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Fruit Chute is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Race round and was first introduced in the beta version.

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Fruit Chute is a race course.

Players have to overcome a large, wide path, predominantly formed by a conveyor belt travelling in the direction opposite to the goal. While going up the belt, they have to avoid the fruit being fired from the cannons in the background. The conveyor belt drastically slows down the player's speed, and fruit is fired in large groups and travels in an unpredictable fashion; both these aspects combined can really set the player back if they get hit, and in the worst case fall off the belt and respawn at the starting area.

To top it all off, logs[1] are occasionally fired down the middle of the belt, necessitating players to jump over them at the right moment. There are also bouncy triangular obstacles on both sides of the conveyor belt.

After a set amount of time, the cannons will fire a volley of berries all at once. This will only occur once during the round.

Alternate version[]

From 10 November 2020 Season 2 (Legacy) mid season update, this variant can appear instead of the standard one:

  • Two Big Yeetuses have been placed at the edges of the conveyor belt. So if the player falls down, they might be thrown up to the belt again if they manage to be hit by the hammer.
    • This appears to now be the more common 'variant', with the Yeetus-less version appearing less regularly.
  • Balls and eggs are shot at the player instead of the fruit.
  • Cannons will fire only a single type of fruit, like bananas, melons or berries.

Course changes[]

From the 15 September 2020 Season 1 (Legacy) mid season update, this little change has been made:

  • The player counts may have been lowered for this course, meaning that Fruit Chute is very likely to emerge as a potential fourth round, much like Tip Toe.

Course Strategy[]

Standard Version[]

The safest route is generally the sides. Try to not get caught up too much in the pack at the start, or you may fall, lose control, and fall off the end of the conveyor belt. Jump then dive onto the belt while making sure you do not land in the path of the first few batches of fruit. Use the triangular obstacles as cover, and angle the camera as high up as possible so you can see where the fruit is coming from. Bunny hopping is another strategy to help you avoid the other players at the start. It increases your speed by 14.3%, and when you need to get to the finish line on Fruit Chute, it’s really helpful.

Alternate Version[]

  • The "balls and eggs" variant tends to be slightly easier as these objects usually bounce off in more predictable patterns.
  • The "bananas only" variant tends to be the least predictable one due to the shape of the fruit.
  • Due to the low qualification percentage and the long stretch needed to reach the goal, getting hit by projectiles in this course is very likely to cost a qualification. Should the big yeetus variant be present, they might be the only way for players to have any chance of catching up, in case they fall off. The faster players hit big yeetus, the further they tend to travel, so jumping and diving directly into it as it is swinging at the player tends to yield the best results. Keep in mind that it is still possible to alter the trajectory of your fall guy somewhat while midair, so make sure to hold the control stick towards the stage to prevent the Yeetus from launching you off-course.
    • In fact, practicing the yeetus hit in this map is highly recommended as it can propel you decently far up the map, allowing you to spend less time dodging the randomly-flying projectiles.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Fruit Chute
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
7 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • This is one of the only race modes that has no checkpoints, instead you respawn at the start.
    • Because of this, this round is naturally more difficult than other race modes.

See also[]

  1. Confirmed in a FG Team Answers session hosted on 5 February 2021 by Junior Community Manager Abbie to be referred to internally as either 'logs or cinammon sticks'.