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Hoverboard Heroes is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Survival round and was first introduced in Season 4.

This level requires you to stay on top of a hoverboard while it rides through many obstacles. Falling into the slime at any point will result in elimination.

Course description[]

Standard Version[]

Hoverboard Heroes spawns all players on a hoverboard moving forwards relatively slowly. The first set of obstacles is a series of walls, with light bars. The first of these has two horizontal light rods traveling up and down the sides of a center wall. Following that are two outer walls with a horizontal rod in-between. Next, there are two connected, horizontal rods traveling up and down in front of each other. Lastly, there are 3 rods that are placed next to each other.

After this section follows a section where five cannons shoot out planets, stars, magnets, and other futuristic objects from the right.

Just after the cannons is an island consisting of conveyor belts, light swingers, and light bars. Flippity bippitties at the sides can launch the player up to the conveyor belt level. After getting past the light swinger, there is a downhill slime slide and platform where players have to wait for the hoverboard.

After this island there are platforms in a low-gravity zone. In-between the first and second platforms there is a long light rod blocking your jump. On top of the second platform there is a horizontal light rod and a moving doughnut bumper. There are more long light rods directly after that, signifying the end of the section.

The last section, where the hoverboard stops, has three light swingers that you can jump over, and an island with a pair of flippity bippitties that you have to use to fling yourself to the finish line.

If for some inexplicable reason there are players that have not finished the map (by being stuck on an earlier island with the hoverboard having travelled past) and refuse to eliminate themselves, the round will time out after 2:20.

Alternate Versions[]

As of the Season 4.5 update, the following variations may appear:[1]

  • A moving Blizzard Fan may appear in the second section on the left side of the hoverboard.
  • The flippity bippities at the sides of the first island are replaced with blizzard fans.
    • Like the previous variant this doesn't appear in Main Show, only can appear at other shows.
  • The flippity bippities at the sides of the first island are replaced with punching gloves.
  • Four Swinging Axes may appear in the low-gravity zone, replacing the light rods.
  • Five rotating hammers may appear in the low-gravity zone, replacing the light rods.
  • Three Slingus Flinguses may appear on the highest platform in the low-gravity zone, replacing the doughnut bumper.
  • The light swingers in the final section are oriented vertically instead of horizontally.
  • A Thicc Bonkus can also replace these final light swingers.
  • The flippity bippities in the final section can be replaced with three blizzard fans.

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

Because qualification position does not matter, there is absolutely no point to rushing. Play it slow, and take things safe. This isn't a race - don't go rushing blindly and leaping off the front of the hoverboard at the start!

For the first two sets of horizontal light bars, you can either wait for them to raise before passing under, or jump over them while they're low. The third set requires you to somehow jump in-between them, and is the trickiest of the bunch - stay near the front of the hoverboard so you have more leeway if you can't get it first try. Angle the camera so you can better separate the two bars visually. The final set is easy too - observe the order in which they move up and down (from right to left), then either jump over (when it's low) or go under (when it's high).

Angle the camera for this next bit so you can see the cannons firing out the projectiles. Much like Big Shots, position yourself as 'in-between' the firing paths as possible, then cross when it's safe.

If your precision platforming is excellent, you can jump-dive across the flippity bippities at the sides to bypass the conveyor belts and the single light bar. Watch out for the gaps; any misjump will result in a plummet into the slime. If you want to play safe, jump and climb up (or jump and dive) to the conveyor belt level, then carefully walk over the belts underneath the light bar. Jump over the light swinger, but watch out for the slime slide - going too fast may make you slide off. If necessary, jump and dive back onto the platform to save yourself, then land on the hoverboard when it emerges from underneath. Another strategy is to wait for the light swinger to swing away from you and then walk to the slope and quickly turn around, as if trying to climb back up: you'll still go down the slope, albeit at a significantly slower speed, having negated the speed boost from jumping on a slope that's going down. That should make it easier to remain on the platform instead of falling off the edge before the hoverboard is there. Due to the slime, grabbers are particularly dangerous in this area.

