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Hunt rounds are a type of rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. They involve hunting for a specific goal.

Hunt selection[]

  • Due to the player requirements set, a Hunt round can mostly be selected as the third or fourth round of an Episode.
    • In extremely rare cases, if the first round was unusually attritional, they can occasionally appear as the second round instead.
    • Bubble Trouble and Airtime can appear at second round unlike other hunt rounds.
  • Only Bubble Trouble and Hoopsie Legends are featured in any Squads mode.

List of hunt rounds[]

Round Objective How to play Participants Qualification Added in
Icon Airtime.pngAirtimeStay in the zone!Stay in the score zone to score points! Use the pipes to get back to the score zone if you fall!15 - 4560%Season 6 (Legacy)
(30 November 2021)
Icon Bounce Party.pngBounce PartyBounce through hoops!Bounce through the hoops to score points!10 - 2270%Season 1
(21 June 2022)
UI Medal Icon BubbleTrouble.pngBubble TroublePop bubbles!Bubbles will appear in different zones around the arena, JUMP into them to pop them and score points to win!15 - 4560%Season 5 (Legacy)
(20 July 2021)
UI Medal Icon ButtonBashers.pngButton BashersPress the buttons!Press the button that lights up to score points and defeat your rival!18 - 30
(Even numbers only)
50%Season 4 (Legacy) mid-season update
(13 May 2021)
UI Medal Icon HoopsieLegends.pngHoopsie LegendsJump through hoops!JUMP and DIVE through hoops to score points!14 - 3060%Season 2 (Legacy)
(8 October 2020)
Icon Leading Light.pngLeading LightStay in the spotlight!Stay in the moving spotlight to earn points!15 - 3075%Season 6 (Legacy)
(30 November 2021)
UI Medal Icon PegwinPoolParty.pngPegwin Pool PartyHold that penguin!Grab and hold onto a Penguin to score points!15 - 3060%Season 5 (Legacy)
(20 July 2021)
UI Medal Icon TailTag.pngTail TagGrab a tail!Some players start with tails, some don't - use Grab to GRAB a tail and make sure you have one when the timer runs out!15 - 3050%Beta
(25 July 2020)
Icon Volleyfall.pngVolleyfallHit the opponent's floor!Knock the ball to the opposite side and touch the floor to score points!10 - 2050%Season 1
(21 June 2022)

Though not specifically categorized, Basketfall, Egg Scramble, Egg Siege, Fall Ball, Hoarders, Hoopsie Daisy, Jinxed, Pegwin Pursuit, Power Trip, Ski Fall, Short Circuit, Snowy Scrap, Sweet Thieves, Royal Fumble, and Team Tail Tag fit into this category.

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