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Freezy Peak is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a race round and was introduced in Season 3 (Legacy).

Course description[]

Standard version[]

Unlike most race modes, Freezy Peak spreads out the spawn locations over a much wider starting area that has 8 paths, which gradually converges. Players will have to navigate through various Season 3 (Legacy) obstacles to gradually ascend up the course.

Depending on the spawn location, in the first section players will have either a path with horizontal boxing gloves and Slingus Flinguses to dodge, or vertical boxing gloves emerging from the ground. To make the ascent up these paths harder, there are fans blowing against the player.

The next section also has multiple paths with different Season 3 (Legacy) obstacles - either a conveyor belt moving in the wrong direction, a la Fruit Chute, with cannons firing snowballs down these conveyor belt paths; or a series of slingus flinguses in the middle of the other path, with fans that can blow the players onto the slingus slinguses to be flipped off course.

The players then have to use fans to lift themselves to the next platform, but they have to be careful not to land on the slingus flinguses on that platform, or they may be flung off course. There is a checkpoint after this section.

Following this platform, there are two fans on a floating platform that have to be used to reach the upwards path that curves to the right. One must watch out, however, as sometimes the snowballs coming from the next section will make their way to the fans, blocking the path. The initial part of the path has a few steps, followed by a section with boxing gloves, slingus flinguses, and snowballs. The snowballs will always be shot and roll along the outermost (left) part of the path. The boxing gloves are positioned to knock players onto the slingus flinguses, which will flip the hapless player off the edge of the ramp, causing them to restart at the previous checkpoint.

The final section features a series of spinning conveyor belts travelling in alternate directions, with strategically placed walls. After these are climbed, a final large fan propels players upwards to the finishing platform.

Alternate version[]

As of 2 February 2021, the following variants may occur:

  • The Slingus Flinguses in the path following the 6 boxing gloves path may be arranged diagonally instead of a straight line.

As of 13 May 2021, the following variants may occur:

  • The activation pattern for the six punching gloves may be as follows: the two front gloves, the two middle gloves, the two back gloves.
  • The two Blizzard Fans that grant access to the upwards spiral path are replaced by a spinning plate and a low gravity zone.
  • A Big Yeetus may be present to aid players in crossing the gap that separates the first part of the level from the upwards spiral path.
  • The pattern on the punching gloves on the spiral path may be different.

As of 21 June 2022, the following variants may occur:

  • The Slingus Flinguses in the path following the 6 boxing gloves path may be completely absent.
  • On the platform before the two upward fans that lead to the spiral path, there may be only three Slingus Flinguses instead of five.
  • Half of the punching gloves on the spiral path may be absent.

Known Bugs[]

Phantom Fans*
As of 15 December 2020: For unknown reasons, the player may be randomly blown down while trying to climb the conveyor belt, even though there's no fan visibly blowing the player down.
Overlapping Punching Gloves*
As of 5 October 2021: The punching gloves "holes" on the upward curving path may have two punching gloves in them at the same time. They come out at different intervals, greatly increasing difficulty.
To work around this, master jump-diving over the flinguses, or hug the left wall and dive underneath the large snowballs.
This bug was fixed on 20 October 2021

*This name is a conjectural name and has not been somewhat uniformly agreed upon.

Course strategy[]

Standard version[]

