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Leading Light is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a hunt round and was first introduced in Season 6 (Legacy).[1]

Course Description[]

Leading Light is a hunt that works similarly to Airtime, also with a scoring zone, but the difference is that Leading Light's scoring zone is small and it moves around.

The scoring zone starts in the center of the arena, where there is a Blizzard Fan surrounded by a circle of Slime. Just outside the center are three Force-Field walls that can be turned on and off with Buttons and three triangular raised platforms containing Spinning Plates. The raised platforms can be accessed by a set of Pivot Platforms on either side of each.

The outer area of the arena contains a rotating Conveyor Belt that contains three raised platforms and three Blizzard Fans. Outside of the conveyor belts, there are three raised platforms that can be accessed by ramps. These ramps may be blocked by Force-Field walls which can be turned on and off with buttons. On top of each outermost raised platform are a pair of Slingus Flinguses that may launch players away.

Course Strategy[]

Leading Light relies on the player having good situational awareness. Between the Pivot Platforms, Conveyor Belt, and Force-Fields, there are several moving parts that can trip up players if they do not anticipate them in advance. Pay attention to your surroundings and react accordingly.

Don't get too greedy with the scoring zone. Sometimes, it's better to leave the score zone to reposition yourself than to stay in the zone. For example, if the scoring zone leads you underneath one of the pivot platforms, it may be a better idea to instead go around the platform and jump on top of it.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Leading Light
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not Present Not Present
1 Not Present Not Present
2 Not Present Not Present
3 Not Present Not Present
4 Not Present Not Present
5 Not Present Not Present
6 Active Standard

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