Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Gravity Zones are areas in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 4 (Legacy).

Obstacle description[]

Gravity Zones are areas where the gravity can be decreased or increased, making a jump a lot higher than the normal or difficult to perform. When you enter these areas, it looks like you're entering in a big blue or pink water section.

There are two types of gravity zones:

  • The Low Gravity blue ones, where the gravity is decreased and the players can perform high jumps. The blue texture has an arrow pointing up in each side, along with a fall guy face.
  • The High Gravity pink ones, where the gravity is increased and even the smaller jumps are difficult to do. The pink texture has an arrow pointing down in each side, along with a fall guy face.

In a Low Gravity zone, the music is affected as follows:

We apply a low pass filter to the music, VO and sound effects. On top of that we also modify in real time the pitch of the music track (to make it slower), we also send everything to a reverb bus and we also play a different ambience while you are inside that area!
~ Ruben Rincon Garcia, Senior Sound Designer


The baskets in the game Basketfall are all in a low gravity zone. The player can make a higher jump and smash the ball into one of the baskets to score a point for his team. As of Season 4.5 Dave, the Yellow Team's gravity zone has been colored yellow, but serves the same purpose.

Each team's baskets are surrounded by a low Gravity Zone in Basketfall.

Despite its unique appearance, Basketfall's unique yellow team gravity zone functions just like any low gravity zone.

Button Bashers[]

The platforms of the game Button Bashers have got, in its centers, some gravity zones with a Button on its top. Their gravity changes by pushing the buttons.

One of the platforms of Button Bashers: the gravity zone is visible in the center

Fall Mountain[]

As of Season 5.fun, Fall Mountain may feature a low gravity zone just past the first row of Turnstilles. They may help players jump over incoming Balls. It is also possible for a low gravity zone to appear from just after the first row of diamond-shaped walls to before the last row of diamond walls.

The gravity zone in Fall Mountain allows players to jump over incoming obstacles.

Freezy Peak[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, the two fans that connect the initial area to the upwards spiral path may be replaced by a spinning plate surrounded by a low gravity zone.

The gravity zone in Freezy Peak always comes with a spinning plate.


As an alternate variation introduced on the 13 May 2021 mid-season update, the entirety of the Hex-A-Gone arena can be encapsulated in a low-gravity zone.[1]

The entirety of the arena is affected by a low Gravity Zone in this Hex-A-Gone variant (notice the trail of stars behind the player and the blue tint on the level itself).

Hoverboard Heroes[]

In Hoverboard Heroes there is one area with the low gravity, with some jumps to perform and a pair of light bars.

The low gravity section of Hoverboard Heroes

Power Trip[]

The game Power Trip has got two areas which can be turned into low or high gravity zones by pushing a Button nearby the areas.

One of the gravity zones on Power Trip. This one's currently set to low.

Short Circuit[]

The game Short Circuit presents some gravity zones, both where it is low and high.

The difference between the low gravity area and the high gravity can be seen in this section of Short Circuit

Ski Fall[]

Starting from Season 4.5 (Legacy), a low gravity zone can appear on the second ramp of Ski Fall.[2]

This Ski Fall variant features a low gravity zone.

Skyline Stumble[]

In the game Skyline Stumble there are both types gravity areas, with platforms in them. The decrease of gravity in sections makes the jumps possible even if the platforms are really high or at a long distance. The increase gravity at the start makes falling to the bottom step mandatory.

A player entering a gravity zone in Skyline Stumble,. Another player can be seen performing a jump that normally couldn't do.

Slime Climb[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, The section of Slime Climb consisting of three yellow beams that must be crossed may be surrounded by a low gravity zone.

This gravity zone enables players to bypass this section of Slime Climb entirely.

The Slimescraper[]

The Slimescraper has got three low-gravity zones, each one with different obstacles. In Hard Mode a fourth, high-gravity zone will spawn over Ramp 5 (The section with the Spinning Plates.)

One of the three low-gravity zones of The Slimescraper

The Slimescraper with the Hard Mode-exclusive high gravity zone.

Thin Ice[]

Starting from the Season 4 Dave update, the entire Thin Ice arena can be encapsulated by a giant low-gravity zone, similar to Hex-A-Gone.[1]

The entirety of the arena is affected by a low Gravity Zone in this Thin Ice variant.

Treetop Tumble[]

As of Season 5.fun, Treetop Tumble may feature a gravity zone just past the first slime slope, covering the area with water and expanding frogs on the lower path.

The gravity zone in Treetop Tumble helps players stay clear of the water and retain their movement speed for longer.

Known Bugs[]

  • Should a player finish a round while going into a gravity zone (such as getting their last ring on the new Ski Fall variant), both the qualification fanfare and the music for the rest of the level while the player is spectating the remaining players will be distorted by the gravity zone effect until the round is over.