  • First section: For the path with boxing gloves and slingus flinguses, this shouldn't be too difficult; walk in the center as much as possible while avoiding the gloves. For the path with gloves emerging from the ground, pay attention to the pattern and try following it (or you could attempt an advanced strategy by letting the glove fling you upwards and hopefully forwards, though the efficacy of this strategy is questionable). If you can steer yourself towards the path with ground gloves, try to do so as it'll better set you up for the second section. It appears that for the 8 starting paths, the initial obstacle(s) always start the exact same way. Starting from the far-left starting path (1) to the far-right starting path (8):
    • Path 1: Left Boxing Glove comes out first
    • Path 2: Right Boxing Glove comes out first
    • Path 3: Right Boxing Glove Floor comes out first
    • Path 4: Left Boxing Glove comes out first
    • Path 5: Right Boxing Glove comes out first
    • Path 6: Right Boxing Glove Floor comes out first
    • Path 7: Left Boxing Glove comes out first
    • Path 8: Right Boxing Glove comes out first
  • Second section: For the conveyor belt and snowball path, this is also rather trivial, just patiently walk up the belt while dodging the snowballs as much as possible. For the slingus flinguses and fans path, pick a side and walk along that side; it's usually best to walk along the side of the path with the fan moving opposite to your direction, so it blows you less. After using the fans to propel yourself up, carefully avoid the slingus flinguses as they can send you off the map. The path with the slingus flinguses and fans is faster as you aren't going against the belt, but it's usually quite out of your way unless you steer towards the ground gloves path in the previous section.
  • Third section: The second fan tends to be the problem if you misjudge the height you gain and the landing position. If necessary, stop directly before the second fan, before carefully using it to propel you upwards. Be warned also as the snowballs from the next section might mess you up here.
  • Fourth section: If you're attempting the left side, like Dizzy Heights, try diving before the snowball hits you to attempt to minimize the time spent on the floor. If you're going for the right side, play it safe with the boxing gloves and don't attempt to clear more than one at a time, unless the second in a row is receding directly after the other. If you're in an absolute hurry, it's barely possible to clear the slingus flinguses in the middle of the path by jump-diving over them; this can save a bit of time, but is accordingly the riskiest strategy (due to either yourself messing up, or other players triggering the slingus flinguses and scuppering your jumps). The outright fastest strategy is a combination of the three, where you can jump-dive over slingus flinguses, shifting to either the snowball side or the gloves side if it's safe to do so.
    • In fact, the gloves always pop out and recede following this pattern, which you can use to safely clear: 1, 2 and 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  • Final section: Pretty straightforward, carefully climb the belts while noting the direction of the finish line above you (use the pair of propellers underneath the finish line as reference of where to go) so you can land your jump from the fan perfectly. Diving just before hitting the ground at the final platform allows your fall guy to get back up faster.
  • slingus flinguses note: All the slingus flinguses except for the ones in the fourth section (and likely the section before the fans) will send players flying in random directions, potentially changing directions with each flip. It is generally not worth the gamble to use them.
  • Spawn note: If you're not satisfied with your spawn (you get the side boxing gloves instead of the floor ones, for instance), you can try diving off the back of the map to aim for a better one.

Alternate version[]

  • This variant with the diagonal flinguses is in general harder to get past. A possible way to get past it is to observe where the furthermost flingus is positioned (left or right), then approach that flingus. From there, one of two things can happen:
    • If the fan closest to that flingus is behind you, squeeze to the left (left flingus) or to the right (right flingus)
    • If the fan is however in front of you, then let it blow you through the gap in-between that flingus and the one in the middle.
    • If you cannot consistently do this without triggering a flingus and getting flung away, try using the intro cutscene to study the flingus orientation, then steer towards the side boxing gloves/conveyor belt paths, which are relatively safer, but slower.
  • For the six punching gloves with the different pattern, it is even easier to cross: merely run towards them and you should be able to cross over them as they come down without the need for jumping (which is more likely to get you knocked over anyway)
  • The spinning plate with the low gravity zone variant is easier to cross, given that the low gravity field gives enough room for error as a dive will propel the player forward a longer distance.
  • Depending on whether or not the low gravity zone is present, it might be harder to get the proper timing on the yeetus correctly. That said, it isn't as useful of a yeetus given how short the covered distance is.
  • For the different punching gloves pattern on the upwards spiral path, the strategy remains the same: cross as the gloves are retracting, wait if they are fully retracted.
  • With no flinguses along these paths, this section is a lot easier to just casually traverse.
  • With less flinguses along this part, there is less of a risk to be sent off the map and lose time.
  • With half the punching gloves, you can cross more of the path without having to wait for the gloves to retract. This makes this path worth considering over jump-diving over the flinguses.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - First place
  • Silver - Top 20% of players in the lobby
  • Bronze - Top 50% of players in the lobby
  • Pink - Qualified, but outside of the top 50%
  • No medal - Eliminated


History of Freezy Peak
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Not present Not present
1 Not present Not present
2 Not present Not present
3 Active Standard and alternate version
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions
7 Active Standard and alternate versions


  • Until the launch of Season 6 (Legacy), which introduced Full Tilt, Freezy Peak was one of the only race map to start players in multple paths that later converge. Most maps are completely linear or expand out at the end.
  • This map was widely thought to be a final before it was officially released in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, mainly because it looks like a Season 3 (Legacy) sequel of Fall Mountain.
  • In this race round the checkpoint effects are not visible unlike all other race rounds with checkpoints.


See also[]

Season 3 (Legacy), when this map was introduced.