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Fall Mountain is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Final round and was first introduced in the beta version.

According to the game website, Fall Mountain was designed by Anthony Pepper.

Course description[]

Fall Mountain is one of the two 'race' type final stage, the other being Lost Temple.

Standard version[]

All players start on a raised platform which they then walk or jump off of. The first main section consists of a number of large spinners, two in the first row (one on each side) and then three further up (one on each side and one in the middle). The next main section is a series of diamond shaped structures. While traversing these two main sections, cannons in the distance shoot balls that can move the spinners, bounce off the diamond shapes, and knock the player down if they are unlucky to be in the way.

Following that, the third section consists of a series of spinning hammers, which can be tricky to get past. This is then followed by a series of steps that must be jumped. The final section is split into two, with a spinning hammer in the middle of the upward sloping ramps leading to the crown, which will float up and down periodically. Whoever grabs the crown first is the winner; if players miss the crown, they fall onto a conveyor belt that leads them back to the split path with the hammers in the middle of them.

In a contrived scenario, if 5 minutes passes without anyone grabbing the crown, the round times out and everyone loses. In rare cases, because the game does not break ties, multiple players can win if the game adjudges them to have grabbed the crown at the same time.

Alternate versions[]

In the 15 September 2020 Season 1 mid-season update, these variants may appear instead of the standard one:

  • Ball pathing and speeds is no longer as consistent as it used to be between rounds
  • Donut towers may appear directly before the first set of spinning hammers
  • Donut towers may appear on the steps directly after the first set of spinning hammers
  • Hammers may appear on the approach path to the crown
  • Hammers may appear next to the crown
    • This was removed, reintroduced, removed, reintroduced, and removed again - see 'Course Changes' below.
  • Big Yeetus may appear at the end of the conveyor belt

In the Season 5.1 update, the following variants may appear:[1]

  • Conveyor belts may appear on the two side paths at the very start of the course.
  • A Gravity Zone set to low-gravity may appear in the middle of the course, after the first set of spinners (but before the second set).
  • A Gravity Zone set to low-gravity may appear in the middle of the course, after the first set of diamond shaped walls (but before the last set of diamond shaped walls).
  • Slingus Flinguses may appear on the steps directly after the first set of hammers.
    • On the right side of steps, the left flingus on the first step will fling the player forward, the left flingus on the third step will fling the player backward, and all other flinguses on this side and on other steps will fling the player to the left.
    • This is mirrored exactly on the left side of steps.
  • Instead of hammers appearing on the approach path to the crown, they may be replaced by Expanding Balloons instead, with a single one for each path/hammer.

It is unknown when these variants were added, but this is exclusive to Hard Mode:

Course changes[]

  • A hotfix pushed to the game on 9 February 2021 reduced the maximum player limit from 15 to 10. This means that there can only be two rows of players.[2]
  • As of 17 February 2021, the hammers right next to the crown variant can no longer appear[3] due to being prone to issues when grabbing the crown.
  • As of Season 4, all players will spawn in a single row of 9 players, further reducing the maximum player count to 9.[4]
  • At the start of Season 4, the variant with the hammers next to the crown was also reintroduced. This was confirmed to have been an error, and was since removed in a hotfix on 24 March 2021.
  • Following the Season 4.5 (Dave) update, the variant with the hammers next to the crown was reintroduced (again). This was confirmed to have been an error, and was since removed in a hotfix.

Course strategy[]

Standard/alternate versions[]

This section requires expanding.

Before Fall Mountain was refreshed in Season 1's mid-season update, it used to be a fairly predictable course, as there were fewer obstacles to worry about, and the balls were much more consistent, meaning there was a fairly consistent path through the carnage. While there still is a fairly consistent path, even that path is not entirely safe: it is much harder to consistently win, as the balls are now unpredictable, and you can easily be smacked by a stray ball that you were not expecting. As such, these are just general tips for dealing with various things, rather than a be-all and end-all guide.

