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Final rounds are a type of rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. These rounds determine the winner of an Episode.

Final selection[]

  • Finals are usually selected as round 5 of an Episode. In rare cases, they may be selected as round 2, 3, or 4, if there were highly attritional stages beforehand, or sometimes round 6 and later in cases where rounds eliminated fewer players than intended.
  • The player limits for the finals can be used to figure out the pool from which are the eligible finals that may be picked, given a specific player count:
    • 2: Fall Mountain, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Roll Off
    • 3: Fall Mountain, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Roll Off, Thin Ice
    • 4-6: Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Royal Fumble, Roll Off, Thin Ice (All finals)
    • 7-9: Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Roll Off, Thin Ice
    • 10: Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Roll Off, Thin Ice
    • 11-12: Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Lost Temple, Thin Ice
    • 13-15: Lost Temple
  • There are some cases (e.g. Hex-A-Gone with 2-5 players left) where a final may be selected with less or more players than the agreed-upon minimum/maximum. This is likely unintentional, and in some cases may result in timeouts (see next section) being more likely to happen.

Past mechanics[]

  • Previously, in Main Show, the game does not select a specific final if a similar round was played earlier in the show.
    • This means that Roll Out (but not Roll On) can prevent Roll Off from appearing, and Jump Club can prevent Jump Showdown from appearing.
    • This has now been removed as of 24 June 2021.
  • Before [unconfirmed date], finals could be selected with as many as 20 players. From that date onwards, the maximum number of players in a final was capped to 12.
    • As of Season 5 (Legacy), Lost Temple is the sole exception to this rule, being able to be selected with 13-15 players.

Miscellaneous mechanics[]

  • Almost all final rounds have a time limit of 5:00.
    • If this limit is reached in Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Thin Ice, Roll Off, and Hex-A-Ring, everyone remaining wins a crown.
    • If this limit is reached in Fall Mountain and Lost Temple, everyone loses.
      • This time limit is almost never reached, except in incredibly contrived scenarios.
    • Royal Fumble, by contrast, ends after 1:30 instead.
    • Blast Ball has a time limit of 4:30, but as the entire arena will fall before time, it is impossible to time out.
  • Because the game does not break ties:
    • In rare cases it is possible for there to be multiple winners on Fall Mountain/Lost Temple if multiple players are judged to have grabbed the crown at the same time by the server.
    • In extremely rare instances, nobody can win. This will occur if all remaining players hit the slime at the same time in rounds that have such a hazard. This is theoretically possible in Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Thin Ice, Roll Off, Blast Ball, and Hex-A-Ring. This also occurs if the timer is allowed to run out on Fall Mountain or Lost Temple without anyone grabbing the crown.
      • This will result in the game switching over to the normal qualification animation used between rounds, and then ejecting all remaining players, resulting in "0 Qualified!" being displayed. This screen holds until the player exits the game.

List of final rounds[]

Round Objective How to play Participants Qualification Added in
Icon Blast Ball.pngBlast BallLast one standing!Pick up the BLAST BALLS and throw them to KNOCK out other beans!2 - 16LastSeason 1
(21 June 2022)
UI Medal Icon FallMountain.pngFall MountainGrab the crown!Reach the top of the mountain first and use Grab to GRAB the CROWN!2 - 9FirstBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon HexAGone.pngHex-A-GoneLast one standing!Floor pieces fall away when you stand on them - keep moving and survive longest to WIN the CROWN!4 - 12
(Mini: 4-8, Others: 6-12)
(25 July 2020)
Icon Hex-A-Ring.pngHex-A-RingStay on the ring!Be one of the last beans on the rotating ring of tiles!2 - 16LastSeason 1
(21 June 2022)
UI Medal Icon JumpShowdown.pngJump ShowdownLast one standing!JUMP over the spinning beam and avoid the falling floor to WIN the CROWN!2 - 12LastBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon LostTemple.pngLost TempleGrab the crown!Break through doors to reach the crown at the end of the maze - some are real, some are fake!2 - 15FirstSeason 5 (Legacy)
(20 July 2021)
UI Medal Icon RollOff.pngRoll OffDon't fall off!Move between rotating rings to avoid the rising slime!2 - 10LastSeason 3 (Legacy)
(15 December 2020)
UI Medal Icon RoyalFumble.pngRoyal FumbleGrab the tail!Use Grab to GRAB the TAIL and make sure you're wearing it when the timer runs out to WIN!4 - 6Tailed on timerBeta
(25 July 2020)
UI Medal Icon ThinIce.pngThin IceDon't fall through!Stay atop the cracking ice to avoid the slime below!3 - 12
(Mini: 3-6, Others: 6-12)
LastSeason 3 (Legacy)
(15 December 2020)

There are also special Final variants of selected rounds. While (most of) these finals appear to have their normal variant's typical time limits, realistically these will not ever be reached.

Round Available in Introduced on
UI Medal Icon BubbleTrouble.pngBubble TroubleBubble Trouble Trials25 July 2021
UI Medal Icon ButtonBashers.pngButton BashersButton Basher Royale12 August 2021
UI Medal Icon HoverboardHeroes.pngHoverboard HeroesHoverboarding Time2 July 2021
UI Medal Icon LilyLeapers.pngLily LeapersLily Leapers Limbo1 August 2021
UI Medal Icon SlimeClimb.pngSlime FinalSlime Climb Time5 April 2021
UI Medal Icon TheSlimescraper.pngThe SlimescraperX-treme Fall Guys21 May 2021
UI Medal Icon TipToe.pngTip ToeTip Toe Tournament17 September 2021

Though not specifically categorized, Basketfall, Fall Ball, Jinxed, and Power Trip can be in effect finals in the Squads Show.


All the finals have a crown at the icon.

There are actually 2 original finals which are Fall Mountain and Hex-A-Gone. Jump Showdown is a final variant of Jump Club, Royal Fumble is a final variant of Tail Tag, Roll Off is a final variant of Roll Out, Thin Ice is a very similar final to Hex-A-Gone and Lost Temple is a combination of Door Dash and Fall Mountain.

There is a typographical error in the description for Slime Final and The Slimescraper, with 'cross' being spelt 'crosss' in-game (with an extra 's'). This is not reflected in the table above.

This has now been fixed on Season 5 (Legacy).

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