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Flippity Bippities are an obstacle of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, first introduced in Season 4 (Legacy).

They were initially revealed on 8 March 2021[1], and were named by Twitter user Dani Griffsmith.[2]

Obstacle Description[]

Flippity Bippities, also known as PinballFlippers in the code, act as giant pinball flippers. They are primarily coloured pink.

Bubble Trouble[]

As of Season 5.fun, the rotating hammers in the rotating wall zone of Bubble Trouble may be replaced by flippity bippities.

This Bubble Trouble variant features flippity bippities.

Hoverboard Heroes[]

Flippity Bippities are featured in Hoverboard Heroes. In the third section, two pairs of Flippity Bippities can be found on either side of the conveyor belt platform. At the end of the map, a pair of Flippity Bippities are used to launch players into the finish line.

Flippity Bippities first appear in this "island" section of Hoverboard Heroes.

These flippity bippities are necessary in order to reach the finish line in Hoverboard Heroes.

Lost Temple[]

Flippity Bippities can show up as obstacles in some rooms on Lost Temple.

These flippity bippities on Lost Temple may knock players away or block their path, impeding their progress.

Pegwin Pool Party[]

As of Season 5.fun, a pair of Flippity Bippities may be positioned on top of the ramp that connects the bottom area to the walkway on Pegwin Pool Party.

These flippity bippities on Pegwin Pool Party periodically block the ramp, making it difficulty to climb.

Short Circuit[]

As of Season 4.5 Dave, Short Circuit may feature several Flippity Bippities just before the end of the lap. These push players back, potentially hampering their progress.

A Flippity Bippity on Short Circuit.

Skyline Stumble[]

Flippity Bippities are featured in Skyline Stumble. A single one positioned sideways appears just after the first section, alternating between two positions in order to block access to the walkways ahead. In the final section of the map, six of them are used to scale a large wall.[3]

The large wall with these obstacles in the end of Skyline Stumble

Sweet Thieves[]

Sweet Thieves has a small part of the arena with two flippity bippities on each side.

Three of the four flippity bippities on Sweet Thieves

The Slimescraper[]

The game The Slimescraper has got some flippity bippities both at the beginning and at the end.

Some of the Filippy Bippities in the final section of The Slimescraper