Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki

Force-Fields are an obstacle of Fall Guys, first introduced in Season 4 (Legacy).

Obstacle Description[]

Force-Fields are translucent walls or platforms that emit a light blue light. They are patterned with various futuristic symbols, like rockets and planets.

Force-Fields can be turned on or off. Sometimes, this is done periodically; other times, this is accomplished by pressing a button.

Button Bashers[]

Clicking on some Buttons can create a force-field in the game Button Bashers, which can help reaching the high-located central button.

This force-field can help reaching the high-located button of Button Bashers

Full Tilt[]

Some Force-Field walls can be found on top of several 360 See Saws in the level Full Tilt.[1]

These forcefield barriers on Full Tilt can be circumvented either by going around them or by waiting for them to deactivate and then going through them.

Leading Light[]

Some force-field walls can be found in Leading Light, all of them being turned on and off by buttons.

These forcefield barriers on Leading Light can be deactivated and reactivated with buttons.

Power Trip[]

Two Force-Field platforms are present on Power Trip, which lead to a second floor from both team's spawn areas. These can be turned on and off using their respective Buttons.

And in Dave Update (4.5) force fields may replace gravity zones, allowing players to go up the upper central area. They can turn on and off using Buttons.

These force-fields on Power Trip can be used as a bridge.

Short Circuit[]

Three Force-Field walls are present at the start, but only in the second lap of Short Circuit, which periodically turn on and off.[2]

Force Fields are active during the second lap of Short Circuit.

Skyline Stumble[]

Force-Fields are featured in two sections of Skyline Stumble. In the third section, players need to walk across a set of Force-Field platforms that turn on and off periodically. In the fourth section, players will need to navigate a maze of Force-Field walls, using buttons to turn them on and off.[3]

The Force-Fields of this section of Skyline Stumble might disappear and the players would fall down...

... but in this section of the same game the blocks must disappear if the players want to go on!

Sweet Thieves[]

The main obstacle that keeps captured thieves from escaping in Sweet Thieves is a big force-field wall that can only be deactivated by the key-button.

Thieves trying to symbolize to their teammates they want to come out in Sweet Thieves

The Slimescraper[]

At the 2nd ramp there are some force-fields as bridges.

At the 3rd ramp there are some force-fields as walls turning off and on regularly.

A Force-Field on The Slimescraper