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Hoopsie Daisy is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Team round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course description[]

Arena layout: Hoopsie daisy takes place in a symmetrical arena. The opposite corners of the arena contain two converging ramps that almost meet up, before ending abruptly in a gap. Along both sides of the perimeter, four less steep ramps (two on either side) converge into two uphill converging conveyor belts (one on each side) mounted on walls which separate most of the two halves of the arena. These conveyor belts send players upwards towards each other before again ending abruptly in a gap. In the middle portion of the arena, a lower elevation purple section contains two symmetrically opposed spinning plates, which sit atop elevated platforms, being in the same elevation as the rest of the arena.

Standard version[]

Hoopsie Daisy is a team game.

Players are divided into three teams. The setting is a big arena, where rings appear. The goal is to jump and dive into the rings that spawn, with each ring netting 1 point for the team. Occasionally, a golden ring will appear, worth 5 points; however, it rotates very slowly.

Everyone can jump through a ring as it appears, but the fastest player will score the point (and a team-coloured visual effect of the player that scored the point will appear around the ring), after which the ring disappears. The arena is decently large, full of downhill/uphill stretches, conveyor belts and spinning platforms, and the rings can appear almost everywhere, so the players always have to pay attention to the spawns. There are a lot of rings, so everyone has the opportunity to score points.

When the timer runs out, the two teams with the most points qualify for the next round.


If two teams are tied for the lowest score as the timer runs out, 15 extra seconds will be added. If after 15 seconds there is still a tie, 15 more seconds are added and this repeats until one team has the outright lowest score. In Squad Celebration, if the timer reaches 5 minutes and 45 seconds and two teams are still tied for the lowest score, no team will be eliminated.

Alternate versions[]

From the 10 November 2020 Season 2 (Legacy) mid-season update, the following variants may appear:

  • The spawn rate of golden rings is significantly increased.

*Two Pendulums may spawn on the Spinning Plates. This variant has been removed at some point during Season 3 (Legacy).

From the 2 February 2021 Season 3 (Legacy) mid-season update, the following variants may appear:

Known Bugs[]

*Unreachable Golden Ring: Sometimes a golden ring will spawn in a location that makes it impossible to collect.

A golden ring that cannot be reached on Hoopsie Daisy.


Standard version[]

As is the case for team games, you need to have a good team, but you also need to not be a complete deadweight either. Stay alert and keep watching for rings; perhaps by staying in an area not covered by your team and trying to score any rings in your vicinity. Try not to chase for overly specific rings if other rings appear nearer to you, as each ring (barring the golden ring) is all worth the same. Some rings are harder to score than others, so if you're skilled enough to score those, those are worth a try as less people tend to compete for those. Also, when a ring disappears, waiting for it to come back at the same point will likely be a waste of time, so it's recommended to always be dynamic and ready. Roaming randomly around the map is generally not advised, as you'll likely almost always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, with rings spawning after you leave an area.

Alternate versions[]

  • These variants are all about carefully judging the height you get from the flinguses and the fans to nab the rings. If you ragdoll while in the air, move out of the path of the fan to land on the ground to get back up, before trying again.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Team has the most hoops
  • Silver - Team has the second most hoops
  • No medal - Eliminated

If the two qualifying teams are tied for the highest score, the tie is probably broken by whichever team reached the score first (unconfirmed)


History of Hoopsie Daisy
Season Status Map theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
6.3 Active Removed from Main Show as of 10 May 2022. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7.3 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show, Squads Duos and Squads Trios.

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