Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Wiki:Wiki rules

User Rules

No harassment of users.

Treat users the same way you would want to be treated

Threats are prohibited

No unnecessary swearing or cursing in the comments.

Sock puppet accounts are not tolerated.

General / Editing Rules

No adding false information or gibberish to articles.

No deleting content.

Don't leave articles blank.


Vandalism is when a user messes with pages adding gibberish or removing content etc.

Vandalism can possibly result in block,the length of the block,depends on how severe the vandalism is.


Spamming can relate when someone is just creating articles that do not relate to the subject at all,possibly trying to advertise use unaccepted language,images,and more. Spamming is also posting random gibberish repeatedly for no specific reason.Spamming is prohibited.


Directing harassment to users is not accepted.If a user is harassing you please report it to an admin immediately


Plagiarism is when a user of copies the content from another source resulting in no difference from the original,and using it as there own. Plagiarism is prohibited,and will not be tolerated.

Video Rules/Images

Videos and Images must have relation to Fall Guys.