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Hoarders is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Team round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Hoarders is a team game.

In Hoarders, the players are divided into three teams. This round is set in a big arena, divided in three sections, with each of them colour-coded per team. In the middle of the arena, there are 7 giant balls.

Teams have to work together to push the balls into their own coloured sections; after 1:30, the two teams with the most balls in their sections qualify for the next round.

There are no walls or barriers between the sections, so the balls may roll everywhere they are pushed. The sections only contain some slopes (going both uphill or downhill), which can make pushing the balls across these slopes harder.


If two teams are tied for the lowest score as the timer runs out, 15 extra seconds will be added. If after 15 seconds there is still a tie, 15 more seconds are added and this repeats until one team has the outright lowest score.

In an extremely contrived scenario, if two teams are STILL tied for the lowest score after 15 Overtimes (3:45 OT total, 5:15 round total), the round ends and BOTH teams are eliminated.[1]

Alternate versions[]

From the 15 September 2020 Season 1 (Legacy) mid season update, these variants can occur instead of the standard one:

  • Spinning hammers have been added in each section.
  • Donut towers may appear in between team zones.

Course changes[]

  • In Season 2 (Legacy):
    • Hitting the balls too high into the air no longer makes them temporarily not count towards a team's score.


Being a team game, this game doesn't really have strategies. It is a good thing for the teams to distribute the work, with some defending the balls and some trying to steal other balls, depending on how many balls each team has and how many it needs.

In Season 1 (Legacy), hitting a ball too high will cause it not to count, until it falls back into the playable area. It is unclear if this is a bug or intended functionality, but as of Season 2 (Legacy) this is no longer the case, and cannot be used to 'cheese' a qualification.

It's worth noting that as there are 7 balls in total, the minimum number required to avoid elimination is 2 (due to how the remaining 5 can possibly be split among the other two teams - when the timer runs out, a 5-0 and 4-1 split resulting in one team eliminated, while a 3-2 split would trigger an Overtime). The following table shows the various splits (between the 1st-placed, 2nd-placed, and 3rd-placed teams) and notes whether an Overtime will occur when time runs out. (Notably, it is impossible for a team to qualify with all 7 balls unless they sit through 15 Overtimes, as mentioned above.)

Outcomes of various splits
1st 2nd 3rd Overtime
7 0 0 Yes
6 1 0 No
5 1 1 Yes
4 2 1 No
3 3 1 No
3 2 2 Yes

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Team has the most balls
  • Silver - Team has the second most balls
  • No medal - Eliminated

If the two qualifying teams are tied for the highest score, the tie is probably broken by whichever team reached the score first (unconfirmed)


History of Hoarders
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard and alternate versions
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
4.5 Active Removed from Main Show as of 27 May 2021, still available in Squads Show.
5 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
6 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show and Squads Trios.
7.3 Active Not available in Solo Show. Still available in Squads Show, Squads Duos and Squads Trios.


  • Hoarders, along with Egg Siege are the only levels to be removed from Main Show due to low popularity among players. It can still be played in Squad Mode, however.
    • This later became true for all Team games in Solo Show.

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