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Glizzy Gang Showdown (Golden Hotdog) is a recurring limited-time Live Event in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

This event was revealed on 17 August 2021[1]; the reveal also confirmed that this event will return in the future.

The second iteration of the event was announced on 14 September 2021; progress made on the previous iteration of the event will not carry over to the next iteration[2], and claiming rewards from future iterations if they have already been claimed in a past iteration will not yield doubles of the same item in the customization inventory.

The third instance was announced on 11 November 2021, where it was also indicated that this appearance will be the final one[3].

On 4 January 2022 a fourth iteration was announced via the in-game newsfeed, but it was later clarified that this news was not supposed to appear[4]. The third instance was the final one and instead there will be a new similar event with a different golden costume as reward. That reward being the Golden Hotshot Costume.


Live Events
Live Event Season # Available from Available to Available days
Golden Hotdog
Season 5 1 Sat, 21 August 2021 Mon, 23 August 2021 2
2 Sat, 18 September 2021 Mon, 20 September 2021 2
3 Sat, 13 November 2021 Mon, 15 November 2021 2
Golden Hotshot
Season 6 4 Fri, 28 January 2022 Mon, 31 January 2022 3
5 Thu, 24 March 2022 Tue, 29 March 2022 5
Golden Punching Glove
6 Wed, 27 April 2022 Mon, 2 May 2022 5
7 Wed, 18 May 2022 Mon, 23 May 2022 5

List of Rewards[]

# Reward Reward type Total Tokens Tokens to next
1 Glizzy Gang Nickname Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200 Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
2 Vaporwave Colour Ui-icon-generic-token.png 400 Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
3 Tech Icons Pattern Ui-icon-generic-token.png 600 Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
4 Golden Hotdog Banner Ui-icon-generic-token.png 800 Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
5 Golden Hotdog Costume Lower Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1000 Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
6 Golden Hotdog Costume Upper Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1200

List of Challenges[]

WARNING: Claiming all the rewards before completing all challenges will render any remaining challenges unable to be completed.

# Challenge Reward
1 Reach Round 4 in Main Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
2 Reach the Final Round in Main Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
3 Win Main Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
4 Reach Round 4 in Squad Trios Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
5 Reach the Final Round in Squad Trios Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
6 Win Squad Trios Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
7 Reach Round 4 in Squads Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
8 Reach the Final Round in Squads Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 100
9 Win Squads Show Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
10 Win Squads Show 2 times Ui-icon-generic-token.png 200
Total reward: Ui-icon-generic-token.png 1400

Challenge Strategy[]

It is fairly appropriate that a challenge with a glorious series of golden rewards is among the most challenging, and this is further compounded by the limited time duration of only two days. Here is a quick break down by category.

  • Reach Round 4 in Main Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Main Show
  • Win Main Show

This is likely the easiest set, where your fate is mostly in your own hands. If you can consistently win games, this shouldn't be much of a problem, but be warned that there will likely be a lot of skilled players simultaneously competing to fulfill these objectives during the challenge. If all else fails, assemble a team of skilled friends that are willing to sabotage your opponents for the best chance of winning.

  • Reach Round 4 in Squads Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Squads Show
  • Win Squads Show
  • Win Squads Show 2 times

This will likely be the most brutal of the lot if you are queuing strictly solo, as the likelihood of matching into 3 random teammates that cannot pull their own weight is rather high. Get some skilled, high-win players and this will be much easier. Do not forget that you have to win twice, instead of just once.

  • Reach Round 4 in Squad Duos/Trios Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Squads Duos/Trios
  • Win Squads Duos/Trios

This is slightly easier than the Squads Show challenge series as you have only a single/two other player(s) to worry about when queueing up solo, and is generally easier for one player to carry the team. Again, to knock out this series of challenges faster, find (a) skilled, high-win player(s). Note that the first iteration had Squads Duos challenges, while the second and third (final) iterations have Squads Trios challenges.

In total, you would need 1 Main Show win, 1 Squads Duos/Trios win, and 2 Squads Show wins. The other challenges should be completed naturally along the way.

Currently, the token values for each challenge mean that you can skip 1 of the 4 'Win x Show' challenges and still acquire the full Golden Hotdog Costume; there is no reward for fully completing the challenge, like the Ratchet's Challenge and Clank's Challenge. Remember not to collect the last reward before completing all the challenges, if you're trying to complete them all, however.


  • The live event trailer (listed below) unintentionally revealed future round variations likely included in the Season 5 Mid Season Update. The same happened with the trailer of the previous Clank's Challenge event.
  • In the second appearance, challenges 4, 5 and 6 were changed from Squad Duos Show to Squad Trios Show.