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Lily Leapers is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race and was first introduced in Season 5.

Course Description[]

Standard Version[]

Lily Leapers is divided in six sections. Players start in rows on a flat surface and must run towards the first section.

In the first section there are three sets of Lily Pads on a series of steps. At the second section, there are some lily pads separated by climbable walls and water underneath. At the end of this section there are alternate paths on either side, consisting of smaller lilies and a gap containing a slime-covered slope, followed by larger lily pads that send players straight into the third section. Falling into the gap leads players to Lily Pads that send players towards the middle of the path. The side paths can be used to reach the next section sooner, being faster (but harder) then the middle path. At the end of the middle path there are five Lily Pads, three of them are in the ground, and two of them floating mid-air.

The next section contains three sets of Lily Pads. The first set has four Lily Pads that move left and right on the ground. The second set has three floating Lily Pads that move left and right. The last set of this section consists of two Lily Pads which float in place mid-air.

The fourth section contains six huge Lily Pads. The first one is in the ground, the next two are on the ground, and the next three float mid air, with the one in the middle being at a lower height than the other two.

In the fifth section, there are seven Lily Pads, five of them are static and in the ground while the other two float mid air and move left and right.

At the last section there are three Lily Pads in the ground. After these, there are three different paths: one on each side and one at the middle. The middle path contains five angled Lily Pads that alternate between the left and right sides of the path with large gaps between them, making it harder but faster. At the sides there are five Lily Pads again but these are further down in relation to the middle path. The first three pads are at the same height and very close to each other while the other two pads are higher up. And after this subsection, there are two Lily Pads (one in the ground and one floating mid air) and a set of Lily Pads which will send the player to the finish line. The player can use the first two pads to go faster but the player can skip these and jump onto the last set.

This race times out at 5:00.

Alternate Versions[]

In the Season 5.1 update, the following variants may appear:[1]

  • A Sherbert may be positioned in front of all the players.
  • There may be Rotating Hammers directly before the first set of lily pads.
  • There may be multiple Rotating Beams positioned in the section with water, on top of the climbable walls.
  • The lily pads in the water may be displaced slightly, so they no longer line up with the climbable walls.
  • Some of the lily pads in the water may be replaced with Expanding Frogs.
  • Directly after the water lilypads section, there may be some Slingus Flinguses.
  • In the third section, the second set of lilypads may move up and down instead of sideways.
  • In the fifth section, the five lilypads in the ground may be arranged differently.
  • In the fifth section, there may be three floating lilypads instead of two, arranged and moving in a peculiar manner (of which tbc).
  • In the final section, the middle path with sloped lily pads may have two Blizzard Fans replacing the two lily pads on the right.
  • In the final section, the middle path with sloped lily pads may instead be replaced with five normal lily pads, moving sideways.
  • In the final section, the middle path with sloped lily pads may instead be replaced with six normal lily pads, moving in an erratic pattern. (more info needed)

It is unknown when these variants were added, but these variants are exclusive to Hard Mode and Naughty or Nice Show:

  • In the fourth section, the lily pads are reconfigured and now are mostly sloping.
  • In the final section, the lily pads on the side paths may be replaced with four normal lily pads, moving up and down.
  • In the final section, one vertical log swing may appear on each side, above the static lily pads.

Course Strategy[]

Lily Leapers might look daunting but is easier than it seems; just carefully jump from lily pad to lily pad. The various branching paths make it possible for even the newbies to slowly but carefully traverse.

The last lily pads of the middle route.

It is easy to take the middle path but if you want to go faster, use the sides. Be careful, however, as some of the Lily Pads are really small. If you fall from the gap, the Lily Pad at the bottom can send you to middle. When using the middle path, you can jump one by one. When failed climb to a block and continue jumping, don't try to jump on the pads without climbing because it is impossible. But if you want to take the middle and go faster you can jump skipping one Lily Pad each bounce, but when you are doing this, you must dive. Don't worry it will get up after bouncing. (If you didn't ragdoll) And at end of the second section, just jump one of the pads and then another.

Jump on the first Lily Pad it will send you to the other set and go on and use the third set. It is possible to skip the third set but you need some speed to do this.

Use to middle Lily Pad to bounce to the other, and use it again and again. If you first used the left pad, use middle then the right one (if you used the right just do the opposite) this will make you faster. Just reminding you you can dive on these it will get up when you bounce and it won't slow you down.

Using the first 2 pads will be easier because if you use other 3, you might hit your head. If you used to other 3, you need to look up and check if there is a pad on you head.


