tumble[]

Multiple sections in Treetop Tumble feature Lily Pads. One of the earlier sections features Lily Pads along the upper path. A middle section has some strategically-placed Lily Pads in the Water. The final section's middle path is based around two Lily Pads; bouncing on them is the fastest way to the finish, if the Expanding Frog is not inflated.

As of Season 5.fun, The Spinning Plates and Expanding Frogs at the beginning of the upper path may be replaced by lily pads. Additional lily pads may also be added to the third section: small ones on the bridge on the upper path and normal sized ones on the water area on the lower path.

This section of the upper path on Treetop Tumble involves leaping onto Lily Pads to cross a gap.