Jump up to the first platform in the low gravity zone, wait for the light rod to come down, then jump over it to the next platform. Be careful as the desync from other players may knock you off here. Jump up to the next platform, then walk past the moving doughnut bumper. You have two ways to continue - the riskier route is to go through the moving light rods at the top, but if you cannot consistently do that, wait until you can land on the hoverboard then carefully fall down to it directly after the doughnut bumper - getting past the lone light rod there. Alternatively, immediately after clearing the first light rod in the low gravity zone, it is possible to jump up to the higher platform and from there jump up and climb up to the speakers on either side (by grabbing onto them as you would in Wall Guys). From there it is much easier to completely avoid the remaining light rods and land safely on the hoverboard once it is properly positioned.

For this final section, position yourself as centrally between the light swingers as possible; they should miss you. When the hoverboard reaches the final island, jump to it, and position yourself at the tip of a flippity bippity, waiting for it to launch you to the finish. If it is too crowded, take things slowly, as you don't want to collide into someone else while flipping and lose momentum. (I.E. Take your turn, take your time. 2:20 is a generous time limit.)

Above all, always be mindful of grabbers at any time pushing you into obstacles.

Alternate versions[]

  • It is best to position yourself towards the middle of the hoverboard for the blizzard fan in the second section. That way you won't be too far to the left to be knocked into the slime by the cannons nor too far to the right to be blown away by the fan. Run past the fan current as it is moving towards you and never when it is moving in the same direction you are moving. Remember to never stop paying attention to the fan even after you clear it. It will move back to your position before the hoverboard can make it to the next section.
    • An example of how to tackle the fan: immediately after clearing the light bar walls, hang near the back of the hoverboard; the fan will move away from you before it reaches the rear of the hoverboard. Prepare to move forward, then when the fan is moving towards you, walk to the front of the hoverboard, applying some leftward direction so you don't get blown off the right. After that, hang near the front of the hoverboard while paying attention to the fan.
  • It is possible to use the Blizzard Fans on the first island to cross over to the other side of the island. That said, the middle path remains a solid option, should the player prefer to simply ignore the fans.
  • If you time it right, you can jump-dive over the glove. You can also use it to gain some air and then land safely on the raised platform.
  • Avoiding the Swing Axes in the low gravity zone is merely a matter of proper timing, much like the light rods. Jump when they are right in front of you and by the time you cross over them, they'll be out of your way.
  • By climbing up to the walls on the low gravity zone, you'll be in a position to reach the last platform before the slime below. Merely wait for the hoverboard to catch up and jump or fall to it. You should bypass the rotating hammers entirely.
  • This variation requires key precision to avoid landing on the flinguses. Triggering them will send you flying to a guaranteed elimination.
  • It is best to stay around the center of the hoverboard and jump over the light swingers as they come towards you, as they will in in their lowest point. Alternatively, standing at the far edges can help you avoid the swingers almost completely, but leaves you susceptible to griefers pushing you off the hoverboard.
  • Stay near the back of the hoverboard, then when it makes contact with the final island, carefully time your crossing and walk past the bonkus. Alternatively, like the vertical light swingers, stand at the far edge to avoid the bonkus, while keeping an eye out for griefers.
  • Get a running start then jump before you move into the fan current. If you just walk into the fan current, you won't be blown far enough, and will end up falling into the slime.

Final Variant[]

A Final type variant was introduced in the Hoverboarding Time playlist on 2 July 2021. In this variant, the player who finishes first will win the entire show. (Previously, it was bugged and everyone that qualified would win.)

Many of the same strategies apply to the final variant, but note that this playlist was designed to encourage griefing, so there will be a significant amount of it. If there aren't many griefs, this will result in an RNG battle at the end where the player with the best ping will win, especially with the standard flippers. The version with the fans at the end is slightly less susceptible to RNG - at that point it is all about finding the best time to jump across the gap to the final island.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Qualified
  • No medal - Eliminated

A gold medal is awarded regardless of qualification position.


History of Hoverboard Heroes
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Not present Not present
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • According to Ben Nizan on the Fall Guys Discord, the development team experimented with having various coloured medals based on qualification position, but this was scrapped due to the randomness of the flippity bippities at the final section.
  • Much like Slime Climb, the difficulty of some of the obstacles and the looming threat of falling into the slime means winning a Show is rarely possible on this round. This will happen less as players get used to the obstacles.


See also[]

  • Slime Climb, a round with a similar disqualification method.