  • This bullet point is no longer applicable as everyone now spawns in a single row. If you have the money to spare, invest in a better internet connection and/or a solid state drive (PC only, then move your game's install directory to there) or the PS5 (which has a built-in SSD). Your spawn position is not entirely fair in this mode, as it is dependent on at least these two main factors; lacking any of these will almost always result in you spawning in the second row (or the third row, back when Fall Mountain was selected to be played with over 10 players).
  • The intro cutscene is now more important than ever. Watch it carefully to determine what kind of obstacles you have to expect. If there are donut towers, the balls will be far more unpredictable.
  • If your starting position is not in a good position to take advantage of the side conveyor belts, do not bother. Just go up the middle. If you can, however, use them, then either funnel back towards the centre, or jump over the ledge at the leftmost/rightmost.
  • Angle the camera to point upwards as far as possible. You won't see all the balls due to the camera angle limit, but you can still see and attempt to dodge some of them.
  • Most of the time, the right spinner is pushed by the ball on the right hand side. The speed of this varies; sometimes it can spin fast, sometimes it will spin slowly. Take the left side of the spinner and carefully walk past, so if you get hit by the spinner from behind you lose as little time as possible due to loss of control.
    • Sometimes the ball unfortunately pushes the spinner on the left hand side. Either take the right side of the spinner then, or take it slow and try to squeeze past on the left.
  • The same applies in general to any spinner or hammer - if you have to be knocked by them, let them knock you from behind, so they can knock you forward - rather than them knocking you backwards and setting you back.
  • Hug the walls in general.
  • In most cases, do not jump in the low-gravity zones. Do so only if there's a stray ball coming at you that you likely cannot avoid otherwise.
  • Use the diamond structures as cover from the balls, staying in the middle behind it before swerving to the left or right at almost the last moment.
  • Donut towers are a huge run-ruiner. If they appear in the round, do not always keep your foot on the gas; slow down if needed to avoid them. Getting knocked down by even one tower can prove to be very costly.
  • A well-timed and positioned hit (if Big Yeetus appears) can be used to land on the platform directly before the crown. This could help people who have fallen behind to rapidly catch up, or for extremely skilled players to dodge the upward paths altogether.
  • On the right side, only the left flingus on the first step can fling you forwards; the rest are detrimental. The same applies on the left side, but you take the right flingus on the first step.
  • For the set of hammers closest to the crown, if you time it right you can squeeze by on the left side (for the right path), and vice-versa. If you get the timing wrong, however, the hammers are very likely to ruin you completely.
  • If the Expanding Balloon is about to deflate as you approach, you can squeeze by on the left side (for the right path), and vice-versa. If it is about to inflate, do not do so as that path will be blocked. Squeeze by on the right side (for the right path), and vice-versa.
    • If you move past an expanding balloon as it is about to inflate, you might get a helpful boost of speed if it pushes you forward while you're at the right distance. This is very risky however, as if you're too close, the balloon is more likely to knock you down on the ground.
  • GRAB THE CROWN. Jump and hold grab; do not dive. Pay careful attention to how high the crown is and try not to be too hasty.
    • Don't be too cautious either; due to desync, while you might look like you're far ahead of everyone else, chances are they're closer to you than you think.
  • The crown is fractionally closer to the left side, so if it is rising by the time you reach, jump-dive over to the left and prepare for it to come down.
    • It is not advised to take the left path upwards however; for a clean run, you should be looking to devise a path mainly up the right side (due to the first right spinner).
  • Above all else, improvise if none of the tips listed here are applicable to your situation.
  • Sometimes, there isn't much you can do as your run may be ruined by RNG; thankfully this final is the fastest of the lot so you can quickly queue into the next show after it concludes. Don't give up, however; your opponents may also mess up, paving the way for you to take an unlikely win.

Medal thresholds[]

  • Gold - Winner!
  • No medal - Eliminated

Since season 4, the medal colour is now shown when a winner is determined for all players; for players that have lost, a pink medal will be shown before the 'Eliminated' notice appears.

Known Bugs[]

"Crown Climbing"
As of 8 August 2020: If a player makes a jump high enough while the floating crown is in its lowest state, they may accidentally climb atop the crown itself. If this is achieved the player will not win the round even though they have "grabbed the crown".
"Player overlap/Excessive players"
As of 22 March 2021: There are only 9 spawn positions, all in a single row. With 10 players in the round, two players will spawn on top of one another and be knocked over right at the start. Also, the game may occasionally select this round with more than 10 players (11 players has been observed), in which case there will be two groups of people occupying a single spawn point.
This was patched in a hotfix on 25 March 2021.


History of Fall Mountain
Season Status Map Theme
Beta Active Standard
1 Active Standard and alternate versions
2 Active Standard and alternate versions
3 Active Standard and alternate versions
4 Active Standard and alternate versions
5 Active Standard and alternate versions
6 Active Standard and alternate versions


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