You can use the first 3 Lily Pads to keep bouncing. When using the middle path, jump on the first one then the second one on go on like this, if you can't reach to a Lily Pad you can dive to keep bouncing. But if you want to go faster you can barely reach to the second pad. But you can use the Lily Pad which is just before the gap to reach the second pad. When using the side, it is really easy to jump on by one. And at the last pad, dive to the area which will send you to the finish line. And in this area, you can just jump to the last Lily Pads but if you want to use the other 2 pads you can use them too. If you went from the middle path it will be better to use them.

As a general tip, sometimes diving before the apex of your bounce off of a lily pad can be faster, particularly when the next lily pad is a short distance away.

Alternate Versions[]

  • You could either try to save it, or throw it off the map (though the only opportunity to do so is near the end of the round).
  • The ample space around the rotating hammers at the beginning means they are very easy to avoid. Simple walk around them outside of their range. In rare cases, you could consider using them to give you a boost forwards, but it isn't necessary.
  • With proper timing, it is possible to avoid getting hit by the rotating beams. Land on a lily pad as the beam just swings past it to avoid them. Dive to adjust your height and land earlier if necessary. Should you fall, use the nearest wall to climb back up.
  • Nothing much needs to be changed for this, unless your muscle memory is based around the initial variant. Play normally and adjust your trajectory where appropriate.
  • The presence of expanding frogs means less lily pads to jump to and from, which leads to the "airspace" above the water area feeling more crowded. Avoid going for crowded lily pads.
    • Alternatively, it may be possible to jump onto a deflated frog and from it, back to a wall in case you fall over.
  • You are unable to grab and pull yourself up on the final wall.
  • While it is possible to be launched forward by using the slingus flinguses, the time saved is minimum and the risk of being sent flying backwards is generally not worth it. Avoid them instead and use the lily pads as usual.
  • The different movement of the pads can trip up the speedrunners slightly.
  • Strategy TBA
  • Strategy TBA
  • Jump on the lily pads as you would normally, but upon reaching a blizzard fan, ride the wind by adjusting your midair trajectory in such a way that it carries you over to the next lily pad. Repeat the process with the next fan (the second fan can even carry you to the platform at the end of the section directly).
  • The upward facing lily pads that move from side to side are generally easy to cross with enough awareness. Simply move from one to the next, taking care not to lose track of them, as the final two lily pads stray quite a bit away from the central path. Should you find yourself isolated on one such lily pad, simply continue to bounce on top of it and wait for it to realign itself with the next one, which will allow you to cross.
  • It is tricky to keep track of the lily pads' movement. The best way to cross is to jump onto the next lily pad as it moves towards you and not away from you. Wait on top of the lily pad you're already on for the most opportune moment to cross.

Hard Mode variants:

  • Bounce on the lily pad in the floor, bounce on the lowest angled lily pad on one side, then continue using that to bounce to the other angled lily pads before ending on the normal horizontal floating lily pad.
  • You'd have to time this much more carefully. Wait until you can safely bounce on the next one, but be mindful of desync from other players pushing you off before this happens.

Lily Leapers X[]

Main article: X-treme Fall Guys

Trust no one. There's two sections where you can fall near the end, so you're safe in the first half of the round. You can always take the safer side routes rather than the risky path across the middle gap. There is currently no qualification quota so you can take as long as you need - but try not to take too long.

Final Variant[]

A Final type variant was introduced in the Lily Leapers Limbo playlist on 1 August 2021. In this variant, the player who finishes first will win the entire show.

As the playlist is more likely to attract more skilled players that are good at speedrunning this level, it is imperative to master the dive-before-the-jump-apex strategy, as well as learning the speedrun route, in order to even stand a chance of winning. Spawn position is also make-or-break: as the game does not attempt to force everyone into a front row spawn, it is very possible to spawn in a disadvantageous position in one of the back rows. For the highest chance of winning, pray that you get a front row spawn to either of the sides.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated

Known Bugs[]

Premature Ending*

In any of the Squads modes, Lily Leapers will end immediately after 70% of players have qualified without warning.
This bug was fixed with the Season 5.1 update, but came back on Season 6.

A player soft-locked in the ground in Lily Leapers.

Lilypad Gap Softlock*

If the player falls onto a certain area where there is a gap between a lily pad and ground, they can clip into the ground, where they are soft-locked until the round is over.
This bug is fixed with the Season 5.1 update.

A player soft-locked in a wall on Lily Leapers.

Lily Leapers Wall Softlock*

On the second section of the round, if the player falls along the wall, they can clip into it, where they are soft-locked until the round is over.

*This name is a conjectural name and has not been somewhat uniformly agreed upon.


History of Lily Leapers
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Not present Not present
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • According to level designer Max Boyle, Lily Leapers is the only early race to have a 5:00 timer because of how hard the round is and due to beginners who may struggle to qualify.[2]

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