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A Fall Guy, and falling Fall Guys

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Fall Guys, also referred to as Beans by the community, are the main playable characters in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. A Fall Guys' appearance shaped like jelly bean, they have two tiny legs and two short arms with four fingers on each hand. The face is a circular shape, often white, with very small pill-shaped eyes. Contrary to their apperance, fall guys movements resemble that of a sporty person. Fall Guys are keen, optimistic, mischievous, determined, light-hearted, and weigh as much as an average pillow (about 3 to 5 pounds). Fall Guys' appearances can be modified with Customization, and they participate in shows to win UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns. They are capable of walking, running, jumping, diving, and grabbing other Fall Guys, ledges and various objects such as eggs or batteries. There are also currently 4 emotes you can choose and use.


  • According to Mediatonic, the company who released Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a Fall Guy is 6 feet (1.83 metres) tall.
    • Because of this confirmation, you could theoretically measure the length of each Fall Guys round, although it would be very time consuming and not recommended.


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Costumes, the things that you customize your character into, also referred to as skins. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the game where the Fall Guys were introduced.